Work From Home Monitoring: Enhance Remote Employee Experience

Workstatus makes it easy for managers to optimize the workflow of WFH employees.  Stay updated about employees’ tasks & progress, billable hours, attendance & location, and system activities.

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Comprehensive Solution for Work From Home Teams

Workstatus is trusted by businesses worldwide for monitoring WFH employees.

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Zero Time Theft

Workstatus timer and online timesheets will help you to review time spent on every task.

Resource Optimization

Track the real-time location of your WFH employees through GPS monitoring.

Proof of Work

Track employees’ time spent on visiting websites and using apps. Get screenshots of what they are working on in real-time.

Automated Reporting

Get real-time analytics from automatically generated reports sent directly to your system.

Boost Performance

Monitor the productivity and overall progress of your work from home teams with AI-powered dashboard.

Better Collaboration

Manage your team more effectively by looking at all the actionable data in one place.


Automated Remote Employee Monitoring

Always stay in touch with any of your employees, no matter how far they are located. With Workstatus, you can always be sure that you're in contact with all of your remote workers.

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Monitor Employee Activities

Workstatus helps you to streamline your business and helps you grow faster by letting you monitor employee activity levels through a simple dashboard.

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Attendance Tracking

Workstatus automatically logs your WFH employees in and out of their virtual office, so you can keep track of who’s working remotely and how much time they’re spending on work tasks.

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Work Hours Monitoring with Team Management Software

Workstatus helps you to keep track of your employees' working hours. Workstatus allows you to monitor & record their time in timesheets and reports how long they have worked on a particular project.

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Monitor Remote Work Location

Get real-time information about your employees’ work schedules, live updates of what they are doing, from where they are working and much more.

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Track Employee Productivity

Get a complete insight into your employees’ performance and optimize their efficiency using Workstatus. Track your employee’s working hours, productivity, activity, and much more.

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Simplifying Work From Home Management

With Workstatus, you can track time spent on each task by clicking on the start/stop timer or by taking screenshots at set intervals which is a great way to keep tabs on the work and productivity to ensure optimal performance.

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Streamline Payroll

Manage everything from employee paychecks to other payroll-related tasks with workstatus. By simplifying payroll management, Workstatus makes it easy for you to pay your employees timely without being late.

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Auto-Calculate Billable Hours

Calculate accurate billable hours by monitoring employees’ time, attendance and productivity. Pay your remote team accordingly with Workstatus, and make informed decisions using real-time reports and informative insights.

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Access Detailed Reports For Work From Home Employees

With Workstatus, you can view real-time reports and manage your remote teams with complete transparency. Reports generated by Workstatus will help you make more informed decisions about your remote workforce to increase efficiency.

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Productivity Measurement Reports

Measuring the productivity of your remote teams based on tasks and projects Workstatus is a work from home tracking solution company that provides you with the detailed reports on productivity that you need to manage your remote teams.

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AI Intuitive Dashboard

Workstatus intuitive platform provides companies and businesses with a holistic view of their remote teams, allowing them to manage remote team members in one place.

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Workstatus for All Devices

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Workstatus Reviews From Happy Customers

“ Workstatus is the best employee monitoring software for work from home workforce. I have used it for more than a year now, and it has helped me a lot. With its time tracking and invoicing features, I can easily keep track of my time and bill my clients correctly. It also helps me stay organized and plan my work in advance. Overall, I am pleased with the software and would recommend it to anyone who wants to manage their work from home team. ”

Mathew Johnson, Canada

“ I've been using Workstatus for about a year now, and it's been a total life-saver. As a manager, it was really important to me to find a suitable employee monitoring software that would help me keep track of my work from home team hours and productivity. Workstatus has definitely done that and more. Overall, I'm incredibly pleased with the program and would strongly suggest it to anybody searching for an efficient way to manage their work from home staff. ”

John Willson, America

“ I've been working from home for about two years now, and I have to say that Workstatus has made it a lot easier to manage my work from the home team. It's really easy to use, and it keeps me as well as my team organized and on track. I used to struggle with keeping track of my team's working hours. But with Workstatus, I can easily see what tasks my team needs to do each day and how long they will take. This helps me stay on track and meet deadlines accordingly. So if you're looking for an work from home monitoring software, Workstatus is the best solution for you. ”

David M. , New Zealand


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Workstatus suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, Workstatus is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, as well as freelancers, making it a versatile solution for remote work management.

What features does Workstatus offer for employee productivity tracking?

Workstatus provides features like real-time activity tracking, wfh monitoring, screenshot capture, website and application tracking, and time tracking to ensure employees remain productive while working remotely.

Is data security a concern with Workstatus?

Not at all. Workstatus prioritizes data security and is compliant with GDPR regulations. It uses encryption to protect sensitive information, ensuring the privacy of both employees and employers.

Can Workstatus generate reports for performance analysis and billing purposes?

Yes, Workstatus allows you to generate detailed reports for performance analysis, project progress tracking, and accurate billing, making it a valuable tool for freelancers and businesses alike.

How to monitor work from home employees?

Use Workstatus features like GPS attendance tracking, screenshot capture, online timesheets, and project management to monitor employees working from home free.

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