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Data Driven

Measure Success: Understanding Workforce Metrics


Performance Metrics

Evaluate employee performance with objective data. Reward high performers and address underperformance with confidence.


Work Scheduling Analytics

Ensure equitable workloads to prevent burnout and promote a healthy work environment.


Productivity Calculator

Measure efficiency and output by systematically quantifying tasks, time, or resources.

Everything at Fingertips

Keep Your Focus Sharp For Better Decisions With Insightful Data

Pinpoint unproductive tasks and habits within your teams for targeted improvements.

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Time Wasters

Identify tasks that consume time without adding value, such as excessive meetings or non-work-related tasks.


No Distractions

Track distractions, from social media to irrelevant websites to boost productivity and focus on meaningful work.


Habit Tracker

Manage time better by identifying time-wasting habits and encouraging efficient work patterns.

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Lead with Data-Driven Decisions

Lead your team with confidence and insight. Start making data-driven decisions today. Download our eBook.

Manage Finances

Get Paid Faster: Streamline Client Billing For Efficient Transactions

Simplify expense tracking, ensure accurate billing, and maintain financial transparency.

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Cost Analysis

Analyze labor costs and project profitability to make better pricing and resource allocation decisions.


Client Billing

Invoice clients accurately based on the actual time spent on their projects and build trust with your clients.

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For Every Business

A Comprehensive Solution For Every Industry


  • Optimize workforce management and resource allocation
  • AI-powered insights for strategic decision-making
  • Choose Stealth or Visible Mode for tracking employee activity


  • Cost-effective, comprehensive workforce management
  • Real-time insights for rapid growth and success
  • Ideal for managing remote teams


Schedule Management

Boost Productivity With Smart Work Scheduling Analytics

Access a comprehensive toolkit filled with smart planning tools to streamline your processes.

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Automated Scheduling

Create, track, and manage multiple shifts to save time and reduce manual errors.


Shift Swapping

Give employees flexible scheduling options and easily adjust last minute changes.

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Transparent Workplace

Automate Work Hours Calculation For Error-Free Records

Ensure regulatory compliance for a more secure workplace.

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Timesheet Verification

Verify timesheets and ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations to avoid legal issues.


Audit Trails

Keep a detailed record of all work-related activities for transparency in auditing processes.

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Empowering Leaders

More Power To Managers for Simplifying Daily Operations

Plan, optimize & track routine tasks, and make data-driven decisions for higher ROI.


HR Managers

  • Real-time insights on attendance and work hours
  • Geofencing, GPS tracking, and selfie validation
  • Efficient time tracking and reporting for easy payroll

Finance Managers

IT Managers

  • Identify potential data theft threats by capturing screenshots
  • Monitor application usage to detect unauthorized software
  • installations and potential security breaches
  • Analyze metrics for smarter IT operations

Project Managers

  • Centralized platform for monitoring project progress
  • Real-time data and analytics for risk identification
  • Stay on schedule and within budget with Workstatus

User-Friendly Workforce Management Solution


Online Time Reports

Get robust real-time reports related to your workforce for.

Real-Time Tracking

Stay up-to-date with what your employees are doing every minute of the day with real-time tracking.

Instant Updates

Employers are instantly notified when their employees do not show up at work or are on time-off.


View online time-off reports to track time-off balance and customize time-off policies at the workplace.

Detailed Insights

Analyze past reports on employee productivity and performance to better workforce planning.

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Get Workstatus™

Download the Workstatus app on desktops/laptops (Windows, Mac, Linux) and/or mobile phones (Android/iOS) as per your requirements to start real-time employee monitoring.

Start Time Tracker

Just click and start the timer as you start your work and leave the rest to the fully automated timesheet tracker, which silently tracks your time and tasks. You only need to start the timer as you progress your day.

Generate Time Reports

View productivity reports on the Workstatus dashboard to check employee activity, work hours, and more. Managers and supervisors can use this information to optimize workforce planning.


Get & Use GPS Tracker As You Need


Login Based Data Access

Login as an employee or manager and start populating reports in your respective dashboards.


APIs Access

Access APIs and integrate Workstatus data with any other tool/software your team is using for a unified user interface.


Raw Data Access

Leverage raw data to generate customized reports related to your team’s scheduled shifts, availability, time-offs, and a lot more.


Why Can Workstatus Help Your Business


Boost Profitability

Business owners can use Workstatus GPS time tracking software to monitor their employees’ progress while they are on the job or run errands. Features like geo-fencing and speed alerts let business owners track location, safe driving, and delivery performance. Employees can also use these features to create more efficient routes for themselves, giving them more time to focus on result-generating activities.


Improve Remote/Field Employees’ Productivity

You will be able to get real time updates on your employees location and job status. . Based on insights you can guide your employees to be more efficient and productive by optimizing their routes, hours spent and deliveries. Track off-route activities and take action to eliminate distractions. You can also adjust work hours if needed depending on their productivity and task deliverance. Our customers report that GPS enabling has increased productivity by minimum 10%.


Get Technology Edge

With Workstatus, you can automate the entire attendance management for all your distant employees, remote as well as in-field. You get plethora of options to track and monitor their attendance, active time, breaks, idle time, non-productive time and hyper-active times. Create alerts, notifications, and employees shift schedules based on reports generated from no-noise tracking & monitoring of your employees.


Workstatus for All Devices

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Workstatus account required to use apps


Have Queries? We Have Answers

1. What Are Productivity Reports, and How Can I Access Them?

Productivity reports are powerful tools that provide insights into how you and your team spend time at work. To access these reports in Workstatus, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Workstatus account.
Step 2: On the dashboard, click on the “Reports” tab.
Step 3: You’ll find various reports here, such as Time and activities, Attendance, and more.

Selecting the specific report you need can gain valuable insights into your team’s productivity, time usage, and more.

2. How Can I Use Time and Activities Reports to Improve Productivity?

Time & Activities Reports in Workstatus detail the time spent on tasks.

You can use this information to identify areas for improvement, such as reducing time spent on non-essential activities or optimizing workflows.

To make the most of Time & Activities Reports:

  • Review the report regularly to spot time-wasting activities
  • Encourage your team to set specific goals and track their time accordingly
  • Identify trends or patterns in time usage and adjust work processes accordingly
  • These reports empower you to make data-driven decisions to enhance productivity

3. What Insights Can I Gain from App & URL Tracking Reports?

App & URL Tracking Reports help you understand how applications and websites are used during work hours.

With these reports, you can:

  • Identify distractions and time spent on non-work-related sites
  • Ensure that your team uses the right tools and applications for their tasks
  • Improve focus and efficiency by addressing the excessive use of distracting apps or websites

By monitoring app and website usage, you can create a more productive work environment.

3. How Do I Customize Reports to Fit My Needs?

Workstatus allows you to customize reports to suit your specific requirements. Here’s how:

When generating a report, select the date range, team members, and projects you want to include.

  • Use filters to narrow down the data to the most relevant information
  • Save custom report settings for easy access in the future

Customization ensures that you get the precise insights you need to make informed decisions about productivity.

4. Can I Use Productivity Reports for Payroll and Billing?

Absolutely! Workstatus’s Productivity Reports can simplify payroll and billing processes. Here’s how:

  • Time & Activities Reports provide accurate data for calculating employee wages
  • App & URL Tracking Reports help you verify billable hours and ensure transparent client billing
  • You can export report data to various formats, making integrating with your payroll and billing systems easy.

Using these reports, you can streamline payroll processing and provide clients with clear and accurate invoices.

5. How Can I Ensure Privacy and Data Security While Using Productivity Reports?

Protecting privacy and data security is essential when using productivity reports.

  • Workstatus takes these concerns seriously:
  • Workstatus complies with data protection regulations and ensures secure data transmission and storage
  • You can set user permissions to control who can access and view specific reports
  • Workstatus allows employees to manually edit their time entries to account for personal breaks or privacy needs.

By leveraging these features, you can use productivity reports while maintaining privacy and data security for your team.


What Workstatus™ Users Tell Us

“ Workstatus employee time tracking tool tells us the moments our people are being
productive and uses that data to help us create productive schedules, deadlines, and tasks. With a simple to use tool, we are able to make our employees more
productive while saving time we used to spend earlier. ”

“ We have further noticed that as a by product, our employees are also motivated to work harder and smarter by taking control of their time by having this app on their devices. ”


Eric Genge, UK

“ Glad that we moved to Workstatus and cut down on wasted time. We are now clutter- free, more managed and relaxed. Our people have reported a better work-life balance since we made the move. ”


Berry Jonas, USA

“ I was exhausted after working full days. I used to spend my entire day running around like crazy trying to finish everything. But things have changed since I made a shift to Workstatus time tracker. Coming home after work with time to spend with family is great. And picture not dreading the next day at work because I am less stressed and don’t feel like there’s too much on my plate. ”


Alaxandra Naogaokar, Israel


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Productivity Reports in Workstatus, and why are they important?

Productivity Reports in Workstatus provide insights into how you and your team spend time at work. They are important because they help you track productivity, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about your work processes.

What information can I find in Time Tracking Reports?

Time Tracking Reports in Workstatus provide details on how time is spent on tasks and projects. You can see who worked on what, for how long, and when. This information helps you manage work hours effectively and ensures accurate payroll and client billing.

How can I use App Usage Reports to improve productivity?

App Usage Reports in Workstatus show which applications and websites are used during work hours. You can use this data to identify distractions, ensure the use of productive tools, and optimize your team’s focus on work-related tasks.

Are my team's privacy and data security ensured when using Productivity Reports in Workstatus?

Yes, Workstatus prioritizes privacy and data security. You can customize user permissions to control who can access and view specific reports. Workstatus also allows employees to manually edit their time entries to account for personal breaks or privacy needs, ensuring data privacy and security.

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