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Time Tracking

Time tracking

test Precise calculation of hours and minutes spent on a project. Available as a desktop, web, or mobile app. test only

online time tracker

GPS tracking

GPS enabled tracking to precisely control productivity. Track when your team is one the go or at site.

online timesheets

Online timesheets & Payrolls

Daily timesheets, even accessible to remote workers. No More Spreadsheets, Just WorkStatus.

productivity management

No Halt Project Recording

A while ago you had to manually record exact hours invested on each project. No more halting again! An automated time tracking and recording of projects for you and your team members.

Precise Employee Monitoring

Keep track of employee productivity with valid screenshots. Set random capture settings for every 10 minutes while the timer is on. Or even switch it off altogether.

Employee Monitoring Software
productivity management

Productivity Management

See work progress, track activity, capture productivity levels based on mouse and keyboard usage, record, track, and export reports and timesheets. Easily run on Windows, Mac, Chromebook.

Task & Resource Management

Time tracking with more! An online time tracker with resource management to helps you in delegating, automating, and managing all tasks online without investing extra hours. Bring inventories and staff on board to track their productivity towards project completion.

Employee Monitoring Software

Major Integrations

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The Sooner, The Better

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can WorkStatus monitor the websites that I or my team visit?

Yes, WorkStatus application for desktop tracks every website you or your team will visit, keep its screenshot and even save URLs for monitoring purposes. It is easy to precisely track activities with WorkStatus.

Is the data stored in a secure environment?

Yes, WorkStatus ensures complete security of data with multiple layers of secure access added to your account.

Through Which Platform can I access WorkStatus?

You can easily access WorkStatus on your Mobile, Windows, and through Website.

Can users record time when offline?

Yes, it will track your online and offline time as and when required.

Are there any privacy concerns?

With the limit to access account, there are no privacy concerns you should worry about when working with WorkStatus.

How can I use WorkStatus to ensure that my team is working productively?

Track team productivity with screenshots, URL and activity tracking, mouse and keyboard usage for more precision in productivity management.

I don't need to "monitor" my team. Is there any benefit to this software?

WorkStatus takes out the micro from management and saves your time to invest in the growth of your organization. Tracking and reporting with automation make management convenient.

Does this software work for individuals?

Yes, WorkStatus works for freelancers, small businesses and large enterprises in the similar manner for time tracking and management.

Will I get resistance in my organization in implementing this software?

No, rather your employees will thank you for saving their time from the hassle of manual processing of sheets and updates.

Do you have mobile applications for tracking time?

Download your WorkStatus app today. Available both on Android and iOS.

Start your workStatus journey today!

Get detailed and clean activity reports of your team.

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