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What Workstatus Tracks

Know how your time tracking software works and its reliability

Built for transparency and efficiency

In an effort to empower our employees and promote transparency, we make it easy for them to stay in control of their data. Our latest features are built with this goal in mind: We work hard so that team members know about how the software is running at any given time without needlessly giving up privacy or possession over what they share.

You Take Your Call

At Workstatus, we want to empower you as an employee. That’s why our innovative app is designed for simplicity and efficiency. And with it being so easy to use, there are no excuses not to be on time or stay late when the need arises! Here's how:

1) Install the timer on your device (desktop/mobile). We have timers available in formats compatible with all major operating systems such as Mac OSX, Windows PC & Linux Ubuntu;

2) Create a work schedule that suits your organization best by adding multiple projects and tasks at any given point of time - just drag n' drop them into place from one project block onto another until they're organized according to importance levels set within each

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How it works

  • 1. Choose your app
  • 2. Set permissions to allow the timer access and track which apps you're using at what time, as well as how long they are being used for
  • 3. Clock in and out when working on a project with this smart solution
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No Sneaky Screenshots

If you don’t want your employees to know that they are being monitored, then maybe Workstatus isn't for you. That may sound like a bad thing in the privacy department but it's actually an advantage of this software! The programs will not start without your permission so there is no need to worry about them taking photos when they shouldn't be or accidentally starting and stopping themselves. There won’t ever be any hidden surprises with these apps - notifications let you know exactly what has been done every time something happens which means less worries on everyone else's behalf

What each app tracks

See how the Workstatus apps differ in what they capture and keep track of while you’re working.

App/Client Time Tracking Screenshots App and URL Tracking Activity rates Idle time detection Start timer reminder Location tracking
Windows desktop app
Mac desktop app
iOS mobile app
Android mobile app
Customizable for each person

Workstatus can be set up with preferences for each individual. While we’re showcasing all functionality, your organization might choose to turn off or customize certain features.

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First-Hand Access to Your Own Data

Workstatus is a time and project management tool that lets users access their own information. You can view your data, delete it or alter it if you want to while the company promises not to sell any of this information to third parties.

Smart solutions make modern day work problems fade away

We believe that modern day work problems are more critical than they were some time ago. with the current situation around the world has lead to swift yet sudden adaptation to new normal. Hence we have derived 8 magnificent solutions to keep your business safe, even when on the cloud completely.

More Benefits for the Whole Team

Smarter. Better. Transparent.
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No More Frequent Check Calls

Workstatus hacks away at the problem of frequent check-ins by allowing you to submit progress reports digitally. Screenshots can show work in progress so instead of pausing to hop on a call or share sketches, you can keep working with Hubstaff’s dashboard open for your manager's viewing pleasure.

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Better Decisions with Precise View

Forget wasting time on dead-end tasks. Know every second your employees are spending and make the most of their valuable skillsets with Workstatus' easy-to-use information dashboard.

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Automate Punches

Create geofences around job sites that tell the Workstatus mobile app to automatically start and stop the timer when you arrive and leave, saving both times at your worksite as well as a great deal of frustration for yourself. So take care of it now with Workstatus.

Workstatus for Your Device

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Workstatus account required to use apps

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get to know if and when screenshots are taken?

Yes, you will get a notification of each screenshot captured.

Does Workstatus take Webcam photos?

A big NO! Workstatus never captures anything other than your screen. And it also notifies you for every screenshot captured.

Does Workstatus capture my keystrokes?

No! It only tracks if you’re using keyboard or not.

Who, other than me, can have access to my screenshots?

Your manager and owner can have access to your reports other than you.

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