User Activity Monitoring: Transform Data into Action

Seamlessly track, analyze, and optimize user activities to eliminate performance bottlenecks, ensuring your team operates at peak efficiency while safeguarding against potential risks.

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Available for:
Data-Driven Operations

Boost Results: Optimize Performance For Success


Optimize Performance

Effortlessly monitor real-time productivity trends, uncovering patterns for strategic decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.


Data In Focus

Track employee activities, URLs, and App usage seamlessly. Capture insightful reports on time spent, ensuring a data-centric approach for future reference.


Visual Representation

Elevate decision-making by interpreting team activities through intuitive graphs and charts for unparalleled productivity optimization.

Maximizing Focus

Maximizing Productivity Through Strategic Monitoring

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Visualize Work Progress

Gain real-time insights into employee activities through screenshots, ensuring transparency and accountability in your projects.


Strategic Productivity Management

Track and optimize productivity by monitoring the applications and websites your team engages with during work hours, eliminating distractions and enhancing focus.


Selfie Validation For Secure Authentication

Ensure the authenticity of your team’s work hours with selfie validation, adding security and confidence to your time-tracking process.

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On-The-Go Management

Automate Administrative Tasks For Maximum Impact

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Mastering Time

Streamline time management with accurate tracking of task durations, promoting efficiency and preventing time theft in your projects.


Mobile Workforce Management

Empower your mobile workforce with GPS tracking and geofencing, ensuring they stay on track and within designated work zones, enhancing productivity and project management.


Automated Timesheet Creation

Simplify administrative tasks with automated timesheet creation, reducing manual effort and allowing your team to focus on impactful work.

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Meant For Every Business

Workstatus: One Solution for All Businesses

One Solution


  • Optimize workforce management and resource allocation
  • AI-powered insights for strategic decision-making
  • Choose Stealth or Visible Mode for tracking employee activity
One Solution


  • Cost-effective, comprehensive workforce management
  • Real-time insights for rapid growth and success
  • Ideal for managing remote teams
One Solution


  • Precise time tracking and invoicing
  • Efficient task prioritization and deadline management
  • Foster trust and credibility with clients
Anywhere, Anytime Control

Unifying Team Management Through Central Platform

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Central Dashboard For Unified Oversight

Monitor and manage your team’s activities from a centralized dashboard, providing a comprehensive overview of your projects and ensuring smooth workflow orchestration.


AI Reports For Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage AI-powered reports to make informed decisions based on actionable insights, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing project outcomes.


On-The-Move Monitoring With Mobile App

Stay connected and in control with the mobile app, ensuring you can access vital information and manage your team’s activities even when on the move.

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Empowering Leaders

How Workstatus User Activity Monitoring Enhances Leadership Across Teams


Security Analysts

  • Live Oversight: Stay vigilant with real-time monitoring of user activities.
  • Behavior Alerts: Receive instant notifications for unusual user behavior.
  • Risk Scoring: Prioritize responses based on the severity of potential threats.

IT Supervisors

  • Usage Oversight: Regulate data access through application monitoring.
  • Screenshot Authentication: Validate user actions for an additional layer of security.
  • Geofence Integration: Control data access based on defined geographical areas.

Project Leaders

  • Secure Project Monitoring: Centrally observe project progress with a single platform.
  • Real-time Analytics: Access up-to-the-minute data for proactive risk identification.
  • Selfie Validation: Integrate identity-driven security for project authenticity.
Commanding Control

Regulate Data Access With Precise Usage Monitoring


Live Screenshots

Capture real-time snapshots of user activities for instant visual oversight.

Behavior-Based Alerts

Receive immediate notifications for suspicious or unusual user behavior.

Usage Control

Regulate data access by monitoring application and website usage.

Selfie Validation

Enhance security with user identity verification through selfie validation.

Geofence Integration

Control data access based on predefined geographic zones, ensuring secure operations.

Secure the Future

Initiating Your User Activity Monitoring with Workstatus


Download & Install Workstatus™

Begin your journey by downloading and installing Workstatus™ on your preferred devices. Visit our official website, follow the simple installation instructions, and get ready to transform how you monitor user activity.

Customize Monitoring Preferences

After installation, tailor Workstatus™ to fit your specific user activity monitoring needs. Customize monitoring intervals, alerts, and access permissions to align with your organizational requirements.

Explore Real-time Insights

Once set up, dive into the Workstatus™ dashboard to access real-time insights into user activities. Explore intuitive graphs, charts, and reports to understand your team’s productivity and security dynamics comprehensively.


Get & Use Employees Time Data As You Need


Login Based Data Access

Login as employee or manager and start customizing reports in your respective dashboards based on relevant time tracking done.


APIs Access

Get access to APIs and integrate Workstatus data with any other tool/software your team is using for a single user interface.


Raw Data Access

Use raw data to generate custom reports on the minutest details on second-by-second tracking of your team’s time.

Use Cases

Hassle-Free Employee Monitoring


Enhancing Productivity and Focus

Implement user activity monitoring to track application and website usage, providing insights into employees’ work patterns. Set alerts for excessive non-work-related activities and leverage real-time data to identify and address potential productivity issues.


Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Track document access, maintain detailed audit trails, and receive alerts for suspicious activities. This ensures that the organization meets regulatory requirements and mitigates the risk of data breaches, fostering a secure working environment.


Preventing Insider Threats

Utilize behavior-based alerts to identify unusual patterns or unauthorized access. Real-time monitoring and risk scoring help prioritize responses, allowing swift action to mitigate potential risks and protect critical data from internal threats.


Workstatus for All Devices

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Workstatus account required to use apps

User Guide

Have Queries? We Have Answers

1. How does Workstatus User Activity Monitoring contribute to enhanced security in my organization?

Workstatus User Activity Monitoring is crucial in bolstering security by providing real-time insights into employee activities.

With features like live screenshots and behavior-based alerts, you can actively monitor and identify any suspicious behavior or potential security threats.

This proactive approach allows you to take immediate action, preventing security breaches and safeguarding sensitive data.

By regulating data access, validating actions through features like selfie validation, and integrating geofencing controls, Workstatus ensures a robust security framework for your organization.

2. Can Workstatus User Activity Monitoring help improve team productivity and task management?

Absolutely! Workstatus User Activity Monitoring is designed to enhance productivity and streamline task management.

By monitoring application and website usage, you gain valuable insights into how your team spends their time. The live screenshots feature lets you visually track progress, ensuring that tasks are on track.

With efficient time tracking, GPS tracking, and automated timesheets, you can optimize resource allocation and minimize time theft.

This comprehensive approach empowers you to manage tasks more effectively and boost team productivity.

3. How can Workstatus User Activity Monitoring assist in maintaining regulatory compliance within my organization?

Workstatus User Activity Monitoring provides robust features to help your organization maintain regulatory compliance.

For compliance managers, the document tracking feature ensures version control adherence, which is essential for meeting regulatory requirements.

Workstatus helps minimize downtime in incident response planning by swiftly executing plans when needed. The detailed audit trails feature provides comprehensive logs, simplifying the process of compliance audits.

With these capabilities, Workstatus promotes a secure working environment and ensures that your organization adheres to industry regulations without unnecessary hassles.

4. How does Workstatus User Activity Monitoring contribute to efficient project management and oversight?

Workstatus User Activity Monitoring is valuable for project managers seeking efficient oversight.

With features like secure project monitoring, real-time analytics, and selfie validation, you can centrally monitor project progress with heightened security.

The real-time analytics feature provides up-to-the-minute data for proactive risk identification, allowing you to address potential issues swiftly.

Selfie validation adds an extra layer of identity-driven security to your projects, ensuring authenticity and integrity throughout the project lifecycle.

5. Can Workstatus User Activity Monitoring help identify and address potential data threats before they escalate?

Absolutely. Workstatus User Activity Monitoring employs predictive analytics to anticipate and efficiently address potential data threats.

The system can identify patterns indicative of potential threats by monitoring user behavior and utilizing AI-powered reports. Location-based control ensures that operations are secure within specified zones.

In the event of a breach, the system enables efficient response by swiftly identifying breach locations, allowing targeted action to mitigate risks.

This proactive approach empowers organizations to stay one step ahead of potential data threats and maintain a robust security posture.


What Workstatus™ Users Tell Us

“ Workstatus employee time tracking tool tells us the moments our people are being
productive and uses that data to help us create productive schedules, deadlines, and tasks. With a simple to use tool, we are able to make our employees more
productive while saving time we used to spend earlier. ”

“ We have further noticed that as a by product, our employees are also motivated to work harder and smarter by taking control of their time by having this app on their devices. ”


Eric Genge, UK

“ Glad that we moved to Workstatus and cut down on wasted time. We are now clutter- free, more managed and relaxed. Our people have reported a better work-life balance since we made the move. ”


Berry Jonas, USA

“ I was exhausted after working full days. I used to spend my entire day running around like crazy trying to finish everything. But things have changed since I made a shift to Workstatus time tracker. Coming home after work with time to spend with family is great. And picture not dreading the next day at work because I am less stressed and don’t feel like there’s too much on my plate. ”


Alaxandra Naogaokar, Israel

Get Answers For

Frequently Asked Questions

Is user activity monitoring intrusive, and how can it be balanced with employee privacy?

User activity monitoring is designed to balance ensuring security and respecting privacy.

Workstatus allows organizations to configure monitoring settings to align with their privacy policies. It provides transparency by notifying employees about the monitoring activities, fostering trust while maintaining a secure work environment.

Can I customize alerts based on specific activities or users within the organization?

Absolutely. Workstatus User Activity Monitoring allows for extensive customization of alerts.

You can tailor alerts based on specific activities or users, ensuring you receive notifications for the events most relevant to your organization’s security and productivity goals.

How does Workstatus User Activity Monitoring handle remote teams and ensure accurate tracking of their activities?

Workstatus is well-equipped to handle remote teams. With features like GPS tracking, geofencing, and automated timesheets, the system ensures accurate tracking of remote activities.

This allows organizations to maintain visibility into their remote workforce, enhancing productivity and accountability.

Can User Activity Monitoring be integrated with other tools used in our organization?

Yes, Workstatus User Activity Monitoring is designed to be flexible and can integrate seamlessly with various tools commonly used in organizations.

Whether it’s project management software, communication tools, or other business applications, the system is adaptable to enhance overall workflow efficiency.

How does User Activity Monitoring contribute to mitigating insider threats in an organization?

User Activity Monitoring is a powerful tool for mitigating insider threats by providing real-time insights into employee behavior.

The system employs behavior-based alerts and risk scoring to identify potential threats. This proactive approach enables organizations to take swift action to prevent data breaches and protect sensitive information from insider risks.

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