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Monitor Remote IT Workforce To Improve Productivity

Stay updated on your remote IT workers’ performance to offer the best solutions for improved productivity and resource usage.


Track App & Website Usage

Find out how your remote employees use different apps and websites and how this information may improve operations.


Check Active Screenshots

Capture screenshots constantly to verify active work, ensuring accountability and focused efforts.


Idle Time Detection

Recognize extended periods of inactivity to optimize resources and take timely actions.


Proactive Threat Detection and Data Protection

Establish strong safety measures to proactively identify and neutralize potential threats, protect sensitive information, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

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Identify Internal Threats

Recognize how internal threats are proposed and establish proper practices to prevent insider threats against your company and all its assets.


Boost Security For Threat Prevention

Protect critical data, guarantee business continuity, and implement multi-layered security policies and real-time threat intelligence.


Better Compliance Management

Simplify compliance procedures to ensure industry rules are followed and prevent expensive fines.

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Optimize IT Resource Management To Save Cost

Actively manage the available resources to enhance the IT system's performance and minimize operating costs.

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Securely Monitor Sensitive Data

Create specific monitoring policies to protect privacy, avoid data loss, and handle compliance concerns.


Minimize Downtime

Reduce system downtime proactively through redundancy, resilient layouts, and effective incident response procedures.


Implement Proactive Measures

Use preventative measures, such as routine system audits, predictive maintenance, and continuous performance monitoring, to find possible problems early on and take action.

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Balanced Workload Distribution For IT Teams

Encourage work-life balance, ensure no employee is overworked, and split workload equitably to maximize team effectiveness and employee engagement.

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Avoid Employee Burnout

Prevent overworking all employees equally to ensure that no team is allowed to overwork itself to the point of burnout.


Ensure Work-Life Balance

Encourage your IT team to maintain a good work-life balance to increase output and job satisfaction.


Improve Team Performance

Maintain a balanced workload to ensure optimal team performance through targeted efforts and effective task fulfillment.

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Workstatus for All Devices

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Our Users Have Great Things To Say About Us

“ We've been using Workstatus Field Service Management Software for about a year now, and it has been a great help to our business. It's really easy to use and helps us keep track of all our jobs and tasks in the field. The customer support is also great, and they are always quick to help us with any issues we have. I would definitely recommend Workstatus to any field service business. ”


Andrew James, Switzerland

“ We started using Workstatus Field Service Management Software about six months ago, and it has been a total lifesaver for our business. We struggled to keep track of all our jobs and tasks manually, but now with Workstatus, everything is much more organised and streamlined. The software is really easy to use and has allowed us to improve our customer service and efficiency. ”


Johny Adam, USA

“ I can't explain how much this software has helped me manage my fieldwork. It's made everything so much easier and more organized. The customer service is great - I had a question, and they got back to me right away with an answer. ” Thank you, Workstatus!


Sam Nicole, Australia


Frequently Asked Questions

How can Workstatus assist in tracking and increasing the efficiency of the IT employees?

Workstatus is a tool that tracks, monitors, and records remote employees’ interactions with apps and websites, takes active screenshots, and identifies idle time. This constant monitoring aids in efficiently using resources and streamlining responsibilities and efficiency.

What specific information can be derived from the daily tracking of apps and websites using Workstatus?

With Workstatus, managers can receive comprehensive reports on how their employees use various applications and websites in their workplace. They can reveal patterns in productivity to provide a greater understanding of operation efficiency.

How does Workstatus's idle time detection solution optimize resources?

Workstatus’s idle time detection identifies periods of inactivity, allowing managers to take timely actions to optimize resource allocation and ensure continuous productivity.

How exactly does Workstatus work to enhance IT resource management to result in cost savings?

Workstatus protects sensitive information, reduces the time spent on the system’s breakdown through early detection and response, constantly performs tests and diagnostics, improves the IT department’s efficiency, and cuts expenses.

How does Workstatus apply the principles of balancing the workload between the IT teams?

Workstatus avoids employee exhaustion to the office by analyzing the distribution and intensity of tasks. This leads to a healthy work-life balance, thus boosting and increasing team productivity and employee satisfaction.

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