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What is Double Time Pay & How to Calculate it?

Introduction: As business leaders, you must understand the pivotal role of compensation policies in fostering employee morale, work performance, and overall satisfaction within the company.  In today’s business management approach, fair compensation for employees’ extra time and effort is a prominent aspect that continuously demands attention. Especially, during peak work times when employers ask their […]

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Hiring Smarts: Red Flags to Watch Out for in New Hires

Introduction Hiring new employees is a high-stakes game for any business. Did You Know? 75% of companies admit they’ve hired the wrong person for a job, costing tens of thousands in wasted resources. When reviewing applicants, it’s crucial to watch for red flags that may indicate a bad fit. Key warning signs include the following: […]

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How “Ways of Working” Meetings Boost Teamwork?

Collaboration is key for any successful team. However, with competing priorities and busy schedules, it can be hard for team members to align and work together effectively. That’s where “Ways of Working” meetings come in. These regular touchpoint meetings provide a structured way for teams to build stronger working relationships. Did You Know? Teams that […]

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Exciting New Features And Upgrades In Workstatus

Introduction The Workstatus team has been hard at work improving the product. In this post, we’ll cover all the recent new features and upgrades to make Workstatus even better.  There’s much to be excited about, from new commenting and notifications to visual refreshers and mobile improvements! Did you know? Usage of Workstatus has grown over […]

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Data-Driven Decision-Making: A VP’s Toolkit

Introduction Big decisions at work can be tough. It’s tempting just to trust your gut. But that might not be best for the team.  When you use facts and data to decide, your choice will truly help the business. The numbers don’t lie. Leaning on data takes the guesswork out of deciding. It makes your […]

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Geo-Fencing in Workstatus: A Game-Changer for Field Workforce Management

Introduction Ever found yourself grappling with the challenges of managing a dispersed field workforce?  Picture this: Your team is scattered across various locations, and coordinating their activities seems like a logistical puzzle.  How do you ensure efficiency, productivity, and real-time visibility? The answer lies in the rising phenomenon of Geo-Fencing.  In a world where technology […]

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