Automatic Time Tracker For Accountants

Workstatus’ powerful automation capabilities make it an ideal tool for accounting firms, freelance accountants, and finance teams.
Go for Workstatus for smooth billing, higher productivity, and strong bottomline.

  • Automated Timesheets
  • Accurate Invoices
  • Automatic clock-in and clock-out
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Quick Financial Management

More Smoother Way To Bill Your Clients

Create, edit and schedule invoices in advance of due dates, then sit back and collect payment on time with Workstatus.

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Track Billable Hours

Just input how much time your accountants have spent on any task, when they were supposed to finish it, and which clients they were working with. Then at day's end, swipe through your timesheet to check your billable status. It's that easy.


Quick Payments

Automate all your payment activities and repetitive tasks helping you to save time on accounting tasks. Send out payments quickly, without logging in multiple times a day.


AI Intuitive Dashboard

Get AI dashboard to monitor your firm’s performance.Easy to make better decisions and get insights on what's happening in your invoices, orders, payments, tasks, reports and much more.

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Instant Expense Management

A Modern Approach To Expense Management

Forget all your finance related worries, adopt a modern technique to manage and monitor all your expenses from one place for more efficient accounting workflow

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Keep Track Of Your Expenses

Tracks everything from client payments to employee timesheets to stay on top of who owes you money, when they do, and what they owe.


Monitor Your Spend

View daily reports of your business and adjust your spending habits as needed. With Workstatus, manage your spends quickly and feasibly.


One-Click Automation

Automate invoicing, billing, payment processing, and other tedious tasks with just a single click to boost efficiency of finance teams.


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Mark Attendance From Anywhere

Automatic Attendance Tracking for Accountants

A more easy way for you to track the attendance of your full time or freelance accountants without any hassle. Always stay updated with their paid/unpaid leaves, time, and shifts.

Facial recognition Facial recognition Facial recognition

Automated clock-in and clock-out app

A perfect way for accountants to mark their attendance with a single click clock-in and out facility. Workstatus’ app will automatically capture their working hours during any shift.

Facial recognition

Selfie Validation

A great feature for accounting firms to avoid buddy punching and time thefts. A more secure process where accountants have to verify their presence by clicking selfies while clocking-in and out from their systems.

Facial recognition

Absence Management

Monitor everything including leaves, holidays, and hours of accountants. Track trends in absenteeism and take actions to improve their attendance record.

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Never Miss Any Update On Accounting Tasks

Manage your accounting tasks, timesheets, productivity, and more by email to have a solid overview of your business finances, helping you monitor everything in real-time.

Cost Management Accounting Accounting

Accurate Reports

Get in-depth analysis with custom reports on time and productivity. Use these reports to track costs & profitability of the projects worked by accounting teams.

Cost Management

Stay Alert

Workstatus sends alerts when payments are due, tasks are stretched beyond deadlines or whatever alerts you define, so you can follow up promptly.


Get Constant Reminders

Use Workstatus’ notification system to remind your clients and finance team, from wherever you are by sending automatic reminders for each of your pending items, so every stakeholder stays alert for the deadlines.


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Get More Power and Features To Manage Your Accountants Easily

Designed to Track

Invoice Management

Streamlines your billing system and makes invoicing less of a chore

Productivity Monitoring

Monitor your team’s activities on their system to ensure that they are focusing on productive tasks

Project Budgeting

Create an estimated budget for your organizational projects at any time

GPS Tracking

Track your on-site employees easily to ensure they have reached the location allocated for the day

Payroll Processing

Track billable hours and keep things simple and transparent while billing clients

Manage Timesheets

Manage tasks, track working hours and approve timesheets for your accountants, all with an intuitive interface

Manage Your Accountants Team With Ease

A User-Friendly Time And Billing Software For Accountants

Tracking Software

Have Your Accounting Employees Install Workstatus™

All your members can download and install the Workstatus accounting time and billing software on their mobile phones (Android/iOS).

Start Tracking

Click and start the time tracker to monitor your members while they are busy managing accounts. Sit back and relax as Workstatus silently records their clock-in and out timings, working hours, location, and much more.

Generate Detailed Reports

Workstatus provides you with a wealth of information that helps you assess if your accounting employees are spending their working hours productively. You can also use this information to pinpoint factors that negatively affect workflows.


Workstatus for All Devices

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Why Accountants Prefer Workstatus™ For Time Tracking?

“Workstatus is the best software to keep track of your records and invoice your customers. The accounting time and billing software has a fresh design, keeps your records safe and is very simple to use. I would strongly recommend Workstatus to anyone seeking a simple method to manage their billing and accountants. ”


Jack Mcleod

“ I'm so glad that you've made my life so easy. The simplicity of your invoice system makes invoicing and payment tracking a breeze, and also, my clients appreciate the professional-looking bills that Workstatus provides. Thank you for such excellent assistance, Workstatus!”


Robert Grey

“ As a Sr accountant, I've tried several invoicing software packages, and by far the best one I've found is Workstatus. It has all the features that one needs in an invoicing package, and it keeps me organized and on top of my client's billing needs. Plus, it looks great both to my clients and to me. All in all, this is fantastic software for any entrepreneur like me looking to get organized with the time tracking and invoicing process. ”


Thomas Smith

Get Answers For


Why is time tracking software important for accountants?

Time tracking software can benefit anyone who has to track time spent on different activities throughout the day, and accountants are no exception.

Accountants often need to bill clients by the hour and track time spent working on their projects using time and billing software. This makes it easy to enter the amount of time spent on the project and the details of what work was done so that clients can be billed accordingly.

Time Tracking software such as Workstatus helps accountants stay organized and summarize time spent on work, making it easier for them to view any discrepancies between what was billed and what should have been billed. All in all, time tracking software keeps better track of your time and makes billing clients much easier.

How does Workstatus help accounting firms?

As an accounting firm, you know that managing your resources and organizing are two keys to success. Without these two things, you’ll find it impossible to keep your business running smoothly as it grows and changes over time. And this is where the work status comes in.

With Workstatus, the best time tracking software for accountants, you’ll no longer need to spend precious hours on tasks such as manually creating invoices for clients organizing receipts and expenses.

Our time and billing software for CPAs give you automated billing and simple organization of client data right at your fingertips that help you deal with finances more efficiently.

Also, with our quick payments feature, you can further reduce your workload by saving time and money while invoicing clients because payments are transferred directly into your bank account every day.

What are accounting specific Workstatus features?

To make invoicing clients as easy as possible, we’ve built a range of features that are perfect for the accounting industry. Such as, If you want to track payments across multiple currencies, invoice clients from anywhere in the world even if they’re located in different time zones, apply credit card payment fees and keep track of exchange rates or convert income into other currencies quickly and easily, then you’ll love Workstatus, the best time and billing software for accountants.

Moreover, our mobile app dashboard makes it easy to see when your bills are due and how much you’ve earned. You can also link up your bank accounts, credit cards, and virtual wallets to enable quick payments without having to leave Workstatus.

How secure Workstatus time tracking and billing software is?

Every invoice issued through Workstatus is linked to a specific job project and can be used for tracking.

This means that as an accounting professional, you’ll always know exactly what has been billed, who it was billed to, and when payment is due, which makes it highly secured because of its ability to track your expenses, payments and balance of accounts receivable at all times.

The time tracker integrated with accounting software ensures that billing hours are automatically processed into invoices while allowing bookkeepers more time savings by entering data only once rather than manually inputting hours into multiple systems.

Overall, Workstatus means less work, faster processing and most importantly, secure financial information for you and your clients.

What are the Workstatus support and update costs?

The subscription includes one year of support and updates at no additional cost. If you choose to continue beyond that, there are multiple options available. You can also sign up using our 14-day free trial to test out whether or not you like working with us before you have to decide on a payment plan. You’ll have access to all the features during your trial period, so if you like what we do, it’s easy to convert over later.

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