Modernizing Attendance: Streamlined GPS Workforce Management

Seamlessly track employee locations, optimize attendance, and ensure workforce efficiency transcends boundaries. Elevate your remote attendance management with GPS technology brought to you by Workstatus.

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Boundaryless Visibility

Elevate Efficiency With GPS-Powered Workforce Management

Elevate your attendance tracking and management processes with Workstatus’s GPS-powered solution. Revolutionize how you monitor, optimize, and drive productivity.


Real-Time Attendance Tracking

Experience real-time visibility into employee attendance with GPS-powered tracking. Ensure accurate clock-ins and clock-outs, even for remote and field-based teams.


Location-Verified Clock-Ins

Eliminate attendance fraud with location-verified clock-ins. Workstatus’s GPS technology ensures employees are where they need to be for work.


Enhanced Reporting

Access comprehensive reports that provide insights into attendance trends and patterns. Make data-driven decisions to optimize workforce allocation and scheduling.

From Clock-Ins to GPS Wins

GPS-Based Workforce management

Streamline your workforce operations with accurate GPS tracking. Ensure attendance accuracy, task allocation, and real-time insights for enhanced productivity.

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Mobile App for On-the-Go Productivity

Enable your mobile workforce to stay connected and productive with Workstatus mobile app. Employees can easily clock in and out based on their locations, ensuring accurate attendance records.


Geofencing and Boundary Alerts

Utilize Workstatus geofencing feature to set up virtual boundaries for remote work locations. Receive real-time alerts when employees enter or leave these predefined areas, ensuring compliance and accountability.


Location-Based Task Allocation

Leverage GPS insights to assign tasks based on employees’ proximity to specific locations. Optimize field-based operations by allocating tasks efficiently.

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Check Anywhere, Manage Better

Transforming Operations with Real-Time GPS Insights

Revolutionize your operations using real-time GPS data. Achieve optimal resource utilization, precise task allocation, and improved decision-making for better business outcomes.

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Automated Payroll Calculation

Integrate Workstatus GPS data with payroll systems for accurate salary computation. Ensure employees are compensated fairly based on tracked hours and locations.


Screenshot Verification

Enhance transparency and accountability with screenshot verification. Workstatus captures screenshots at random intervals, providing visual proof of work activities.


Advanced Reporting and Insights

Gain deep insights into employee activities and locations with Workstatus advanced GPS-powered reporting. Understand work patterns, identify productivity trends, and optimize resource allocation.

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Mastering Time and Location

Real-Time Visibility for the Modern Mobile Workforce

Empower your mobile workforce with real-time GPS visibility. Enhance accountability, productivity, and remote task management for modern operational excellence.

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Time Tracking and Attendance

Effortlessly track work hours and attendance with Workstatus GPS-powered time tracking. Ensure accurate records of employee work hours, both in-office and remote, for streamlined payroll processing.


Real-time Activity Monitoring

Monitor employee activities in real-time with Workstatus activity tracking feature. Gain insights into tasks performed, applications used, and overall work patterns for increased transparency and productivity.


Enhanced Project Management

Optimize project execution with Workstatus GPS-enhanced project management tools. Assign tasks based on location, monitor progress, and allocate resources effectively to ensure projects are on track and deadlines are met.

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Workstatus for All Devices

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Workstatus GPS Workforce Management work?

Workstatus GPS Workforce Management utilizes location-based tracking to monitor employee attendance, work hours, and activities. It captures GPS data to provide accurate insights into employee movements and work-related tasks.

Is GPS tracking only suitable for remote workers?

No, Workstatus GPS tracking is versatile and beneficial for remote employees, on-site workers, and field operators. It helps ensure accurate attendance records, task allocation, and project management for all work arrangements.

How does Workstatus ensure data security with GPS tracking?

Workstatus prioritizes data security and privacy. All GPS data is encrypted and securely stored. Only authorized users, such as managers and administrators, can access the tracked information.

Will GPS tracking drain employees' device batteries quickly?

Workstatus GPS tracking is designed to minimize battery consumption. The app uses optimized tracking intervals to balance accurate location updates with preserving device battery life.

How does Workstatus GPS solution contribute to payroll accuracy?

With accurate GPS-based time tracking, Workstatus ensures precise employee work hours and attendance records. This data is directly integrated into payroll systems, reducing errors and improving accuracy.

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