Are you struggling with managing the time & efficiency of employees? Do you find it challenging to keep track of daily tasks and responsibilities?

If so, you’re not alone.

High-paced environment and cutthroat competition in the corporate world make most managers struggle with efficient time management and required productivity. 

This is where Workstatus‘ free time management templates can help.

How to make timesheet template: Workstatus has developed easy-to-use and free timesheet templates that help businesses of all sizes streamline their time tracking and improve their productivity.


FREE Timesheet Templates


In this blog, we’ll explore some of the challenges that organizations face in managing employee time and efficiency and how Workstatus’ free timesheet templates can provide solutions to these challenges. 

So let’s dive in!

What are Free Timesheets Templates

Free Timesheet Templates by Workstatus

Workstatus provides wide-ranging timesheet templates for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small business owner or an international organization that requires more complex scheduling and reporting capabilities, Workstatus offers the perfect solution.

Here are the 5 types of different timesheet templates that are available on Workstatus:

  • Daily Hourly Timesheet- This template is great for teams that are paid per hour and must keep accurate daily records of their working hours.

  • Weekly Timesheet-  Weekly timesheets are useful for teams who are paid every week and must meet a certain number of hours per week.

  • Bi-weekly Timesheet-A bi-weekly timesheet template makes tracking employee hours and calculating pay periods easy for teams that get paid every two weeks.

  • Monthly Timesheet-For teams who are paid on a fixed or salary basis or whose work schedules change from week to week, a monthly timesheet is a great way to keep track of employee hours.

  • Project Timesheet Template-Team members working on multiple projects can use a project timesheet template to track their hours and tasks, helping them stay on track and on budget.


How to Use Our Free Timesheet Templates

Here are the simple steps that are required to get started:

Step 1-  Visit the Workstatus website for the timesheet template you wish to use.

There are several customizable options available to choose from, you can choose as per your business needs.



Step 2- Download the template from your chosen download option (PDF & Excel) onto your local system.



Step 3- Now open your newly downloaded timesheet template in your system.



How to create a timesheet template in excel?



Step 4- Enter information about your project, Time spent on tasks, Tasks worked, description of each task, and employee & manager signature.


Step 5- After entering your data, save your timesheet in the selected format.

That’s it. 

Now you have a timesheet setup and ready to be used. 

Why Workstatus Launched Free Timesheet Templates

The launch of free timesheet templates by Workstatus is part of the company’s mission to improve time tracking for business owners, employees, and everyone who wants to manage their time.

These templates are designed to make it easier for organizations to:

  • Accurately track employee hours
  • Provide accurate billing and invoicing
  • Eliminate the need for daily time tracking
  • Automate the payroll process
  • Less error-prone than manual calculations

By providing free timesheet templates, Workstatus is determined to help organizations of all sizes streamline their time-tracking processes and make it easier for them to accurately track and manage time.

Organizations face a number of challenges when it comes to tracking and managing time, but with the help of Workstatus’ free timesheet templates, these challenges can be easily overcome.

Here are some challenges that can be addressed with the help of Workstatus’ free timesheet templates:

Challenge #1

Inaccurate Time Tracking- Due to manual errors, time tracking can occasionally be inaccurate. This is especially true for employees who may forget what they worked on previously or take shortcuts when completing tasks.

Solution- With a free timesheet template and Workstatus automatic time tracker, time tracking becomes much easier as all work is automatically recorded in a well-documented format. 

This helps to eliminate the possibility of mistakes and provides an accurate snapshot of employee hours and productivity.

Challenge #2

Payroll Miscalculation- If an employee’s time is not tracked correctly, then payroll calculations can be incorrect. This can result in employees being underpaid or overpaid.

Solution- With Workstatus’ free timesheet templates, all employee hours are tracked in an easy-to-use format so that the right number of hours are recorded for each pay period. 

This helps reduce errors in payroll calculation and ensures employees receive fair payments.



Challenge # 3 

Low Employee Productivity- Without proper tracking of employee time spent on each task, it can be difficult to identify areas where productivity can be improved.

Solution- With the help of Workstatus’ free timesheet templates, organizations can gain insights into employee productivity by tracking the time spent on different tasks.

This helps organizations identify areas where employees may be struggling and provides opportunities to provide additional training or support to improve productivity.

Challenge #4 

Lack of Visibility- Managers often struggle to keep track of their team’s progress and workload, which can result in missed deadlines or unbalanced workloads. 

Solution– Workstatus’ free timesheet templates provide managers with complete visibility into their team’s work hours, including 

  • What tasks are they working on 
  • Activity Time
  • Idle Time 
  • Break Time 
  • Effective Time

View Timesheet-min

This allows managers to better understand their team’s workflows and make more informed decisions about where to allocate resources. 

Challenge #5

Limited Financial Resources- Many small businesses lack the financial resources to invest in time-tracking software. This can make it difficult to track employee hours and calculate salaries accurately.

Solution- Workstatus offers a no-cost timesheet templates option that allows businesses to 

  • Track employee hours
  • Calculate salaries 
  • Keep accurate records of their staff’s time

By using a free timesheet template, businesses can save money on expensive software solutions and still have the basic tools needed for employee management.


Stay Ahead Of Competition With Workstatus

As previously mentioned, Workstatus is committed to developing more features & tools that will improve the user experience and make tracking time easier for everyone. 

Some of the most popular requests coming from our customers include:

  • Browser Extension
  • Client Module
  • New Integrations

Workstatus is actively addressing these requests and releasing updates to enhance the overall experience of using our timesheet templates.

With so many exciting possibilities in store, we look forward to continuing to provide our customers with powerful tools to optimize their workforce management processes.


We at Workstatus are excited to offer our customers free timesheet templates to make time tracking easier and more efficient. 

With pre-made templates, accurate documentation, and standardized data entry, these templates can help eliminate many challenges organizations face when tracking and managing their time.

You can start by exploring the different types of timesheet templates we offer and find the one that best suits your needs.

You can also sign up for our free trial and experience how easy it is to manage your timesheets with Workstatus.


How do I get a Free Timesheet Template?

Simply visit the Workstatus website, and you’ll find the templates listed in their downloads section. Once downloaded, simply open the file using any spreadsheet program of your choice, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

After opening the file and entering your details into the desired fields, you can start tracking time for free with Workstatus.

What are the Benefits of Using a Free Timesheet Template?

1) Accurate tracking of time: A free timesheet template helps you track how much time an employee spends on a particular task or project, so there’s accurate record-keeping and no discrepancies.

2) Better budget management: Knowing exactly how your resources are being used can make it easy to plan ahead and stay within the allotted budget for projects.

3) Increased productivity: Employees tend to be more productive when they have specific times allocated for certain tasks or goals, which is what a good timesheet system does automatically.

4) Reduced paperwork: No need to manually track time and unnecessarily generate paperwork – all this is done automatically by a timesheet through the digital template.

5) Improved accuracy: Using a free timesheet template ensures that all the information is tracked accurately, giving your data more integrity and saving you from any potential lawsuits or other legal issues down the line.


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