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Schedule shifts and assign tasks on the go, see who’s clocked in/out of their shift, and have an accurate picture of everything with a one-stop solution.

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One Centralized Platform For Everything

From scheduling shifts and managing invoices in real-time location, we have everything you need to run your lawn care & landscape business smoothly.

Shift Planning Time And Location Tracking lanscaping-scn3

Shift Planning

Create custom schedules for each employee; plan and organize everyone’s shift according to the specific task needed on the day or week for better management.

Shift Planning

Time And Location Tracking

Track who is at what location and what task they are performing. View detailed reports on time spent on a task or project and stay transparently informed.

Time And Location Tracking

Easy Budgeting & Invoicing

Invoice customers from your dashboard. Keep track of expenses, create every invoice within seconds, and generate payment reminders.

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Real-time monitoring

Monitor Attendance, Productivity, And Tasks Using AI Reports

Get complete transparency over your lawn care teams’ whereabouts, work performance, time off requests, tasks, and activities.

lanscaping-scn4 Employee Performance Reports

Geofencing Time Clock

Accurately track employees’ attendance using the geofencing clock in and out software. Know how much time employees spend at the office or project site through the selfie-validated attendance feature.


Employee Performance Reports

Track & monitor each of your employee’s performance statistics over time to identify trends and improve productivity. Get a detailed activity log with screenshots to ensure every minute counts for what you pay them.

Employee Performance Reports
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Track & Manage Budgets, Billable Hours, And Clients

Automate your finances by leveraging a system that works with your specific needs. Whether you're trying to create a budget, cut down on expenses, or make more money, we've got you covered.

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Billable Hours Calculation

Avoid wasting time entering & calculating hours manually. Workstatus will calculate the time accordingly. Simply download the timesheets for review.


Track Multiple Clients At Once

Need to manage multiple clients? Workstatus lets you monitor different projects at once and invoice them as per the due date, so you never miss a payment.


Create Budgets Easily

Create budgets and track your spending easily. Set & monitor budget limits to avoid overspending.

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Powerful Features To Manage Your Crew Efficiently


GPS Tracking

Track the real-time location of your employees and stay updated with their whereabouts.

Online Timesheets

Make more informed staffing decisions with real-time visibility into crew members’ work patterns.

Time-off Management

Time off requests raised by crew members can be instantly approved or rejected from the dashboard.

Automate Payroll Process

Automate payroll by tracking the billable hours of your workers. Result? Time is saved, and accurate payments are made on time.

Cost Estimation

Boost your sales by quickly estimating how much a project will cost based on hourly rates, materials cost, and other expenses, etc.


A User-Friendly Workforce Management Software For Landscaping


Have Your Team Install Workstatus™

All lawn care workers can download and install the Workstatus app on their desktops/laptops (Windows, Mac, Linux) and/or mobile phones (Android/iOS).

Start Tracking

Click and start the time tracker to monitor your landscape workforce while they are working. Sit back and relax as Workstatus silently records your workers’ clock-in and out timings, working hours, location, and a lot more.

Generate Detailed Reports

Workstatus provides you with a wealth of information that helps you assess if your workers are using their work hours productively. You can also use this information to pinpoint factors that negatively affect workflows.


Workstatus for All Devices

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Workstatus account required to use apps


Why Do Lawn Care Workers Prefer Workstatus™?

“ Workstatus is a well-rounded tool that could help streamline my business's landscaping operations. It's easy to use and has all the features I needed to get my business organized. Plus, excellent customer support is possible with this software being used in my business. I definitely recommend it for all! ”


Adam, London

“ If you're looking for landscape scheduling software, Workstatus is a recommended option. It allowed us to create and manage schedules for our landscaping business quickly and efficiently. ”


Chris James, Singapore

“ Workstatus is a great tool for landscape professionals! This scheduling software allows us to easily create and manage work orders, tasks, shifts and employees. I found the program easy to use and very efficient in working. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the landscaping business! ”


Michael Roy, Malaysia


Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best scheduling app for landscaping business?

Workstatus is the best app for landscaping businesses because it allows lawn care managers to create shift schedules, assign employees to shifts, and keep track of employee availability for effective communication among team members.

How to schedule landscaping work in Workstatus?

To schedule landscaping work in Workstatus, simply create a project and add the relevant tasks. Then, assign each task to the appropriate team member and set due dates. Finally, use the project calendar to keep track of everyone’s progress.

Does Workstatus track billable hours?

Yes. Workstatus does track billable hours to help you in a number of ways, such as keeping track of how much time you’re spending on billable projects and making sure that you’re billing your clients correctly.

How do you implement landscaping time tracking software?

To implement landscaping time tracking software, you will need first to install the software onto your computer. Once the software is installed, you will need to create an account and log in.

After you are logged in, you will create a new project. In the project, you will need to enter the client’s details. You will also need to enter the project start date, end date, and budget.

Once all of this information is entered, you will add tasks to the project. Each task will have a start time and an end time. You can also add notes to each task. Once all of the tasks are completed, you can generate a report that shows how much time was spent on the project. This report can be used to bill the client.

How can I keep track of lawn maintenance customers using Workstatus?

Workstatus is an excellent way to keep track of your Lawn Maintenance customers. You can create a project for each customer and then add tasks and subtasks as needed.

You can also use the Notes feature to keep track of specific customer information, such as contact information, payment information, and job specifications. And if you need to share project information with other team members, you can easily export the project to PDF or Excel.

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