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Smarter Approach

Transform Your Business With Advanced Workforce Analytics


Enhanced Performance Tracking

Streamline employee progress assessment and optimize team efficiency with real-time data insights.


Talent Optimization

Identify and nurture top performers, ensuring you have the right people in the right roles to drive success.


Data-Driven Decision Making

Make informed managerial choices with comprehensive workforce analytics, leading to better outcomes and increased productivity.

Accelerating Success

Maximize Business Output With AI-Powered Insights

From project performance and team productivity to time tracking and resource optimization, empower yourself with data-driven insights for smarter decisions.

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Time and Activity Tracking

Stay on top of your team’s productivity effortlessly. With Workstatus user-friendly time and activity tracking tools, you’ll effortlessly monitor work hours, track tasks, and optimize workflows, boosting efficiency like never before.

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Productivity Monitoring

Witness your team’s potential soar. Workstatus productivity monitoring feature provides real-time performance insights, enabling you to identify strengths, address challenges, and propel your workforce towards peak productivity.

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Project Management

Embrace seamless project execution. Workstatus comprehensive project management capabilities streamline collaboration, task allocation, and progress tracking, ensuring every project is executed flawlessly from start to finish.

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AI-Powered Reports

Unleash the power of AI-driven analytics. Workstatus AI powered reports offer actionable insights that will sharpen your decision-making prowess and drive your business towards greater achievements.

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Empowering Managers

Supercharge Your Team With Purpose-Driven Goals

Manage your team with Workstatus. Create a unified vision, set SMART goals, empower project execution, and drive timely feedback as you elevate your team's performance

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Time Tracking

Use Workstatus’s intuitive time tracking feature to monitor work hours and activities. Gain clear visibility into your team’s daily progress, identify potential bottlenecks, and keep everyone focused on purpose-driven goals.

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Task Management

Set purpose-driven goals for your team with Workstatus’s task management feature. Define objectives, track progress, and celebrate milestones together, all in one powerful platform.

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Real-time Performance Insights

Unlock the potential of your team with Workstatus’s real-time performance insights. Stay informed about your team’s activities, task progress, and project status, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and drive success.

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Seamless Operations, Amplified Results

Fueling Productive And Transparent Workplace

With Workstatus, you'll experience greater visibility into your team's performance and more efficient operations that will lead to enhanced collaboration, reduce stress levels, and maximize productivity.

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Screenshot Insights For Accountability

Gain a clear picture of team activities with Workstatus’s screenshot feature. Foster accountability by capturing real-time snapshots of work progress, empowering managers and team members to stay focused and on track.

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Activity Levels For Optimal Efficiency

Maximize productivity with activity level tracking. Workstatus monitors user engagement to identify peak performance hours, helping you streamline work schedules and ensure your team operates at its best.

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Idle Time out

Maximize productivity by eliminating idle moments. Workstatus’s smart idle time-out feature automatically detects inactivity and ensures time is only tracked when your team is actively engaged, optimizing work hours for amplified results.

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Tech-Driven Solution

Embrace Automated Remote Employee Management for Growth

Workstatus provides a comprehensive suite of tools that will help you effectively manage remote employees. To ensure remote success, Foster transparency, collaboration, and accountability with a tech-driven solution.

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GPS Tracking

Keep track of remote employees effortlessly with Workstatus’s GPS tracking system. Monitor location-based activity and ensure your team works from approved locations for enhanced security and legitimacy.

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Create virtual work boundaries and eliminate time theft with Workstatus’s Geofencing feature. Draw geographical areas for your team to work from and enjoy enhanced convenience, accountability, and accurate clock in and out.

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Mobile App

Stay connected with Workstatus’s mobile app. Monitor progress remotely, assign tasks, and review performance seamlessly from anywhere.

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Your Data, Our Priority

Empowering You To Protect Your Data From Unauthorized Access

Workstatus is committed to protecting your data. With our robust features and comprehensive security controls, you'll enjoy the assurance that your data is secure.

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Selfie Validation

Authenticate the identity of your team with Workstatus’s selfie validation feature. Necessary for remote work compliance, this tool offers facial recognition and selfie comparison to ensure authenticated clock-ins and outs by team members.

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Online Timesheets

Never worry about the security of your team’s timesheets. With Workstatus’s online timesheet system, you can easily monitor time-tracking data and capture real-time insights remotely from any device.

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Data Encryption

We understand the importance of data security. Workstatus’s data encryption technology ensures that all stored information and sensitive documents are protected, keeping your data secure at all times.

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Complexity to Clarity

Get Started With Workforce Analytics Tools


Download & Install Workstatus™

All employees can download the Workstatus app on their desktops/laptops (Windows, Mac) and/or mobile phones (android/iOS) as per their requirements to fetch workforce analytics.

Intuitive Setup & User Profiles

With Workstatus™, setting up user profiles is a breeze! Managers can quickly organize teams, assign roles, and define access levels, ensuring every team member enjoys a personalized and secure experience while diving into workforce analytics.

Dive Into Data-Driven Insights

Once installed and set up, your team can dive into a world of data-driven insights. Unlock real-time workforce performance metrics, track projects, and optimize productivity at your fingertips with Workstatus™


Get & Use GPS Tracker As You Need


Login Based Data Access

Login as an employee or Manager and start populating reports in your respective dashboards based on relevant GPS tracking done.


APIs Access

Get access to APIs and integrate Workstatus data with any other tool/software your team uses for a single user interface.


Raw Data Access

Use raw data to generate custom reports on second-by-second GPS tracking of your team.


Why Should You Use Workstatus™?

Optimized Project Delivery

Talent Acquisition and Retention

Leverage the power of workforce analytics to identify top-performing candidates, streamline the hiring process, and ensure the right talent is in the right roles.

By analyzing employee satisfaction and engagement data, you can also implement strategies to boost retention and create a thriving workplace.

Increase Profitability

Performance Management and Optimization

Unleash your team’s true potential through performance management powered by data insights.

With workforce analytics, you can track individual and team performance, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and provide targeted training and support, resulting in optimized productivity and efficiency.

Happy Teams, Happier Clients

Resource Allocation and Planning

Workforce analytics allows you to allocate resources effectively by analyzing workload distribution, project timelines, and individual capacity.

Optimize project planning, ensure balanced workloads, and adapt quickly to changing demands, maximizing efficiency across your organization.


Workstatus for All Devices

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Workstatus account required to use apps

User Guide

Have Queries? We Have Answers

1. What is Workstatus Workforce Analytics?

Workstatus Workforce Analytics is a comprehensive platform designed to help organizations gain insights into their workforce data.

It offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to provide valuable information about your employees:

  • Performance
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency

With Workstatus, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your workforce and enhance productivity.

2. How do I get started with Workstatus Workforce Analytics?

To begin using Workstatus Workforce Analytics, follow these steps:

Sign up: Go to Workstatus website and sign up for an account. You will need to provide some basic information about your organization.

Integrations: Connect Workstatus to your existing HR or project management tools to import employee data seamlessly.

Data Collection: Once integrated, Workstatus will automatically collect data on your employees’ work activities, hours worked, and project progress.

Dashboard: Access your personalized dashboard to view key metrics and reports.Insights For Business Analytics

3.What kind of data can I track with Workstatus?

Workstatus allows you to track various data points related to your workforce, including:

Employee Attendance: Monitor employee logins and logouts, breaks, and time off.

Project Progress: Track the status and progress of ongoing projects.

Productivity: Analyze individual and team productivity, including completed tasks and time spent on each task.

Active and Idle Time: Identify periods of activity and inactivity during work hours.

4. How can I use Workstatus to enhance workforce productivity?

Workstatus provides valuable insights that can significantly improve workforce productivity:

Identify Bottlenecks: Pinpoint areas where tasks are getting delayed and address them promptly.

Time Optimization: Analyze time spent on various tasks to optimize work schedules and improve efficiency.

Employee Performance: Evaluate individual performance to provide targeted training and support.

Team Collaboration: Monitor collaboration patterns to enhance teamwork and communication.

5. How can I generate reports using Workstatus Workforce Analytics?

Generating reports with Workstatus is straightforward, here are the following steps to follow.

  • Navigate to the “Reports” section in your dashboard.
  • Choose the type of report you want to generate, such as Attendance, Productivity, or Project Progress.
  • Select the desired date range or customize the report parameters according to your preferences.
  • Click on the “Generate Report” button.
  • Wait for the report to be generated, and it will be displayed on your screen.
  • You can also export the report in formats like PDF, Excel, or CSV for further analysis and sharing with stakeholders.time&Activity

6. Is the data collected by Workstatus Workforce Analytics secure?

Yes, Workstatus prioritizes data security and employs various measures to protect your information. The platform follows industry-standard encryption protocols to safeguard data during transmission and storage.

Additionally, access to sensitive data is restricted only to authorized personnel within your organization. Workstatus also adheres to data privacy regulations to ensure compliance and maintain the confidentiality of your workforce data.

7. How often is the workforce data updated in Workstatus?

Workstatus updates workforce data in real-time. This means that any new information, such as employee logins, task completions, or project progress, is immediately reflected in the system.

Real-time updates enable you to make prompt decisions based on the most current data available, helping you stay proactive in managing your workforce and projects.

8. Can Workstatus Workforce Analytics help with workforce planning?

Yes, Workstatus Workforce Analytics can be a valuable tool for workforce planning. You can identify staffing needs, peak work periods, and potential skill gaps by analyzing historical data and current trends.

This allows you to make informed decisions about hiring, training, and resource allocation to ensure your organization has the right people with the right skills at the right time.Schedules 11

9. Can Workstatus Workforce Analytics help with workforce planning?

Yes, Workstatus is designed to be mobile-friendly. You can access the platform and its features from your mobile device’s web browser, allowing you to monitor workforce analytics on the go.

Whether in the office, at home, or traveling, you can stay connected to your workforce data and make informed decisions anytime, anywhere.


What Workstatus™ Users Tell Us

“ Workstatus employee time tracking tool tells us the moments our people are being
productive and uses that data to help us create productive schedules, deadlines, and tasks. With a simple to use tool, we are able to make our employees more
productive while saving time we used to spend earlier. ”

“ We have further noticed that as a by product, our employees are also motivated to work harder and smarter by taking control of their time by having this app on their devices. ”


Eric Genge, UK

“ Glad that we moved to Workstatus and cut down on wasted time. We are now clutter- free, more managed and relaxed. Our people have reported a better work-life balance since we made the move. ”


Berry Jonas, USA

“ I was exhausted after working full days. I used to spend my entire day running around like crazy trying to finish everything. But things have changed since I made a shift to Workstatus time tracker. Coming home after work with time to spend with family is great. And picture not dreading the next day at work because I am less stressed and don’t feel like there’s too much on my plate. ”


Alaxandra Naogaokar, Israel

Get Answers For

Frequently Asked Questions

What is workforce analytics? Can I use Workstatus Workforce Analytics for remote teams?

Workforce Analytics is a modern practice of using workforce data to analyze trends, discrepancies, and scope for better decision-making. Yes, Workstatus is ideal for managing remote teams. It provides real-time insights into remote employees’ activities, allowing you to monitor their productivity, attendance, and project progress regardless of location.

What kind of support does Workstatus offer?

Workstatus offers customer support through various channels, including email and phone. Our support team is available during business hours to assist you with any inquiries, technical issues, or customization needs.

Can I integrate Workstatus with my payroll system?

Yes, Workstatus can integrate with compatible payroll systems, making it easier to process payroll based on accurate employee attendance and work hours data.

Does Workstatus provide automated alerts and notifications?

Absolutely! Workstatus sends automated alerts and notifications for events such as late logins, long idle periods, or project milestones. You can set up custom alerts based on your organization’s preferences.

Is employee data accessible only to HR managers?

Workstatus provides role-based access control, allowing you to define access levels for different user roles within your organization. While HR managers may have broader access, you can restrict certain data to specific teams or individuals.

Can I get a demo of Workstatus before signing up?

Yes, we offer live demos of Workstatus to potential users who want to explore its features and functionalities. You can request a demo on our website or contact our sales team to schedule a personalized demonstration.

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