Employee Productivity Monitoring: Enhance Project Performance

Get real-time insights into project progress, time allocation, employee activities, and more with productivity monitoring software. With actionable data, you can identify bottlenecks to ensure timely project delivery for success and growth.

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Increase Your Operational Productivity: Benefits Of Productivity Tracking


Improve Team Productivity

Get an overall insight into the team’s productivity to identify the gaps and scope for improvements.


Set Productivity Benchmarks

Get alerts on lower productivity patterns and take necessary measures before it’s too late. Recognize & appreciate employees scoring high productivity.


Identify Bottlenecks

Identify & address bottlenecks to enhance team efficiency.


More Clearer Performance Evaluation With Automated Productivity Management

Easy to analyze, measure, and enhance the productivity of your employees with the most advanced features.

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Built-In Productivity-Meter

Get productivity reports to see how your staff is performing individually and as a team in real time. To better engage workers, identify productivity trends, and make timely data-based decisions.

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Automate Timekeeping

Workstatus automatically records employees’ working hours, productivity percentage, and time spent on various activities to maintain a record for assessing performance. You can analyze this data based on the daily, & weekly performance of each employee and team.

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Track Website And App Usage

Track & analyze websites visited and apps used by your employees during work hours. It helps protect your sensitive & confidential information and limit distractions.

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Active Screen Records

Screenshots help managers track employees’ productivity in real time and diagnose the bottleneck where employees may be stuck for a solution.

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Lead with Data-Driven Decisions

Lead your team with confidence and insight. Start making data-driven decisions today. Download our eBook.


Improve Your Task Completion Rate To Boost Profitability

Track and manage each employee’s productivity on projects and tasks easily. Make smart decisions based on AI-powered analytics. Raise overall team performance to achieve greater profits.

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Set Task Priority

When you measure time spent on activities, you understand which tasks require more time and which ones are a barrier.

  • Easy to set project priority based on requirements
  • Quickly assign resources and time
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Deliver On-Time

With Workstatus, you don’t miss deadlines as you are already on top of your deliverables. You can easily find a way to manage tasks that are taking longer than expected.

  • Easy to find and remove bottlenecks
  • Uplift employees’ productivity by identifying and eliminating productivity-hampering activities
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Meant For Every Business

Workstatus: One Solution for All Businesses

One Solution


  • Optimize workforce management and resource allocation
  • AI-powered insights for strategic decision-making
  • Choose Stealth or Visible Mode for tracking employee activity
One Solution


  • Cost-effective, comprehensive workforce management
  • Real-time insights for rapid growth and success
  • Ideal for managing remote teams
One Solution


  • Precise time tracking and invoicing
  • Efficient task prioritization and deadline management
  • Foster trust and credibility with clients

Optimize Productivity To Achieve Your Business Goals

A completely automated productivity tracking system for effective resource management, project planning, and time management to keep you aligned with your business goals.

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Productivity Indicators

With customized productivity indicators, you will receive accurate and desired activity information.

  • Track mouse movement and keyboard usage
  • Work in background
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Data-Rich Reports

Insightful productivity reports help you better understand the various aspects that enhance or hamper productivity.

  • Pay immediate attention to the concerned areas
  • Make data-centered smart decisions
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Productivity Graphs

By tracking trends of changing productivity, chart them together and make necessary changes to enhance the productivity of teams.

  • Better future analysis
  • Boost decision-making power
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Keep Your Teams Focused And Updated With AI-Powered Dashboard

Quickly view the activity and productivity of all employees in one place with an AI-enabled dashboard.

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Activity Rates

With Workstatus, track the activities of your employees from anywhere, anytime. Analyze employee activities from reports based on screenshot capture, URLs visited, apps used, and active hours.

  • Track & monitor activity trends
  • Identify low-activity areas for improvement.
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Project Management

Assign projects, tasks, and to-dos. Track time spent on every project and task. Raise invoices for billable hours for faster payments.

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Precise Reporting

Easily measure productivity rates based on mouse and keyboard usage giving you an accurate insight into the team’s productivity levels.

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Don't Forget To Recognize & Reward Top Performers

Build a recognition-based work environment to make your employees feel comfortable and satisfied. Acknowledge & Appreciate the best talent! A step towards building the best organization.

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Proof of Work

Have a clear picture of progress by tracking active hours on each project, screenshots of system activities, records of URLs visited, and apps used. This is a great way for employers to identify the top-performing employees who deserve recognition.

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Automated Performance Reports

Employees and managers can access detailed productivity data and compare total work time against tasks completed. Use smart insights to improve your resource planning for better ROI.

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Track Idle Time

Track idle time throughout the day and compile data to analyze the time. This way, you can identify the low performers and provide them with the necessary training to improve their productivity.

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Empowering Leaders

How Can Workstatus Help Managers Optimize Operations

Workstatus offers robust features to help managers plan, optimize & track their operations and make data-driven decisions for higher ROI.

Empowering Leaders

HR Managers

  • Real-time insights on attendance and work hours
  • Geofencing, GPS tracking, and selfie validation
  • Efficient time tracking and reporting for easy payroll

Finance Managers

  • Detailed time tracking and project cost analysis
  • Accurate budget allocation and expense monitoring
  • Data-driven reports for better financial planning

IT Managers

  • Identify potential data theft threats by capturing screenshots.
  • Monitor application usage to detect unauthorized software installations and potential security breaches.
  • Analyze metrics for smarter IT operations.

Project Managers

  • Centralized platform for monitoring project progress
  • Real-time data and analytics for risk identification
  • Stay on schedule and within budget with Workstatus!"

Data-Driven Decision Making With Detailed Productivity Insights

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Productivity Analysis

Get accurate data detailing productivity levels, employees’ activities, and detailed time logs to evaluate the performance of your workforce easily.

Idle Time vs. Productive Time

Easy to monitor the idle and productive times of employees, helping you understand when your team is working hard and what tasks are causing excessive idle time resulting in decreased productivity.

Automated Alerts

Set alerts to block, notify, or log out the user based on the severity of the situation. Get quick notifications with all the necessary details.

  • Customizable alerts
  • Implement good user behavior

Stealth Mode

Workstatus works silently in the background. It starts when the system is switched on and stops when the system is turned off; it’s that simple.

  • Easy to configure
  • Cross-device compatible

Start Your Workstatus™ Journey Today

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Download & Install Workstatus

All employees can download Workstatus app on their desktops/laptops (Windows, Mac) and/or mobile phones (Android/iOS) as per their requirements to start the real-time productivity monitoring.

Start Productivity Tracking

Just click and start the tracker to enable productivity monitoring. Start your day and leave rest to the fully automated employee productivity tracking tools which silently monitors your time, tasks, and activities.

Generate Productivity Reports

Get productivity reports to track progress and identify areas where you need to make changes based on the productivity patterns that can help you to improve your customer experience & ROI. A better understanding of how you work and what factors affect your productivity.

Flexibility & Compatibility

Everything Is Under Your Control

Login Based Data Access

Login as employee or manager and exercise control as per your requirements. As a manager, you can allow or deny access to screenshots and reports to your employees..

APIs Access

Get access to APIs and integrate Workstatus data with any other tool/software your team is using for a single user interface.

Raw Data Access

Use raw data to generate custom reports on the minutest details on second-by-second tracking of your team’s time.


Why Should You Use Workstatus?


Why Should You Use Workstatus?

Workstatus is a great way to improve budgeting because it allows you to see your time spent on different projects. By monitoring the time you spend on various tasks, you can see patterns in your productivity and pick areas where you can save money and time. By monitoring productivity through Workstatus, you can see which projects are costing you more money and adjust your budget accordingly.


Engaged and Productive Employees

Productivity tracking software is the perfect tool for keeping your team organized and on track. It can help managers see which employees are performing well and might need additional support. This type of data can help identify areas where training or development is required, and it can also help managers reward employees who are doing a great job. Overall, productivity tracking software like Workstatus provides transparency and accountability within the workplace, leading to more productive and engaged employees.


Enhanced ROI

Productivity tracking software can help with project management by allowing managers to see how much time employees spend on different tasks and how productive they are. This information can help managers make better decisions about reorganizing their team or delegating tasks to ensure that the assigned project will be finished on time, helping managers meet deadlines and therefore positively impacting the ROI.


Workstatus for All Devices

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Workstatus account required to use apps


Have Queries? We Have Answers

1. Could you provide a definition of productivity tracking software?

Productivity tracking software is a digital tool or system that helps organizations monitor, measure, and analyze employee productivity and performance.

It collects relevant data, such as tasks completed, time spent on activities, and overall efficiency, to provide insights into individual and team productivity levels.

This software assists in identifying areas for improvement, optimizing resource allocation, and fostering a more productive work environment.

2. Are productivity tracking and activity tracking the same?

The main difference between employee productivity monitoring software and activity tracking software is that productivity tracking focuses on the end goal. In contrast, activity tracking is more concerned with the means to achieve that goal.

Employee productivity monitoring software is about figuring out what work needs to be done to achieve a specific goal and then measuring how effectively that work is being done.

On the other hand, activity tracking is more concerned with recording all the details of how a person accomplishes their work – what they do, when they do it, how long it takes them, etc.

Activity trackers can be helpful for productivity monitoring, and tracking employee productivity, but only if they can accurately track all of the relevant data points.

3. What can be productivity roadblocks for employees?

There are many possible roadblocks to productivity for employees, but some of the most common include:

  • Poor work/life balance
  • Lack of clarity or direction from management
  • Inflexible work hours or excessive overtime requirements
  • The need to get everything “perfect” before moving on
  • Micromanagement by supervisors
  • Difficulty dealing with stress and anxiety

With Workstatus, the employee productivity monitoring software, you can easily identify any potential productivity roadblocks, monitor employee productivity and take corrective action before they cause delays in your project schedule.

4. How can productivity monitoring help in improving employees' productivity?

Productivity monitoring can help improve employees’ productivity by tracking employee productivity and measuring employees’ activity levels.

If employees know their productivity is monitored, they may be more likely to work harder to avoid negative consequences. In addition, if employers can identify areas where employees are struggling or not meeting expectations, they can provide additional support or training to help them improve.

Workstatus is an employee productivity tracking software that can help improve employees’ productivity by providing real-time data on performance.

With this employee productivity software, employers get insights into which employees have low performance and need support or training to improve their productivity. In addition, employee productivity monitoring tools help employers track how much time employees spend on each task and determine whether or not they need to delegate more tasks to certain employees to optimize workflow.Productivity Booster

5. What are some techniques or practices that can be implemented to enhance employees' productivity?

Several techniques and practices can be implemented to enhance employees’ productivity like:

Time Management: Advocating effective time management skills, such as prioritizing tasks, setting deadlines, and avoiding distractions, to help employees work efficiently and stay focused.

Work-Life Balance: Promote a healthy work-life balance by encouraging breaks, flexible schedules, and opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Clear Communication: Foster open and transparent communication channels to ensure employees understand expectations, responsibilities, and project details clearly.

Recognition and Rewards: Acknowledge and appreciate employees’ efforts and achievements, as recognition boosts morale and motivation, leading to increased productivity.

Learn modern methods and tools to evaluate the performance of employees.

Technology Adoption: Equip employees with suitable tools and technology, such as Workstatus, that streamline processes, automate repetitive tasks, and enhance productivity through effective workflow management.

Employee Engagement: Foster a positive and engaging work environment by involving employees in decision-making processes, seeking their input, and providing opportunities for autonomy and empowerment.

By implementing these techniques and practices, organizations can create a conducive environment that supports and enhances productivity.

6. How can Workstatus improve remote employees' productivity?

Workstatus is a productivity tracking software that helps remote employees improve their productivity. It does this by tracking time on each task and measuring their productivity over time.

Such information offered by employee productivity monitoring tools helps employees better manage their time and work more efficiently.

Additionally, Workstatus helps you with the best way to track employee productivity records with their internet activity, which can be helpful for remote employers who need to verify that their employees are working productively. It tracks time spent on tasks, provides insights into wasted time, and encourages better work habits.

Remote employees can use Workstatus to track their time spent on different tasks, projects, or clients. With the help of this data, you can generate reports showing where time is wasted and how much progress is being made on various projects.

Additionally, Workstatus provides tools for setting goals and tracking progress towards those goals. This helps remote employees stay focused and motivated. Productivity Measurement

7. Does the employee productivity tracking software track the manager's productivity, too?

Yes, the employee productivity tracking software is designed to track and monitor manager productivity. It ensures that everything is running efficiently and everyone is meeting productivity goals. It is essential to track the performance of managers and their team members. This way, any issues or discrepancies can be addressed quickly and accurately.

Workstatus is web-based productivity tracking software designed to help managers and team leaders monitor employee productivity, track their team’s progress, and identify potential areas of improvement. It records how much time managers spend on each task and provides detailed reports on their productivity.

Such information can be used to identify which tasks are taking up too much time or causing delays in projects.


What Workstatus™ Users Tell Us

“ Workstatus employee time tracking tool tells us the moments our people are being
productive and uses that data to help us create productive schedules, deadlines, and tasks. With a simple to use tool, we are able to make our employees more
productive while saving time we used to spend earlier. ”

“ We have further noticed that as a by product, our employees are also motivated to work harder and smarter by taking control of their time by having this app on their devices. ”


Eric Genge, UK

“ Glad that we moved to Workstatus and cut down on wasted time. We are now clutter- free, more managed and relaxed. Our people have reported a better work-life balance since we made the move. ”


Berry Jonas, USA

“ I was exhausted after working full days. I used to spend my entire day running around like crazy trying to finish everything. But things have changed since I made a shift to Workstatus time tracker. Coming home after work with time to spend with family is great. And picture not dreading the next day at work because I am less stressed and don’t feel like there’s too much on my plate. ”


Alaxandra Naogaokar, Israel


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pricing structure of the productivity monitoring software work? Is it based on subscriptions or a one-time purchase?

Workstatus offers a subscription-based pricing structure for its productivity monitoring software.

The different pricing models for Workstatus are below:

  • Premium: ₹199 / user/month billed yearly
  • Enterprise: Contact sales

You can choose a plan that suits your organization’s needs and pay on a recurring basis.

Can I access a trial or demo version of the productivity monitoring software to evaluate it before making a purchase?

Yes, Workstatus provides a FREE trial and demo for its productivity monitoring software.

It allows you to explore its features, functionalities, and interface to assess its suitability for your organization before making a purchase decision.

What measures does the software implement to ensure data security and privacy?

Workstatus prioritizes data security and privacy. It implements various measures such as secure data storage, role-based access controls, and compliance with industry standards to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Is it possible to set up productivity goals and benchmarks within the software?

Yes, Workstatus lets you set up productivity goals and benchmarks within the software.

You can define specific metrics, targets, and milestones to track and measure employee productivity against desired outcomes.

Can the software generate reports and insights to help identify productivity trends and areas for improvement?

Workstatus provides powerful reporting and analytics features.

It generates comprehensive reports and insights that help identify productivity trends, track employee performance, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

This data-driven approach enables informed decision-making and facilitates continuous productivity enhancement.

How to Monitor Remote Employee Productivity?

-Use productivity tools and set clear expectations.
-Maintain regular communication and utilize task management software.
-Define performance metrics, implement time tracking, and provide feedback.

Are there any privacy concerns associated with monitoring employee productivity?

Privacy concerns are a valid consideration when implementing productivity-tracking software.

However, Workstatus has robust privacy policies in place to protect employee data.

Here is the list of our data certifications:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • ISO 22301 Security and Resilience
  • ISO 27001 Information security management
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management
  • SOC 2 Type II Data Security and Privacy
  • PCI-DSS Information Security

The software lets users customize privacy settings and provides transparent communication to ensure employees’ privacy is respected.

You can check our guide on Employee Monitoring Laws to learn more.

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