Time Tracking Software for Law Firms and Attorneys

Intuitive time-tracking software that boosts speed, enhances accuracy, and improves the efficiency of legal teams. Bank on Workstatus and, say goodbye to billing errors & embrace profits to scale overall productivity levels.


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Optimize Legal Processes for Enhanced Client Service


Deliver Quality Work

Access accurate work data to eliminate inefficiencies, manage costs, help maintain quality, and meet SLAs.


Client Billing Accuracy

Track time accurately for legal services billing, improving transparency and trust.


Case Progress Visibility

Provide visibility into case progress for tracking tasks, deadlines, and milestones, facilitating better case management.


Get Accurate Details With Modern Time & Productivity Tracking Tool

Elevate your team's performance with advanced time and productivity management tools. Gain accurate insights into employee performance, streamline workflows, and boost productivity effortlessly.

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Detailed Timesheet Reports

Generate comprehensive timesheet reports summarizing time spent on each task, case, or client. Lawyers can easily review and analyze their time allocation for transparency.

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Better Productivity Analysis

Get productivity analysis tools like activity levels, app, and URL tracking to gain insights into their team’s productivity patterns, identify areas for improvement, and optimize workflows.

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Manage Every Billable Minute Of Your Lawyers

Automate administrative tasks like creating timesheets, and tracking billable hours and expenses to save time. Invest saved time focusing on running your legal practices more efficiently.

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Automatic Billing

Automatically bill your clients according to your billing preferences and easily manage different billing rates and time entry rules in just a few clicks.

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Professional Invoices

Insert your data into professional invoice templates and instantly send it to your clients, partners, vendors and more.

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Maximize Efficiency: Manage Lawyer Resources With Accurate Data

No more hassle while creating schedules for your attorney staff. Automate shift scheduling and get alerts for late, missed, or abandoned shifts.

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Easy Shift Planning

Use schedule templates to avoid wasting long hours in planning shifts manually. Build lawyers’ schedules within seconds with its intuitive interface.

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Resource Management

Get access to the real time availability of any lawyer and accurately allocate resources using historical hard data.

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Get A Holistic View Of Productivity With Automated Reporting

Easy to measure, analyze, and boost the productivity of your lawyers with the most powerful and advanced productivity tracker.

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Built-In Productivity Calculator

Measure the productivity rate of each lawyer based on mouse and keyboard usage. This is a perfect way to ensure 100% transparency among team members.

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Productivity Reports

Get auto-generated reports to dig into operations to review team performance. See every data in the form of charts or graphs. Identify any productivity issues within teams and resolve them quickly.

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Supercharge With More Features To Manage Billing Smoothly

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Time Tracking

Track your hours spent on every particular case.

Payroll Processing

With automated payroll processing, receive payments instantly.

GPS Tracking

Constantly track the location of your team with a GPS tracker.

Timesheet Management

Manage timesheets, expenses as well as billable hours with a single software.

Budget Management

Organize your budgets, manage your finances, and track payments in real time.

Constant Reporting

Receive reports on a constant basis and ensure proper flow of work.


A User-Friendly Workforce Management Software For Attorneys


Have Your Legal Team Install Workstatus™

All your members can download and install the Workstatus time billing software for lawyers on their mobile phones (Android/iOS).

Start Tracking

Click and start the time tracker to monitor your team while they are busy working on the cases of clients. Sit back and relax as Workstatus silently records their timings, working hours, location, and much more.

Generate Detailed Reports

Workstatus provides you with a wealth of information that helps you assess if your legal team is spending their working hours productively. You can also use this information to pinpoint factors that negatively affect workflows.

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Workstatus for All Devices

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Why Is Workstatus™ Considered The Best Time & Billing Software

“ As a lawyer for the past three years, I had difficulty with managing my work. It’s hard to track payments received through different channels without hiring more staff. When I started using Workstatus, I realized that it is probably one of the best time tracking software available in the legal field. It helps me manage my practice by keeping everything organized & by enabling me to do proper forecasting of cash flow and profit loss so that I can manage my expenses better, with greater accuracy. Great Software! ”

Karren Walter

“ When I started using Workstatus for my business, I was impressed with reports generated by that tool. It is an exceptional program that makes work easier. Whenever I start receiving payments from different clients, I just need to enter those details & it generates an instant report within minutes. I have found it very useful in monitoring cash flow, which helps me a lot in predicting upcoming cases as well as dealing with them accordingly. ”

Billy Smith

“ I am a solo lawyer, and when I started to use workstatus for managing my practice, I felt totally satisfied with its features. Now billing is done within minutes. It is one of the most productive apps I have used till date. I would highly recommend it to all other attorneys who are looking for a quick & effective way to track their payments from clients. ”

Richard M.


A User-Friendly Workforce Management Software For Attorneys

What is the free timekeeping software for lawyers?

Workstatus is a free time tracking app for lawyers. As a lawyer, it’s vital to stay on top of your billable hours because many lawyers don’t get paid unless they do.

This is why attorneys must use apps to track employee location, and their work, maintain records, assign tasks, check off items completed and more while staying organized throughout their day. And this is what Workstatus delivers to lawyers so you can stop wasting valuable time fumbling with multiple software applications just to keep up with your tasks.

All in all, Workstatus has everything that ideal llaw office time tracking software must have.

How do lawyer time tracker keep track of billable hours?

With Workstatus, it’s easier than ever to keep track of billable hours and stay on top of your business. Workstatus has several features that make tracking billable hours simple.

A lawyer can enter all of their client data into a single place, export it to an invoice, track payments, and receive notifications when a client makes a payment. This information is available through either mobile or web apps.

With Workstatus, lawyers can also create invoices, export financial reports and add due dates for billable hours directly from their calendars.

How Workstatus help lawyers to easily manage their work?

Workstatus is a cloud-based, easy-to-use, time and billing software developed specifically to cater to lawyers. With Workstatus, lawyers can systematically manage their work and easily track received or paid payments.

It helps them view their schedule in an aggregated form, enabling them to stay updated about their current cases and future tasks assigned or due dates.

Moreover, lawyers using Workstatus can know their exact payment collection status at any point in time for each case. They receive instant alerts on nearing the expiry of the invoice, thus enabling them to follow up with clients & charge late fees if required.

This is how lawyers can be more productive with their time while managing finances effectively using Workstatus.

What time management software for lawyers do law firms use?

If you’re interested in time management, you may have noticed that a lot of attorneys use Workstatus. There are multiple reasons for that. It’s a multiple-device-friendly solution, you can access it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. It is simple to use and user-friendly.

But what really sets us apart is our functionality which allows the law firm to track expenses and payments received while making billing seamless.

Many other solutions seem to make billing their top priority, but at Workstatus, we believe our users need solutions that help them manage their workflow as a whole and help them to improve their working efficiency and in that, what Workstatus is best known for.

Is attorney time tracking app/software safe for law firms?

Attorneys are often required to keep accurate records of how they spend their time. As a busy practice owner, it’s completely safe and also essential to have an efficient time management system that allows you to bill your clients on an hourly basis, accurately track payments coming in from customers, and easily pay your staff on a weekly or monthly basis.

And based on safety and complete transparency, many attorneys recommend business management software like Workstatus.

Workstatus is a time management software for law firms that allows you to keep track of your client information, staff, payments, accounting records, and much more.

Features like Time Tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Payments & Expenses, and Accounting built into a single system like Workstatus make it easy to manage your practice’s critical data without switching between multiple tools.

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