An All-in-One Time and Productivity tracking application for iPhone

  • GPS tracking
  • Time tracking
  • Location tracking with Geofencing
  • Detailed reporting

One-Click Time Tracking App for iPhone

Workstatus’s employee time tracking app enables you to accurately track hours spent on a particular project/task. The configurations with iOS enables time tracking directly through the iPhone.

A Smart Productivity Tracker

Track daily productivity, projects, teams, and more with Workstatus. Analyze capabilities and workload with a productivity tracker for iOS in order to get on to the right direction.

Never Miss Reports Even While Moving

Be aware of your team’s work even when you’re on the go with the Workstatus time tracking app for Android. Seamlessly use all the features right from your mobile device.

Core Features

Time Tracking

Download on desktop, web, iOS or Android.

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Productivity Calculator

Quick updates and filtered reports.

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Faster Invoicing

One-click invoice conversion.

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Automated Timesheets

Track, review, and manage timesheets.

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Filtered Reporting

Robust and detailed reports for analysis.

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GPS Tracking

Track on-field team members.

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Automate GPS time tracker with Geofencing


Define Costing

Limit Spend

Allocate and limit budget and hours with Workstatus’ timesheet, and we will notify you as and when your team reaches nearer to the limits.


Map Tracking

Enhances efficiency

Works on improving routes and removing roadblocks to keep your spending on the budget.


Automated Punches

No more manual updates

Automate attendance to eliminate manual errors with geofences. It is precise, accurate, and avoids manhandling.


Accurate Location Tracking for Timesheets

Geofence time tracking provides precise work hour timesheets to eliminate inaccuracy in calculating work hours and manhandling of punches. Now limit your tracking with geofence tracker to defined locations and avoid micro-management of working hours of team members.

Incredibly Easy to Download

Time Tracking App for iOS

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Workstatus for Your Device

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Workstatus take a lot of space in my phone?

No, Workstatus is a lightweight time tracking app for Android. Neither it takes up a lot of space, nor slows your phone’s functioning. It works seamlessly in the background to help you attain insights into your everyday productivity.

Is Workstatus only restricted to organizations for tracking?

No Workstatus is not just an employee monitoring app for organizations, but it is built for anyone who wants to track their daily activities and productivity. Parents, SMBs, freelancers, and professionals from more than 15 industries can easily utilize multiple features from our time tracking app for android to keep a note of their everyday activities.

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