Get Your Business the Most Productive Environment

  • Improve overall team productivity
  • Track activities, URLs, Screenshots
  • Precise time tracking
  • Fully packaged productivity tracking tool

You cannot improve productivity unless you’re measuring it

Track daily activities and productivity patterns with AI enabled productivity measurement tool to track conformance and compliance in your organization.


A Smart Productivity Tracker

Track daily productivity, projects, teams, and more with Workstatus. Analyze capabilities and workload with employee productivity tracker in order to guide them in the right direction

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Never Miss Reports Even While Moving

Be aware of your team’s work even when you’re on the go with the Workstatus’ mobile app for Android and iOS. Seamlessly use all the features right from your mobile device. Workstatus app for time tracking and productivity measurement gives you insights about every team member’s performance. Works phenomenally for desk teams, remote workers, or even on-field teams with time tracking, geofencing, and GPS tracking features.

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Accurate Time and Productivity Tracking with Geofencing

Easy to use, the employee productivity tracking software with geofence time clock app starts with a click or even automatically with Geofenced job sites and tabs every second an employee invests in a project. The time tracking app with Workstatus is built to work with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

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Cohesive Productivity Tracking Tools

When you track time spent on particular tasks, you can easily give accurate ETAs when the same jobs appear next time. Moreover, increased visibility in tracking with workforce management software can bridge gaps and enhance understanding amongst the team members and management. Easy Time Tracking & Productivity Management Software | Workstatus https://www.workstatus.io

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Chart Productivity Measures Together

By tracking trends of changing productivity, chart them together and motivate teams by guiding them towards it. Customized online time reports help you better understand how various aspects come together in enhancing or depleting productivity. Get finer views with Workstatus’s productivity tracking software for future analysis. Online Time Tracking Software, Free Time Reporting App - Workstatus https://www.workstatus.io

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“ Love it! Workstatus has made time tracking way more manageable than before. Clean interface with minimal design. Simple start and stop timer. ”



“ Workstatus is the best time tracking software on the market. It has provided a significant boost to my business growth. I honestly love this tool. ”



“ Workstatus enabled me to increase team size and retain more clients at a faster rate. ”



“ Workstatus has a great UI making it easy to manage multiple teams and a cost-effective price. ”



“ I love its exciting feature of project budgeting. It helps us in forecasting the overall budget and on-time deliveries of projects. ”



“ This software provides more alternatives and incorporates some essential features that we haven't seen elsewhere. ”



“ We've seen the value of our work since we started using Workstatus, and we can now quantify it with accurate data. ”



“ We can optimize our time spent on specific activities or clients to provide the best service while still having enough workforce for other projects. ”



We believe in numbers

An all-in-one time tracking app and productivity measurement software seamlessly managing
remote and on-field teams across the globe.


Active users tracked


Total hours tracked


Ways to track time


Tasks completed

Workstatus Easy to Use Productivity Tracker is Meant for You

Track Time

Track time spent on every project and task with the most accurate employee time tracking software. Verify authenticity and even convert hours into bills for faster payments. The most accurate and easy-to-use software for tracking employee time on every project. Workstatus tracks what you need to know, down to the second.

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Track Progress with Screenshots

Learn about active work hours and employee productivity with captured screenshots, URL and apps tracking.

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Filtered Reports

Enhance the productivity of employees by eradicating unnecessary tasks from their tasks. Align resources where their expertise requires them the most.

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Because Every Industry Needs Productivity Measurement...

More than 15 industries trust Workstatus for their everyday
time tracking and productivity measurement of in-house and remote staff.

Workstatus for Your Device

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is employee-productivity -software?

Employee productivity tracking software is a type of software that you can use to map the workflow processes of your employees and manage their time effectively. It can help you with planning, forecasting workloads, tracking progress, and more.

Employee-productivity tracker is a type of employee-management software that helps employers assess how good their employees are in general. A suite of productivity; assesses how people work, analyzes their performance, and provides real-time feedback on an individual’s productivity levels. The software tracks time taken on each task at hand with deadlines and assignments. Some systems also include pre-loaded templates to help save time, making it easier to do repetitive tasks like filling out forms or performing administrative tasks.

WorkStatus is an excellent employee productivity tracking software that provides a detailed overview of each employee’s status and identifies more or less productive employees. It provides you with data on the average time your organization takes for specific tasks to be completed by linking them to relevant project information of your organization. It makes team collaboration and communication easier for swift solutions. It also lets you set up projects, tasks, chores that need to be completed by employees. Employees can then report their exact status when reporting to the concerned team member or manager.

How to track staff/team/employees productivity?

Team Productivity tracking software is a program that records how your employees spend their time. It does this by keeping track of what each team member is working on, for how long, and where they are within that project. This software helps analyze productivity because it shows workers how much time they have spent on different tasks. Workstatus will provide you with all such analyses in the form of beautiful charts and graphs.

Why is it necessary to measure employees' productivity?

Employee productivity tracking software is the most crucial parameter in any organization. Employees are expected to be productive in their work. It is necessary to measure employee productivity as it helps the organization improve employees' performance. Workstatus will give you the most effective environment through the following benefits-

  • Precise time tracking

  • Fully packaged productivity tracking tools kit

  • Track activities, Screenshots, URLs, etc

  • Detailed reports

How to increase staff/Team/employees productivity?

You can increase employees' productivity by implementing the Workstatus productivity tracker tool in your organization. It will boost your overall productivity through the following-

  • Clean interface – intuitive and ready to use as soon as you log in.

  • Customizable project section – organize your projects easily, drag and drop tasks between different projects. The ability to create subtasks makes managing large projects easy.

  • One place for all information – connect with other tools, e.g., webmail, calendar, RSS readers, and more.

  • Chat with your team members working on the project or assign them tasks right away.

Why are employee productivity tools important?

The increased use of personal devices at work is causing a major distraction for employees, making it difficult to understand their level of engagement and burnout. This leads not only in low performance but also an increase in sick leave due to stress levels as well as poor morale within the company's staff which ultimately affects productivity levels positively or negatively depending if you're looking out long term goals versus just day-to-day activities

Enterprises have realized that by implementing software such as "Workstatus" into its system they will be able to monitor how busy each individual employee is throughout entire shifts so managers can see who has more energy than others based on what time period these people are working during—allowing them better insight when determining tasks requiring different skillsets between certain employees.

What does Workstatus app tracks?

Workstatus’s mobile, web and desktop apps are all designed with a common goal in mind: to help you be more productive. Lets look at the different features each platform offers for boosting your efficiency.

  • Apps used

  • URLs visited

  • Screenshots of the desktop taken (1-3 times per ten minutes)

  • Time worked

  • Projects and tasks worked on

What are activity rates?

An activity rate is a number that reflects how many times your mouse or keyboard was clicked in one hour. This can be used to identify trends over time, like whether someone's clicking more often when they're browsing around on social media sites for example.

Is it compulsory to take screenshots?

The screenshot function can be turned off on a per-user basis. There are three options for how often screenshots will be taken: once, twice or ten minutes between each one.

How will I know when screenshots are taken?

We know transparency is important to you so we’ll let you know when a screenshot has been taken. Delete time and data attached, if needed!

Does Workstatus take web cam photos too?

No, Workstatus will never do that. At Workstatus, we’re only concerned about maintaining productivity and streamlining it. Therefore, Workstatus will only capture your work progress and nothing else.

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