Employee GPS Tracking App

With Workstatus, track your team members in real time and stay informed about how your team is functioning from different
locations. Monitor and ensure from a centralized location that your field and movable teams are also working efficiently.

  • Track location of your field employees
  • Record working hours in real-time
  • Seamless backend tracking of time-offs, attendance & more
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Benefits of GPS Tracking Software

Current Location Tracking

Know the exact location of your field employees to ensure they are where they are supposed to be

Track & Optimize Routes

Identify the possible route obstacles or disruptions and inform employees to take diversions in time

Trace The Possible Delays

Accurately predict the possible delays in reaching the destination site and manage the time accordingly

One Stop Solution

Monitor Your Field Employees With GPS Based Time Tracking App

Get a comprehensive view of your remote team's daily activities, total working hours, active-idle time and much more from a single dashboard. Take informed decisions as per the daily insights and make your business efficient and productive.

Gps-Time-Tracking Gps-Time-Tracking Gps-Time-Tracking

Geofenced work-sites

By creating a geofence around the work-site, allow your team members to automatically clock in and out based on their GPS tracked location within or outside the geofenced site You can create multiple virtual fences on one map and customize them depending on your working schedules.


Route Tracking

Monitor which route is taken by your employees who are out on the go and track how long they will take to complete their job. Also, track where your employees stopped during their trips which could have taken them long to complete the job.


Real-Time Alerts

Get real-time notifications and alerts about your employees who are being late to the reporting site/s or about the missed deadlines.


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Enhance Efficiency

Employee Time Tracking With GPS From Any Centralized Location

Workstatus, the Employee Time Tracking GPS solution ensures that you are always able to track the whereabouts of your employees when they are at work. Workstatus records detailed information about employees’ location and generates reports on how they spend their working hours, making it a valuable tool for optimizing team performance.

Gps-Time-Tracking Gps-Time-Tracking Gps-Time-Tracking

Get Timesheets

Track idle time, breaks, and total active working hours to understand how productive each of your employees is so that you can assign each one of them tasks aligned as per their skill sets.


Remove Roadblocks

Help employees on improving routes to bring about more efficiency with less time needed to accomplish jobs and savings by saved fuels and other time-bound resources.


Automated Schedules

Focus more on being productive by automating the otherwise time taking and tedious employees tracking and attendance management.


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Detailed Insights On Activity Patterns of Remote Employees

You can generate custom action-based reports with your GPS time tracking & attendance tracking software Workstatus, to ensure you stay on top of essential workforce data.

Gps-Time-Tracking Gps-Time-Tracking Gps-Time-Tracking Gps-Time-Tracking

Clock in app with gps

A single-click start of your day! Employees need to clock-in with GPS turned on and you can start reviewing and guiding them to ensure best results from a productive day of each one of them.


Selfie Validation

Validate remotely working employees based on selfie capture at the time of clocking-in and clocking out along with their logged location.


Single-Click Automation

Workstatus starts with a single click to automatically send daily, weekly, or monthly work status reports via email to managers as well as instant notifications.


Dynamic Insights

Get a visual representation as well as in-depth analytics about who is more efficiently working and what all is being worked on. The reports are updated in real time so you can easily identify trends & productivity patterns and bring necessary changes.


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Stay Alert And Wise

Real-Time Progress Updates Via GPS Location & Time Tracking

You can always track and monitor if your assigned tasks are progressing according to the initially chalked out plan.

Designed to Track

Attendance Management

Easily track whether the employee is reaching & spending enough time on the required location, along with active timesheets.

Route Breaks

Know when your field employees take a break or deviate from their route plan. You can track and control the longer than needed route-breaks and avoidable deviations to improve overall productivity.

Idle Timeouts

Get alerts generated for self as well as team members on idle time. This will help in controlling the long undeclared breaks and ensure that inactive employees take an effort in being productive as they know they are monitored.

Custom Reminders

Generate customized reminders to alert employees when they’re off-task or entering hazardous zones so that timely appropriate actions can be taken by employees.

Easy for non-technical employees too

Use Workstatus GPS Time Tracking App Effortlessly

Tracking Software

Download & Install Workstatus

Simply download and install Workstatus time tracker app with gps on any computer or mobile and sign up for an account. It’s as easy as that. Once you have installed Workstatus, your system is ready to track the GPS location of your employees right away.

Start monitoring time & location

Take a look at how employees get to work and when they clock in and out. Explore average commute times, locate your fleet of drivers, see where mobile workers are spending their day, and more with Workstatus GPS tracking.

Auto-Generate Reports

With gps time tracking app reports are automatically generated for each employee based on their working hours, absences, and mobile device locations. You will have a real-time report of your employees with any anomalies flagged in red so you can act quickly to improve efficiency.

Data On Your Tips

Get & Use GPS Tracker As You Need

Login Based Data Access

Login as an employee or Manager and start populating reports in your respective dashboards based on relevant GPS tracking done.

APIs Access

Get access to APIs and integrate Workstatus data with any other tool/software your team uses for a single user interface.

Raw Data Access

Use raw data to generate custom reports on second-by-second GPS tracking of your team.

Use Cases

Why Workstatus’ GPS Time Tracking is Apt For Your Business

case study

Boost Profitability

Business owners can use Workstatus gps time tracking software to monitor their employees' progress while they are on the job or run errands. Features like geo-fencing and speed alerts let business owners track location, safe driving, and delivery performance. Employees can also use these features to create more efficient routes for themselves, giving them more time to focus on result-generating activities.

case study

Improve Remote/Field Employees’ Productivity

You will be able to get real time updates on your employees location and job status. . Based on insights you can guide your employees to be more efficient and productive by optimizing their routes, hours spent and deliveries. Track off-route activities and take action to eliminate distractions. You can also adjust work hours if needed depending on their productivity and task deliverance. Our customers report that GPS enabling has increased productivity by minimum 10%.

case study

Get Technology Edge

With Workstatus, you can automate the entire attendance management for all your distant employees, remote as well as in-field. You get plethora of options to track and monitor their attendance, active time, breaks, idle time, non-productive time and hyper-active times. Create alerts, notifications and employees shift schedules based on reports generated from no-noise tracking & monitoring of your employees.


Workstatus for All Devices

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Workstatus account required to use apps

User Guide

Have doubts and concerns?Find answers to all of them

1. How to implement GPS Tracking Software in your company?

You can easily implement GPS Tracking software in your company. You just need to first identify what type of solutions you need from it.

Is it important for you to track its employees during work hours or also while they are at home? Is it important for employees to be able to track their own location within a certain time frame?

Well, Workstatus is one of those apps that offer all these features and more. In addition, there’s an app specifically made for employers, so they are able to see how long employees have been away on lunch break, etc. Even when they are not using the app actively themselves, therefore, whenever you feel like checking up on someone with a specific job role, such as being sure that he/she isn’t slacking off when working on something else, you can do so with ease by logging into your account.

Bringing it all together, Workstatus makes it highly simple to implement it.

2. How do I use a GPS tracker app for my business?

A GPS tracker app is an advanced tool that lets business owners track their employees in real-time and gather important data on their performance.

A GPS tracker app comes with a ton of additional features, such as instant emergency help, secure alerts that can be sent to designated individuals within your company, and much more. You can use GPS for your business in order to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing risk and saving money along the way.

While there are many different brands of GPS tracker apps available, one brand that reigns supreme when it comes to helping you save is Workstatus.

With countless downloads, Workstatus is considered by many to be one of THE best GPS tracking apps out there today.

3. How to track your employees using GPS Tracking?

With Workstatus, you can use GPS Tracking to keep track of your employees while they are on task. Here's how it works:

When an employee is on duty, every time he or she logs into a Wi-Fi network, their precise location is reported back to you in real-time. This allows you to see exactly where they are and where they have been at any given moment throughout their workday or shift.

If there is no Wi-Fi signal available, our proprietary technology will pick up signals from nearby cell towers and report them back to our servers so that we can continue to ensure that each asset's position is tracked accurately.

Our technology also enables you to receive alerts when an asset has not checked in for a specified period of time, perhaps because one of your employees has gone off schedule without permission allowing you to take action if necessary immediately.

4. How does a GPS Tracker work?

A GPS tracking device transmits unique satellite signals to be received by a receiver. These GPS receivers monitor the GPS gadget's precise position and compute its time and rate of travel.

These locations can then be pinpointed on a map or chart with relative ease by matching signals from at least three separate satellites. The data obtained from these devices are often ephemeris, which has become an integral part of the navigation system.

Using a GPS tracker for business purposes or tracking employees is one way businesses have begun using them, but it is certainly not their only function or application. Once you begin your research, you will find countless uses for GPS technology, some obvious while others may surprise you.

5. What are GPS Tracking Software Applications?

GPS tracking has been around for a long time, with businesses using it to locate their delivery fleets and parents monitoring their children's location. More recently, however, many technology companies have started producing mobile apps that users can download onto their phones to track where they are in real-time.

GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite-based navigation system that enables its users to determine their exact geographical locations in terms of latitude and longitude. This technology is widely used in personal navigation devices.

With the help of the Global Positioning System (GPS), one can navigate through streets and roads with ease because GPS continuously calculates your position, thereby providing accurate route guidance to various destinations.

One can use GPS vehicle tracking applications for different purposes like monitoring employees, family members, spouses, or almost anything you would like to keep an eye on all day long without physically being present at those places.

6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of GPS Tracking Software in business?

GPS tracking software has become an essential tool for business owners that want to cut down on vehicle expenses, improve employee accountability, and make it easier to navigate throughout the day. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of GPS tracking software in business? let's take a look


  • Data reports can reveal patterns
    In addition to offering real-time information about an employee's whereabouts, GPS tracking software enables you to generate reports on a daily or weekly basis.

    You can view and compare data over time, creating charts and graphs to reveal patterns and areas your employees need to improve their performance.
  • Employee productivity can be improved
    When your employees know that they can be tracked and monitored, it will remind them to do their jobs properly.

    With GPS tracking software, employers are able to keep an eye on each employee at all times. If they know they're being watched, chances are better that they'll work harder knowing that every move could impact their employment status.
  • Staff management & supervision
    For one, it's an excellent tool for monitoring staff members' locations. Managers can pinpoint their employees' exact locations at any given time and adjust route assignments to keep all workers moving along smoothly.

    In retail or food service industries, it helps ensure that employees follow delivery routes as planned, which maximizes efficiency and minimizes costs.


  • Location tracking can be seen as an invasion of privacy
    When your employees are aware that they are being tracked, there is a chance of them acting differently. They may be less willing to go on trips or meet with clients, which would hurt revenue.

    Many people have no problem having their location tracked by services like Uber when they’re paying for it themselves, but workplace tracking goes too far. This means monitoring tools can be seen as nothing more than overbearing surveillance systems instead of helpful tools meant to boost efficiency and security.
  • It can be risky
    Tracking technologies rely on satellite signals that their very nature can easily block. If a signal is lost, or if it’s a rainy day, or your manager loses his phone. Your employees could be at serious risk.

    The use of these technologies also puts an undue burden on your company’s IT department and drains valuable financial resources.
  • Drain battery excessively
    GPS tracking software requires location services to be on, meaning your phone’s battery will drain faster than normal.

    A good tracker can consume 15% of your battery per day, which means your battery will only last one day instead of three! If your phone is low on juice, there’s no way to access any information or help until it gets a full charge.

7. Which industries are mainly benefitted from using GPs Tracking Software?

Many industries use GP software solutions in order to monitor employee productivity and efficiency. But, some industries have benefited more from these solutions than others. Let's look at three such initiatives where these GP solutions are being implemented extensively and bring in measurable benefits.

  • Logistics companies
    The logistics industry involves shipping goods and logistics management. GPS tracking software helps them track their shipping trucks/vehicles on a map to get real-time delivery information to manage their logistics business and track lost or stolen vehicles in real-time.

    This is the best option for Logistics Companies, who ship products and manage the transportation of people & goods worldwide.
  • Cab Service
    People can now use GPS and time tracking software like Uber to make travelling easier and safer. People may now book a taxi from their house, start their journey, and follow the cab's route as well as the anticipated arrival time.

    These features have brought a significant profit to both cab drivers and customers by helping them know each other more clearly before travelling together.
  • Bike Rentals
    With GPS tracking solutions, it's easy to keep tabs on bikes by sending out geo-fenced notifications or tagging individual units with real-time reports.

    Bike renters, for example, can be informed about when a bike has been spotted outside of its usual operational area and when any bike is overdue and still not returned, thereby helping managers save time in retrieving bikes and preventing losses.

Why User Love Investing In Workstatus

“ As a Global Team Manager, having visibility into our field employees' status at all times is critical. With Workstatus, I can view my team in real-time from any location using my smartphone or computer and respond to issues as they arise. And because it's web-based, my entire team – including field managers and supervisors – can use Workstatus. No other solution provides such flexibility across all device types. ”


Rachel Perry- USA

“ Workstatus helps us eliminate real-time communication problems with remote employees. Having issues with various other apps, we were skeptical about investing in another solution. But with WorkStaus it was easy to set it up within minutes. We had access to our team's current location on a map. However, the most remarkable feature of all is how fast their support team gets back to you. You really can email them at any time of day, and they'll get back to you within minutes! ”


Adam Smith- Canada

“ Workstatus is one of the best GPS tracking software for businesses that want to increase their productivity. It has helped our marketing business to track each and every activity of our staff members in real-time while they were on the field. The most striking feature we really like about Workstatus is its ability to keep an eye on how efficiently your employees are working and where they stand in accomplishing work goals. It's a great tool! Do try it out. You will never look back after that! ”


Madison Parker- Uk

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A GPS Tracker?

GPS tracker or real-time tracking software refers to the kind of program that can monitor the location of your employees and share this information with your managers in real-time. GPS tracking software often comes with different features, but some of the most basic ones include live tracking, route history, and speed monitoring.

These software provides you with detailed information about where your employees are, when they go to lunch, how much time they spend at their jobs, and more. They not only track you via GPS but there are also other ways such as monitoring the keystrokes on your computers and tracking the movement of your mouse.

By enabling this type of software in your employee's systems, you can ensure that they are being productive and working hard. In addition, you'll also be able to tell whether employees are making the optimum progress or not.

To put it simply, GPS tracking software means a program used to track the location of something or someone. It is used to track the location of your employee or contractor who works for you. Most companies have started to adopt these programs due to their effectiveness.

So, If you want more information about how GPS tracking software can benefit your company feel free to contact us. At workStatus, we're ready and willing to assist you with any questions that may arise during your research process into our products.

Which is the best GPS tracking software for my business?

Without a doubt, Workstatus is the best GPS tracking software for any business. It has all features that any business needs to track their employees. The excellent interface and its user-friendly operation make it easy even for a non-tech-savvy person to learn how it works in some minutes.

With Workstatus, You can view a real-time map of movements, change routes, and review past trips reports of each employee. You also have an option to upload multiple employees, so you are able to manage more than one team using the same software.

So there’s no point in thinking too much and choosing any other GPS tracker when there’s such a great solution at hand. Just go ahead with Workstatus and enjoy hassle-free assistance!

How can I track the GPS location of my employees?

With Workstatus, you can easily track the GPS location of your employees. You just have to assign a task, and all of your team members’ locations will be updated in real-time!

When an employee comes back from his/her day out of town or simply gets lost, all you need to do is check on his/her location on a map. Then you will be able to see if they are where they should be at that moment.

Workstatus also sends alerts when your employees deviate from their normal course. This helps ensure that your workers are on time and working as efficiently as possible.

With Workstatus’ powerful reporting tools, it’s easy to track employee attendance or monitor their productivity. All reports can be sorted by various factors, including date, business unit, and worker name, making it easier than ever to find information quickly.

Can we use the Workstatus GPS tracker on mobile?

Workstatus can operate on every operating system, both Android and iOS devices, so you don’t have to worry about the ease of use on your smartphone or tablet.

While other GPS tracker applications may not offer compatibility with certain devices, Workstatus has been developed for optimal use with all types of phones and tablets, as well as other types of hardware like computers. Because of its wide range of compatibility, you can keep track of all your hardware from any location even while you’re travelling abroad.

You won’t be required to do anything new in order to enjoy a full set of tracking features. All that is needed is to install Workstatus and register an account, which takes only a few minutes to complete. Once your account is created, simply enter information pertaining to each of your employees, and they will automatically sync with their profile page in real-time.

What kind of reports can I get using the Workstatus tracking system?

Workstatus is a powerful tool that allows you to track every detail of your employees as well as receive custom reports about their performance. For example, with Workstatus, you can check how much progress each employee has made in a day and how productive they were while working.

Reports insights such as Time & attendance, when your employees arrived and left work, how many breaks they took, how many tasks they've completed, and much more give you a complete overview of all devices connected to Workstatus.

You just need to enter your email address in order to download Workstatus for free. Upon downloading and installing the app on their PC or mobile device, one can immediately start using it. The most interesting thing about Workstatus is that, unlike other similar systems, there are no hidden fees or requirements for installation Workstatus.

So what are you waiting for? Just register for a free account by entering your email address into the Get Access section above!

Can I install Workstatus GPS tracking software myself?

Definitely, you can install Workstatus for yourself.

With Workstatus, you get all the necessary tools to use in your own way and meet your needs. You don’t need to hire a professional programmer. You do the installation all by yourself or ask a colleague to help you out!

After getting familiar with the installation process, you will be able to use the software smoothly by yourself. And if any questions come up, our technical support is always there for you. So it’s definitely possible to install our GPS tracking software and run them independently.

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