Employee Timesheet Tracking Software

Forget doing manual timesheets and get precise, automated timesheets on your team’s daily activities along with detailed reporting.

  • Track active work hours with automated timesheets
  • AI-enabled insightful reports
  • Automatic clock-in and clock-out
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Be A Time Master

Benefits of Employee Timesheet Tracking Software

Trace Productivity Patterns

Find out the patterns on productivity from individual or team timesheets

Identify Project Bottlenecks

Check where most time goes in a project and help team clear the bottlenecks

Timesheet based Invoicing

Invoice your clients accurately for billable hours with proof of work

Simplify Time Management

Not Just Any Timekeeping App, A Comprehensive Online Timesheet Management System

With Workstatus, you can easily keep track of the working hours of your employees using Online Timesheets and save up to 3 Hours a Week. Invest your saved time in more productive work.

Employee Timesheets Employee Timesheets Employee Timesheets Employee Timesheets


Workstatus automatically records productivity rate, time spent on various activities and employees' working hours to maintain documentation for evaluating performance.

Employee Timesheets

Automated Clock in - Clock out

Workstatus’ online employee timesheet software automatically records employees' clock in and clock out time once they login and logout onto their app.

Employee Timesheets

Schedule Team Shifts

Team leaders can easily schedule shifts and automate repeating shifts for their teams. Employees get alerts automatically for upcoming shift timings or any changes.

Employee Timesheets

Manage Timesheets On Any Platform

Workstatus is a cross-device compatible online timesheet tracker. You can use Workstatus on Android/iOS mobile devices as well as Windows/Linux/Mac systems.

Employee Timesheets

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Focus On Growth And Efficiency

Timesheet Tracking Software Boosts Employees Productivity

With Workstatus, you can easily manage and track your employee's time on assigned projects and tasks. It boosts the entire team’s productivity, contributing to a healthy & efficient work culture and impacting your bottom-line too.

Employee Timesheets Employee Timesheets

Task Management

Workstatus simplifies task management by allowing you to keep track of the accurate time invested in any projects and tasks for the timely completion of the project.

  • Real-time visibility into task progress
  • Save project expenses
Employee Timesheets

Stay Ahead Of Deadlines

Workstatus promises On-Time Deliveries. It is always simple to identify the tasks that are taking longer than usual so you can resolve the concern and never miss any deadlines.

  • Send automatic reminders
  • Identify and remove roadblocks
Employee Timesheets

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Streamline & Control

Online Timesheet Tracker- Step Towards The Efficient Workplace Management

With Workstatus, you can easily handle timesheets of multiple employees for smooth business workflow. Reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and always keep timesheets at your fingertips.

Employee Timesheets Employee Timesheets Employee Timesheets


Workstatus allows you to capture screenshots with regularity as proof of work during working hours. You can refer to automated screenshots to review any gaps in time!

Employee Timesheets

Instant Timesheets Approval

It’s very easy for managers to review and approve online timesheets instantly. The online timesheet makes it easy to stay on top of your schedule. Managers can also review work logs to measure productivity.

Employee Timesheets

Edit Timesheets Manually

With Workstatus, you can manually edit time entries. You can also add notes, change the start and end times of an entry for any missed time. Workstatus prevents you from making a mistake.

Employee Timesheets

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Enhance Employee-Manager Relations

Zero Conflicts On Timesheets, Ensuring Complete Transparency

Workstatus automates the manual timekeeping system, making data available for everyone who needs them. This creates a transparent work culture avoiding any potential conflicts between employees and employers leading to a more stable timekeeping process.

Employee Timesheets Employee Timesheets Employee Timesheets

Proof Of Work

Workstatus allows you to understand the status of your work in real-time with features like URLs and applications used with random and scheduled screenshots. Employers may use this feature to identify the top-performing employees who deserve recognition.

Employee Timesheets

Tracking Billable Hours

There's no need to waste time with spreadsheets anymore. Workstatus does all the work for you! With Workstatus, you can track billable hours and automatically convert those hours into invoices with just one click.

Employee Timesheets

Data-Rich Reports

With Workstatus, you can easily get automated data-driven reports from your dashboard anytime. The reports will assist you in streamlining payment processes while reducing the chances of any error throughout the process. You can also export reports as an XLSX, CSV, or PDF.

Employee Timesheets

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An Intuitive Timesheet Dashboard for You

Simple Online Employee Timesheet Software With A Customizable View

Workstatus’ online AI-enabled dashboard combines employees’ timesheets and calendars to view the time spent on each task, project or client. You get a clear picture of unproductive vs. productive hours.

Employee Timesheets Employee Timesheets Employee Timesheets


The calendar allows you to keep a tab on projects and important events daily. It gives you a fair idea of what your team members are up to and assists you in finishing things on time.

  • Easy to plan your work
  • Set reminders for events
Employee Timesheets

Weekly Timesheets

Track weekly hours in the same dashboard. Check employee productivity and maintain higher precision in employee management by getting in-depth insights.

  • Evaluate every minute details
  • Easy to perform future analysis
Employee Timesheets

Daily Tasks Update

Track daily task updates and productivity by the end of the day. Track how your team is performing throughout the day and take actions based on productivity insights received.

  • Quickly analyze daily patterns
  • Get Real-time alerts
Employee Timesheets

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Managed & Efficient

Get The Most Out Of Online Timesheets With Workstatus™ Timesheet Software

Designed to Track

Actual Vs. Estimated hours

With Workstatus, you can view the real-time status of your work anytime and track progress on every timesheet by comparing actual vs. estimated hours.

  • Easy to handle costly budget overruns
  • Clear visibility into daily work

Selfie Validation

Workstatus' online timesheet tracker identifies employees by face recognition for transparent time management of on-field and work from home teams.

  • Validated attendance
  • Ensure high security

GPS Based Tracking

Workstatus ensures that all employee's timesheets are monitored and recorded even when they are working remotely due to official work, using advanced features like GPS tracking.

  • Accurate timesheets of mobile staff
  • GPS app for Android and iOS devices

Geofence Job Sites

Workstatus allows you to define job sites to automatically record timesheets within the predefined coordinates set for your organization or on-site client locations.

  • Monitor timesheets from anywhere
  • Get an accurate calculation of billable hours
Easier Than Ever

Use Workstatus™ Employees Timesheet Tracking Software Effortlessly

Tracking Software

Download & Install Workstatus™

All employees can download Workstatus app on their desktops/laptops (Windows, Mac, Linux) and/or mobile phones (Android/iOS) as per their requirements to start the real-time employee monitoring.

Start Timesheet Tracker

Just click and start the timer as you start your work and leave rest to the fully automated timesheet tracker which silently tracks your time and tasks. You only need to start-stop the timer as you progress your day.

Generate Time Reports

Your workforce can monitor the productivity and timesheets charts generated in real-time. Team leaders can view time reports to analyse how employees are investing their time and can use this information to optimise the overall team’s time.

Workstatus Features

Get Much More Than Expected- Not Just An Employee Online Timesheet Tracker

If you are not looking for just a timesheet tracker app, Workstatus is for you! You get an enhanced employee time management tool giving you detailed information on productivity improvement areas. Here are a few ways Workstatus helps you improve your team’s performance-

Data Flexibility

Get & Use Employees Online Timesheet Data As You Need

Login Based Data Access

Login as an employee or Manager and start populating reports in your respective dashboards based on relevant time tracking done.

APIs Access

Get access to APIs and integrate Workstatus data with any other tool/software your team is using for a single user interface.

Raw Data Access

Use raw data to generate custom reports on minutest details on second-by-second tracking of your team’s time.

Use Cases

Why Should You Use Workstatus?

case study

Optimise Efficiency & Reduce Administrative Work

Workstatus is an online timesheet software that enables you to log your hours worked in real-time. It eliminates the need to track time manually and makes it easy to generate invoices and timesheets.

With Workstatus, you can easily keep track of your work hours and generate invoices without having to spend hours on administrative work. The online timesheets make it easy for you to keep track of your progress, and the automated invoicing system ensures that you always have an up-to-date invoice ready to send out. Overall, Workstatus is a great way to reduce administrative work and optimize efficiency.

case study

Ensure Higher Accuracy

Workstatus is an online timesheet that can improve your company's accuracy because -

  • It allows employees to clock in and out from any device with internet access.
  • It provides GPS tracking of employee time and attendance.
  • It generates automatic reports on employee hours worked vs. paid time off, sick time, etc.
  • It is cloud-based, so data is always up-to-date and accessible from any device or computer.

Using Workstatus to generate online timesheets will improve accuracy and save you time and money by reducing manual data entry and providing accurate reports on employee hours worked.

case study

Minimise Data Entry And Storage Costs

Online timesheets can reduce data entry and storage costs because they allow employees to submit their time directly online. This means that there is no need for an employee to manually input their time into a timesheet, leading to mistakes and data entry errors.

Moreover, online timesheets can help reduce storage costs because they allow employees to store their timesheet information in the cloud. This means that employers do not need to maintain physical files containing employee timesheets, leading to increased storage space and cost.


Workstatus for All Devices

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Workstatus account required to use apps

User Guide

Have Queries? We Have Answers

1. What is a timesheet?

Timesheets are used to track the time spent on a specific task or project. It usually includes the date, time started, and time stopped for each entry. Employers often require their employees to submit timesheets in order to track billable hours and payroll.

Timesheets can also be helpful for contractors and freelancers who need to track their work hours in order to invoice their clients. They are an excellent tool for self-management, helping individuals keep track of how they're spending their time and identify areas where they might need to make changes.

Timesheets can have a lot of benefits for businesses and employees alike. For businesses, timesheets can help track employee productivity and identify areas for improvement. They can also be used to calculate wages and determine overtime payments.

For employees, timesheets can help them keep track of the hours they've worked and ensure that they're being paid fairly for their time. They can also help employees stay on top of their work schedule and ensure they're not working too many hours. Overall, timesheets provide helpful information for both employers and employees.

2. How to create a timesheet using Timesheet Software?

To create a timesheet using Timesheet Software, you first need to identify what type of timesheet you want to use. There are three types of timesheets: daily, weekly, and monthly.

Once you have chosen the type of timesheet you want to use, you will need to obtain a copy of the template for that particular timesheet. The templates can be found on the internet or in Microsoft Word.

To fill out the template, enter the dates you worked and the number of hours worked each day. You can also add notes about your workday if desired. When you are finished, save the file and print it out for your records.

3. Why do businesses really need timesheet software to track employees?

Timesheet software is essential for businesses because it allows employers to track employee time worked and calculate wages based on time worked. Additionally, timesheet software can help managers and supervisors identify employees who may be slacking off or working fewer hours than they should be. Ultimately, timesheet software makes it easier for businesses to manage their payroll and ensure that employees are paid accurately for their work.

Workstatus is one such timesheet software helps businesses track employee time and attendance, calculate payroll, and generate reports.

With Workstatus, businesses can:

  • Track employee time and attendance
  • Generate accurate payroll calculations
  • Create detailed reports on employee productivity

4. How to invoice using timesheet software?

There are several ways to invoice using timesheet software. One way is to create an invoice for the client based on the work time. You can do this by creating a new job, adding in the time worked, and then invoicing the client for that amount.

Another way to invoice using timesheet software is to create an estimate for the client and then convert it into an invoice once approved. It will help you track how much work has been done on a project and keep track of potential changes.

Finally, you can also use timesheet software to generate reports that show how much time has been spent on different projects or tasks.

5. What is the role of a timesheet in payroll?

A Timesheet is nothing but a document that records an employee's number of hours worked. It is generally used to calculate the wages of employees. Employers use it to determine how much money to pay their employees for their work. Hourly workers rely on it to track their salaries and ensure they are paid correctly.

Timesheets can be used in various ways, but most commonly, they are used for payroll purposes. They help employers track how many hours their employees worked, which can then be translated into an hourly wage rate. This information can then calculate each employee's total earnings for a given pay period.

Workstatus is an app that automates timesheet tracking and payroll for small businesses. It allows employees to track the time they spend on each task throughout the day, which gets automatically exported to a timesheet that can be sent to the employer for approval. Once approved, the data is fed directly into the payroll system.

Workstatus is an excellent tool for small businesses that want to streamline their payroll process and ensure that everyone is accurately tracking their time spent on tasks. It's also helpful in preventing mistakes related to hours worked, overtime pay, etc.

6. How will Online Timesheet Software benefit my business/industry?

Online Timesheet software can help your business in the following ways-

  • Project management: Time tracking allows you to track the time spent on different tasks and projects, which can help you better estimate project costs and deadlines.
  • Payroll: By tracking employee hours worked, timesheets can help ensure that employees are paid accurately for the hours they worked.
  • Billing: Accurate time tracking can help you bill clients correctly for the services they received.

Workstatus is an online timesheet software that offers a range of benefits to businesses and employees. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased accuracy and accountability of time tracking - Employees can track their time accurately and submit their timesheets on time. This results in better organisation and responsibility within the workplace.
  • Easier billing and invoicing - Timesheets can be easily converted into invoices, making billing easier for both businesses and employees.
  • Tracking employee productivity - Businesses can use the data collected from timesheets to track employee productivity and make decisions about resource allocation.
  • Reduced paperwork - Timesheets are stored electronically, eliminating the need for paperwork.

What Workstatus Users Tell Us

“ I like that Timesheets are downloadable. It makes keeping track of my job simple and efficient, as well as reporting back to bosses. The website is simple to navigate and train others on how to use. The most incredible thing is that it allows you to download the data in several formats, but I mostly use PDF and excel. ”


Austin Thomas, USA

“ Workstatus is fairly priced. It's helpful to keep track of both employee time and arrange it by projects and jobs. We haven't used any other platforms. It's simple to clock in and out of work. Furthermore, the interface is clean and user-friendly, which is nice! ”


Andrew James, New York

“ The first thing we like about Workstatus is the simplicity with which we can keep track of our employees, their time spent, and billable hours; it may also be synced to a smartphone and has GPS location tracking in the field. ”


John Micheal, Singapore

Get Answers For

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app to track employees' work hours?

Workstatus is an app that helps managers and employees track work hours, absences, and time off. The app makes it easy to see how much time has been worked on a project or task and how much time is left. Workstatus also sends notifications to employees when they're absent or have a late arrival.

Which is the best online timesheet software?

Workstatus is a comprehensive online timesheet software that helps businesses track employee time and attendance. It offers a variety of features, such as automatic time tracking, attendance tracking, GPS tracking, and more.

Additionally, Workstatus is easy to use and can be accessed from any device. Companies of all sizes can benefit from using this timesheet software.

Is my Timesheet Information exportable?

Yes, your Timesheet Information is exportable. With Workstatus, you can export your data by opening the Timesheet menu and selecting ‘Download Timesheets’. From there, you'll be able to choose the exported data format and where to save it.

Can an employer change a timesheet?

Yes, an employer can change a timesheet. An employer may change a timesheet if the employee has not submitted it on time or if the employee has made an error on the timesheet. If there is a dispute about the changes made by the employer, the employee should speak with their supervisor or HR department.

Can my timesheets be deleted accidentally? How can I recover deleted timesheets?

Yes, timesheets can be deleted accidentally. To recover deleted timesheets, you'll need to contact your employer's IT department or Time & Attendance administrator.

Does the timesheet keep track of billable hours too?

The timesheet keeps track of billable hours as well as non-billable hours. This is so that you can keep track of the time you spend on each task and get an accurate estimate of how much time a job takes. It also helps with invoicing and billing clients for your work.

What is the price for Workstatus timesheet software?

The pricing of Workstatus timesheet software is given below-

  • Free Forever Package: $0 forever
  • Starter Package: $4.99 /user/month
  • Scale Package: $9.99 /user/month
  • Enterprise Package: $18 /user/month

Can employees make any changes in timesheets that are already approved?

Yes, employees can make changes to their timesheets as long as their supervisor approves the changes. The supervisor may request additional information or documentation to support the changed timesheet.

Can Workstatus™ record the use of overtime on timesheets?

Workstatus can track overtime worked on timesheets and other time-tracking data. This will help you and your employer stay compliant with labour laws and keep accurate records of hours worked. Having accurate records of overtime worked is essential for protecting your rights as an employee and ensuring that you're paid correctly for the hours you've put in.

Can all employees see their own timesheets?

Yes, all employees should be able to view their timesheets. Timesheets can be found in the employee's profile under the 'Timesheets' tab. If you have any questions or problems accessing your timesheets, contact your employer's HR department for assistance.

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