Real-Time Track Task Progress with Employee Computer Monitoring Software

Nice things our customers say

  • Using this software is the best decision my company ever had in monitoring all their employees including myself.

    John Smith

  • Best Application for freelance time tracking.

    Brad Edward

  • WorkStatus allows me to take automation of administrative tasks to the next level, and has been critical to ensuring my virtual staff is taken care of. I don’t have to worry about manually managing payments or vacation days. WorkStatus is the best.

    Brad Edward/ founder of Everbuild

  • It has increased productivity in the most non-complex method. Love it!

    Maria L

Activity Screenshots for Seamless Tracking

The employee monitoring software of WorkStatus helps you track project progress with moving time. Make screenshots as precise as you want to by selecting one, two, or three screenshots every ten minutes. Or simply turn it off altogether.

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Checking on the go

Check what your team is working on even while you’re on the move. Download WorkStatus app to review timesheets, tasks, and reports just like you do while sitting on your table.

Desktop Monitoring Timer

With workstatus employee computer monitoring software, team members can easily choose the project they’re working on and start the timer. It will automatically stop tracking once the employees leave system vacant from more than set timeout setting customized in workstatus settings.

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Running through the numbers

Total hours tracked
Ways to track time
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Precisely Track Tasks & Activities

Improve Awareness

Track employees activities not just to monitor productivity but, find out the roadblocks. Check websites they visit, the tools they use, and the time they invest. Identify loopholes and help them perform better with enabling better feedback if needed.

Insightful Reports

Dig into precisely detailed reports so as to create analysis with precision. Create filters, compare, and analyze the next move smartly with Workstatus. Increase accountability with daily emailed timesheets and productivity reports.

Save Hours

View daily, weekly, monthly, or customized timesheets of your employees. Customize access to manage time, view, add, edit, and delete time manually at the same time. Add notes for more clarification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide Interface walkthrough?

Yes! Signup for a demo and our experts will help you walk through the entire interface of WorkStatus.

Can we turn off the screenshot capture?

Yes, you can easily customize screenshot settings in the WorkStatus SETTINGS section.

Can you provide me a manual timesheet feature?

You can automate of edit timesheets manually as per your convenience. 

How does this employee tracking software works?

The employee computer monitoring software will work in the backend without interrupting any of the activities of your employees and act as a watchman for tasks done during the work hours.

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