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Avoid Insider Warnings with Behavioral and

User Activity Monitoring Software

A lot of companies have cybersecurity standards set up, including firewall, intrusion detection, and antivirus to defend infrastructure, as well as IT assets.

While these are good at supporting the company from outside threats, they devise a safety breach when it comes to third-party vendors, employees & other internal users, contractors, and vested leaders who now have a means to the relevant assets and delicate data of an organization.

Sensitive Data

Whether it is the intelligent property of an organization, PII, customer data, financial records, PHI, or additional sensitive element, it merely demands one insider to employ undesired behavior and reveal a company to hazards. The bulk of the information holes in the latest years included weak or utilized employee credentials by a wicked or unexpected incident (source).


This is where Workstatus can assist fill the breaks, which already incorporates features like Third-Party Monitoring, Employee Monitoring, Privileged User Monitoring, and more essential for an integrated insider threat avoidance solution.


User activity monitoring is the method of following all customer activity and practice while they are signed into a system (endpoint).


With an agent monitoring resolution establishment, organizations have the required method to keep a check on their delicate data, third-party entities, and employees so that they would be able to check and obstruct the ill-usage of company information and resources.

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Workstatus Combines

User Activity Monitoring, Productivity Tools, and Behavior Analytics

in One Platform

Workstatus user activity monitoring goes ahead of the fundamental employee monitoring, as well as tracking functionality and augments intellectual behaviour-based examination to give automated responses and actional insight to employee-created threats.


It can observe employees, contractors, remote & privileged users, and third-party vendors. It can even conduct risk examination, measure employee efficiency, and maintain track of how third-party vendors and employees access the organization's resources at work.


Lastly, when a data breach or security incident occurs, Workstatus gives complete forensic conference recordings to check the vendors and employees who have set a rule with their action footprint by pinpoint precision.


User Activity Monitoring Software


Instant User Activity Monitoring

Workstatus regulates every employee’s activities by tracking their usage of sites and applications on computer devices and mobile devices. It also tracks privileged users' access and monitors every URL, apps getting used or opened frequently.

User Behavior Analytics

Constant visits to different URLs and activity monitoring will help you to track user behaviour and know of any activity, through screenshots, that might look suspicious. The track constantly visited applications and URLs to control user behaviour.

Built-In Productivity Optimization

Determine which websites and applications you think are fruitful and get in-depth records on how your representatives use them. Recognize the high performers or laggards with idle vs. active time study.

Set a constant response loop to improve and adapt your organizational plan via tracking of schedules, employee engagement rate, and projects for a full productivity increase.

Compliance Management

It is possible to use Workstatus to build activity and plan based practices to support various compliance demands like executing audit trails (GDPR), prevent unencrypted file transfers (PCI DSS), reporting, limiting unauthorized login (ISO 27001), and more.

Why You Need

Activity Monitoring

: A Few Industry Statistics

Colluding Employees are the Sources of Insider Threats

Colluding workers are causes of insider threats. As per the Community Emergency Response Team, the core cause of insider-produced events is the plot from third-parties and employees.

48.3%- Insider-insider collusion

16.75%- Insider-Outsider Collusion

Employee Authority Sets Delicate Data at Danger

As per 400,000 members online through Cybersecurity Insiders issued on The Insider Threat 2018 statement:

37%-Excess Privilege

34%- Extended Expense of Crucial Data

Employees are a Chief Security Reason

Organizations acknowledge employees are their most significant vulnerability in IT protection -as per B2B International and Kaspersky Lab of more than 5,000 businesses.

52% of organizations agree employees are a huge risk.

Several Employees Give Unproductive Time at Job

As per FinancesOnline, 64% of workers utilize non-work associated worksites daily and 85% of workers utilize their email for individual reasons.

64%Browse Unproductive Websites

85% Use Email for Personal Work

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User Activity Monitoring Utilities

  • Instant Message Monitoring
  • Smart Rules & Automated Alerts
  • Printed Document Tracking
  • Live View & History Playback
  • Keystroke Logger
  • File Transfer Tracking
  • E-mail Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • Website Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Remote Desktop Control
  • Configurable Monitoring Profiles
  • RDP Session Recording
  • Productivity Optimization
  • Remote Employee Monitoring
Ultimate Business Advantages of Workstatus

Activity Monitoring Software

Time tracking

Build Organization-Wide Distinctness and Control

The tool visually documents each activity that an employee executes for over 12 elements including emails, screen, files, apps, websites, and more. It is possible to configure for considering what requires to be regulated and calculated and who can access the managed accounts.

You can manage which third-party vendors or employees to control, how much you desire to observe, when & for how long. This lets for both immediate official viewing and regard employee privacy specifications as needed.

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Identify Insider Threats & Vulnerabilities

First, discover what behaviors are of great danger-using cloud storage to distribute corporate files, copying files to obvious drives, opening or downloading files & attachments from anonymous sources, and more.

Then, implement innovative behavior-based protocols to detect when workers disrupt the rules automatically. Use sophisticated freak protocols to recognize employee action outside the standard behavior. Instantly get informed about serious employee action, secure them from the computer, or take remote regulation of their system before any fraudulent or malicious attempt.

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Safeguard Your Delicate Data and Resources

Look at Workstatus in case you require a dedicated data loss restriction resolution. Nevertheless, the tool comes with a few helpful data protection attributes too. For instance, you can use the Schedule-based protocols and Activity to avoid external drive utilization, identify an individual or illegal network sign-in or file transfers.

Or, write laws that respond to any visible employee action, such as blocking a mail from being forwarded outside the organization domain, get an instant alert when a specific crucial document gets printed, and more.

All these attributes can aid minimize data exfiltration, as well as information leaks by ignorant or malicious employees.

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Enhance Employee Performance and Productivity

Utilize the employee productivity tracking software helps to follow active vs. inactive time, long breaks, late shifts, and more. Design etiquette protocols to restrict unproductive behavior. For instance, set a deadline on social media utilization or limit access to gambling websites.

Make use of intellectual content-based protocols to identify clues automatically to customer dissatisfaction and execute procedures to give better service.

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Regulate Privileged Third-Party and Employees Vendors

Workstatus lets companies stop the potential employee-third party or employee-employee party collusion efforts.

Build profiles for remote, external vendors, privileged, and then determine what data and system resources every profile can access. Besides, rules can be established by behavior management so that access to delicate data is divided by the company's security strategy.

It's possible to create the rules to notify the officials of any unusual third-party vendor activity and vested employees like unscheduled and/or unlawful modifications to the creation of backdoor accounts, system configuration, and more.

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Decrease Organizational Danger and Shield Yourself with Evidence

On the Workstatus, you can see specific reports for every employee, including any safety events and what actions were taken.
Use real-time snapshots, history playback features, and session recordings to see employees' systems for evidence gathering and audit purposes. Audio and video recording can be shared with law enforcement officials.

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Project Management Advantages

Use the exposed agency to let vendors, contractors, or employees recognize and track what tasks or projects they are functioning on or utilize the Hidden representative to allocate tasks to employees automatically based on their web or apps activity.
Utilize in-built schedulers to get notifications, track attendance when employees diverge from their programmed work hours. Cost tracking and online timesheet decrease the requirement for manual invoicing and failure when working with remote workers or contractors.
Workstatus holds business support for all your preferred project management software, such as Redmine, JIRA, Basecamp, Trello, and more.

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HR Management Advantages

HR departments can utilize Workstatus to give a secure work environment by controlling internal information channels for abuse, harassment, resentment.

For instance, you can generate a protocol to recognize keywords that give a bitter attitude and take proactive steps before it intensifies into a struggle. Use custom rules to administer adequate usage policy, as well as code of conduct.

Produce an on-demand feedback system and training materials concerning the organization policy by using the custom alert texting and session recording features.

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Multiple Deployment Choices


Check the Workstatus execution in its totality, stay off-cloud in case that’s your organization's operational pattern, leverage LDAP associations, and users to recognize which groups and users to implement which rules and policies to.

WorkstatusPrivate Cloud

Use your own safe, scalable private cloud execution including Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and more.

Workstatus Cloud

Trust the management of Workstatus deployment and infrastructure. Just install the tool agents on the systems you wish to regulate and establish your rules, users, and policies, and allow us to manage the rest.

Workstatus for Your Device

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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