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Track The Activity of Your Off-Site Team for Productivity and Security

Insights & Security of Employee with Workstatus’

Remote Monitoring Tool

The demand for remote work has increased a lot over the last few years, particularly during the pandemic. A report by FlexJobs in 2019 stated that remote work grew around 7.9% from 2016 to 2017. Besides, within the last 5 years, the digital workforce has evolved 44%, and within the ten years, 91%.

Remote working isn't beneficial to workers only, several organizations adapting an 'agile team' and 'remote-first' theory – including Workstatus! As per Owl Labs, 16% of worldwide firms were completely remote and 40% were hybrid in 2019.

Increase productivity

A lot of perfect aspects of this structure are available. For example, remote work can increase productivity while importantly decreasing the expenses of office space and additional accouterments. As a consequence, many businesses are adapting to this lifestyle.

Remote work challenges

Loss of productivity because of lack of guidance, high turnover, communication challenges, the difficulty of maintaining accountability, feelings of alienation, security concerns, timeline & payroll, and difficulty of tracking projects- all can combine to reduce the advantages of remote work.

Effective right approach

Luckily, with the right approach and utilities, you can efficiently observe your remote workers, recognize and discuss these problems to reap the profits of a distributed team fully.

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Workstatus Guarantees Efficiency and Security for Your

Remote Teams

Companies can utilize Workstatus' comprehensive remote employee monitoring service to reduce expenses, ensure complete productivity, manage projects, and track the time and engagement of an off-site team. Moreover, Workstatus' automated Policy and Rules Engine drives security best strategies to protect your business from sabotage, fraud, and other menaces, voluntary or unintentional. With the remote user monitoring of Workstatus, you can:

  • View and control the user system remotely.
  • Regulate all remote user activity, as well as behavior.
  • Track time, projects, tasks, costs, and manage the schedule.
  • Implement security policy and practices even when users are offline.
  • Track worker engagement with relative metrics, such as session vs. work time, productive vs. unproductive time, active vs. idle, etc.
Features of Workstatus

Remote Employee Monitoring Software

Full Activity Monitoring

Workstatus regulates every employee’s activities by tracking their usage of sites and applications on computer devices and mobile devices. It also tracks privileged user access and monitors every URL, apps getting used or opened frequently.

Offline and Online Tracking

Workstatus agents control activity and strengthen admin policies, as well as rules, even when users are offline.

Productivity Examination

Get into details of URL and activities tracking with screenshots and then get in-depth stories on how the agent consumes their time. Dissuade unfruitful action and waste time by fixing up automated alarms.

Increased Communications

Give an on-time review of employee performance with real-time notifications and alerts.

Plan Management

Schedule workers by workload or shift and just notify all employees regarding any updates.

Task Management

Allow remote workers to operate their jobs and track as they shift between several tasks. Or, you can place tasks that get specified based on the application or website usage of a user automatically.

Employee Information and Training

Carry out interactive coaching sessions with colleagues around the globe utilizing Workstatus' Live View, as well as Remote Desktop Control attributes.

Quality Control

Execute etiquette protocols and corporate strategy, then continually regulate and give feedback to guarantee your remote workers are acting professionally and providing quality work.

Project Management Automation

Automate complicated project management jobs by combining Workstatus with your favourite PM utilities, such as Redmine, JIRA, Basecamp, Tello, and others.

Industry Statistics Display Why Organizations Need to Control

Remote Employees

Remote Work is Famous Among Businesses Worldwide

A 2019 survey displays, 70% of experts worldwide work digitally at least once a week, whereas 53% of professionals work digitally for a minimum of half a week. Source: IWG.

70% of Users Worldwide Work Remotely for Once a Week

Yet, A Lot of Organizations Lack Tools & Policy for Off-Site Work

While remote work is turning more conventional on a personal level, businesses still have a function to do to help distributed teams. Source: Upwork

57% of Organizations Do Not Have a Remote Work Policy

Engagement is Crucial for Remote Worker Efficiency

70% of off-site employees feel out of the workplace because of the lack of information sharing and interaction methods. Source: Igloo.

70% Off-Site Workforce Feel Left Out of the Workplace

Ignored Remote Employees Create Security & Privacy Dangers

As per a report, over 75% of employees do not worry about privacy measures when operating digitally in a public place. Source: Cisco.

75% of Remote Employees aren't Concerned About Privacy

Manage Remote Team

Effortlessly with Workstatus
Time tracking

Get Total Visibility on All User Activity Remotely

Workstatus visually documents every activity that all off-site users perform, which not just include your remote employees but even third-party merchants and outside builders.

They can be on a remote domain, local system, terminal servers, or servers. Workstatus tracks virtually all system elements, such as file transfers, email, apps, web, and more. Reveal what your users are doing both offline and online.

It is possible to configure each element to consider what requires to be regulated and who has a way to manage records. This lets for real time tracking oversight concerning different user activities while observing any privacy needs.

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Boost the Productivity of Your

Remote Workforce

With the Workstatus' employee productivity tracker, you can track both remote and in-office employee activity during the day, then accumulate that data to generate specific metrics like:

  • An analysis of work-associated vs. non-work-associated tasks
  • Minute-to-minute trend-charts displaying the time used on particular projects
  • Prioritize critical projects and guarantee your team is centered on them
  • Utilize the numerous productivity records to track growth and adjust jobs to guarantee they fulfill their productivity objectives
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Degrade Administrative Overhead

With Workstatus’ built-in organizational features, several repeated yet vital administrative duties can be automated or performed efficiently. For instance, with Workstatus you can:

  • Set up schedules and track attendance, late shifts, breaks, sick hours, absence, and more automatically.
  • Track the cost, time, and performance with remote constructors and hourly remote employees decreasing the requirement for oversight and manual invoicing.
  • Decrease project administration by automatically recognizing tasks based on employee applications, as well as web usage.
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Remote Worker


Build your metrics and KPIs to regulate remote employee engagement: the active time of your home-based employees. Perhaps they are devoting much time to their social media since you are not there to watch over them. You can monitor employee performance and check if they are on a degrading trend. Recognize the basis of disengagement and then regularly address them. For instance:

  • Tackle interaction problems by recognizing which techniques work adequately for your remote team.
  • Overcome time spent on growing performance reviews through automatically recognizing laggards vs. high performing.
  • Give continuous, automated review based on their performance & activity.
Time tracking

Reduce Cost and Optimize Workflows

This tool can track the active vs. idle time of employees and permits you to send programmed alerts to remote workers, in case they are slacking extremely.

With payroll records and activity classification, you can develop a precise calculation of which sort of operations takes how much time. Then, set the deliverables of your team accordingly to reduce overtime hours and slack times.

With the remote monitoring tools device regulation feature, you can execute policies, such as setting a deadline on the printer to decrease paper & ink waste.

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Time Management

Use Workstatus explored agents to allow remote users themselves to recognize and pursue what tasks or projects they're operating on decreasing supervision time.

Or, utilize the Hidden Agent to allocate jobs to workers based on their web or apps activity. Utilize built-in planner to track attendance; get notifications when users vary from their programmed work hours.

Moreover, Workstatus has combination assistance for all your preferred project management utilities, including Redmine, JIRA, Basecamp, Redmine, and more.

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Identify Unusual Performance with Automated Policy & Rules

Determine what creates hazardous or malicious user behavior and Workstatus' advanced engine will identify when a worker varies from their standard parameters or surpasses tolerable risk levels automatically.

The Workstatus can distinguish anomalies in file activities, apps, networks, emails, and more. Instantly get informed about serious user activity, take remote control, or lockout the user of the negotiated system before any hateful or deceitful efforts are made.


Remote System

Control for Safety and Training

A user's aptitude to access a system can be immediately taken away by placing Workstatus' remote control trait to use.

Overriding an account manually eliminates the user from the comparison, guaranteeing that activity is included, and possible threats are reduced. It is possible to start the remote control by a click on the remote icon available on multiple live sessions.

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Manage and Audit Remote Sign-Ins and Network Activity

Workstatus' network auditing utilities let administrators regulate network traffic for every remote user linked to your company network, their location, time, identity, and accurate IP ports used for the connection.

Besides, automated networking protocols can notify the official when questionable remote user activity is identified. For instance, login sessions at irregular hours, repeated connection efforts, use of suspicious connection rules, the beginning of particular root processes, and more.

Network regulation permits officials to block data transmissions or connections from an off-site user for single IP addresses or systems.


Develop a Safety Sandbox for Unauthorized Remote Users

Workstatus lets you build digital servers on VMware, Windows, Horizon, and more. With this, you can plan a Terminal Server for your contractors or remote vendors and install the Workstatus Agent on it.

Users can sign in to the server by using RDP staying out of your private system and repositories. Simultaneously, you can write users' stimuli independently, reduce access, or take charge of the server if an event keeps the rest of your company immune to disturbance.


Flexible Deployment Choices


Control the Workstatus deployment in its completeness, stay off-cloud in case that’s your company's functional moTrust us in the management of Workstatus deployment and infrastructure. Just install Workstatus Agents on the devices you need to control and fix up your users, rules & policies, and let us manage the rest. del, support LDAP groups and users to recognize which users, as well as groups, to execute which protocols and rules to.

Workstatus private cloud-

Use your reliable, scalable private cloud execution, including Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and more.

Workstatus for Your Device

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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