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Auto-Create Geofences to Manage Mobile Teams

  • Automate in and out punches from the job sites
  • Track time with mobile apps
  • Crafted for remote teams
  • Precise reporting

Calculate Attendance Precisely with Geofence Time Tracking Software

Track the location of your employees in real time on a map. Know who is working hard, when they're starting late or leaving early, set reminders to ensure everyone has clocked in.

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Customizable Settings

Automate tracking with a geo-clock at job sites for members to easily clock in and out of the job site.

Conveniently Create Job Sites

Create job sites by simply sitting in your office. Choose a site, define a radius, allocate team members, customized advanced settings, and you’re ready to go.

Track Routes and Moving Team Members

Generate a detailed report of task progress, updates about routes, location visits, and time spent for effective analysis with a GPS app enabled with geofences.

Automate Tracking with GPS and Geo Clocks

If you’re sending your teams to job sites or deal with remote workers, tracking becomes crucial. Workstatus lets you keep a track of your team’s movement once they punch in. The tracker keeps note of every navigation so that you get the report of what your team has spent their day doing.

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Precise Tracking for Detailed Reports

Get filtered reports of specific clients, projects, time spent at job sites, and even maps for routes taken by the team members.

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geofencing Manhandling

Avoid Manhandling of Punches

Geofence time tracking provides precise work hour timesheets to eliminate inaccuracy in calculating work hours and manhandling of punches. Now limit your tracking with geofence tracker to defined locations and avoid micro-management of working hours of team members.

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“ A perfect remote employee monitoring software for an enterprise of any size. It has streamlined our tracking capabilities with its millions of time tracking features. ”



“ Our company has embraced Workstatus, and it's become a part of our work culture. Every member—from our CEO to our freelancers—uses this software. ”



“ For about a year, we have been using Workstatus. It has greatly improved our staff's productivity. ”



“ Our agency has been using Workstatus for past many years. It has made the whole process of tracking time for employees amazingly simple. ”



“ Workstatus's URL monitoring, screenshots, task scheduling, and weekly activity summaries eliminate reporting overhead expenses and brought deeper transparency in the process. ”



“ To be honest, I am a super fan of WorkStatus.Workstatus saves us a lot of time in generating automated reports at the end of the day. I love pretty much all of the features. ”



We believe in numbers

An all-in-one time tracking app and geofencing software seamlessly managing
remote and on-field teams across the globe.


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Geofencing and Time Tracking Software for 15+ Industries

Industries have their own individual needs, which is why we created this time and geofencing tracking software for all.

Workstatus for Your Device

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is geofencing software legal?

It depends on the way it's being used. If the geofencing software or geofence tracker is being used for legal purposes, it is certainly legal. However, if a company or a private person wants to create artificial virtual boundaries and then send alerts just to track another person's movements, that would be against the law. We suggest you obtain legal advice to ensure that you follow monitoring procedures and regulations as required by the law.

What is a geofence time clock?

Geo-fencing or geographical fencing helps to set up virtual boundaries for these mapped locations. If a person enters or exits these virtual boundaries, alerts would be sent to the system administrator. With geofence time tracking apps like Workstatus, you can track your remote employees and monitor their productivity and attendance. It has also been used by parents to track their children and companies for monitoring their vehicles.

Why is Workstaus the best geofencing software?

Workstatus is the best employee geofencing time tracking software because it is flexible, versatile, and scalable. Workstatus was developed with flexibility in mind. We believe that one size can’t fit all for geofences, so we give you the tools to customize your setup and ensure that it meets your specific needs. Being the best geofence time clock app, Workstatus comes with the following features-

  • Easy Time Tracking

  • Productivity Measurement

  • Faster Invoicing

  • Filtered Reporting

  • Online Timesheet

  • Automated Timesheets

  • Geofencing App

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