Mobile App Based Attendance System

  • Employee validation before time tracking
  • Most useful when working with remote teams
  • Transparent work logs and reporting
  • Mandatory approval system to enable time tracking

Time Tracking App with Facial Recognition

Mobile App Based Attendance System. See who's working, where they are, and what they're doing in real time.

employeeDekstop monitoring

Automated Selfie capturing Before Starting Tracker

To be precisely accurate while working with remote teams, Workstatus will only let your team start a timer once they submit their selfies from the system. This captured image will then go to the managers for approval.

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selfi approval

Real-Time Approval Status Tracking

Team members can track through their devices about the status of their approval. Managers can share approvals via mails or Approval Section in the Workstatus dashboard.

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selfi unique

Unique Approval Mails for Each Member

With every selfie captured in the Workstatus dashboard, managers will receive a separate mail to approve them. This is to ensure none of the approvals go missing and workflow remains streamlined.

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selfie approval

Automated Mails for Approval/Rejection

For every status that you mark for a team member, an automated mail will be sent to them informing same. A user can check in its dashboard or get notified via mail if his selfie verification has been approved or rejected.

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selfione time

One-Time Verification Before Timer Activation

The selfie verification with Workstatus is a one-time approval that will be asked everyday before enabling the time tracking.

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“ I'm happy with the Workstatus. The productivity calculator enabled my workers to be more productive than ever. ”



“ I'm glad I made the switch from Hubstaff to Workstatus. On every front, there have been significant improvements, and the product is easy to use. ”



“ A perfect remote employee monitoring software for an enterprise of any size. It has streamlined our tracking capabilities with its millions of time tracking features. ”



“ Our company has embraced Workstatus, and it's become a part of our work culture. Every member—from our CEO to our freelancers—uses this software. ”



“ For about a year, we have been using Workstatus. It has greatly improved our staff's productivity. ”



“ Our agency has been using Workstatus for past many years. It has made the whole process of tracking time for employees amazingly simple. ”



“ Workstatus's URL monitoring, screenshots, task scheduling, and weekly activity summaries eliminate reporting overhead expenses and brought deeper transparency in the process. ”



“ To be honest, I am a super fan of WorkStatus.Workstatus saves us a lot of time in generating automated reports at the end of the day. I love pretty much all of the features. ”



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An all-in-one facial recognition and time tracking software seamlessly managing
remote and on-field teams across the globe.


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Many Industries, One Employee Monitoring Solution

More than 15 industries trust Workstatus for their everyday
time tracking and workforce management solutions.

Workstatus for Your Device

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is face recognition attendance?

Facial recognition attendance system is a simple and secure method for recording attendance. It's a biometric identification technique that uses a face-scanning technology. The device takes photographs of employees' faces and processes the information into a safe database. Workstatus's selfie verification is a new feature that allows for more efficient processes when dealing with your remote working team. It improves transparency and builds trust.

Why do you need facial recognition software?

Business people all around the world are searching for contactless methods for employees to clock in and out and calculate their pay. As a consequence, biometric time and attendance solutions are now more popular than they were previously. With face recognition app like Workstatus, you will get the following benefits when using this software-

  • It prevents buddy punching.

  • Better workplace security.

  • Extremely user friendly.

  • It helps you save time and grow your business.

How does face recognition attendance system work?

The system manages a database of faces. Employees are required to walk toward a screen at the doorway, which is usually a mobile or computer. A match with the database is made; and face attendance is recorded in less than a second. When you use the face recognition attendance system of Workstatus, it will allow your team to start a timer after submitting their selfies. This captured selfie will then go to the managers for approval.

Why is Workstaus the best facial recognition software?

Workstatus allows teams to track their work remotely and see if their co-workers are clocking in and out for work on the right projects. It has been considered as the best facial recognition attendance system because of the following reasons-

  • It provides transparent work logs.

  • It generates automated mails for approval or rejection.

  • One-time selfie verification.

  • Easy to manage remote teams.

Is there a free face recognition app?

Yes, Workstatus is the best free mobile attendance app. You can use this mobile app based attendance system for authentication purposes. It has been used across different industries like-

  • Accounting

  • Construction

  • Healthcare

  • Landscaping

  • E-Commerce

  • Consultant

  • Software Development

  • Real Estate

  • Design

  • Attorney, etc

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