Have you ever seen employees covering for their co-workers by punching their time cards?

Or maybe you’ve noticed inconsistencies in your payroll records, making you question your workforce’s honesty.

If so, welcome to the world of “buddy punching,” where one employee punches in for another, causing payroll and HR issues for your business.

Buddy Punching

With such a high potential for damage, employers must take preventive measures to ensure this misconduct doesn’t occur in the first place.

In this blog post, we will delve into what buddy punching is and explore effective prevention strategies to help your organization avoid falling victim to its consequences. 

From common causes of buddy punching to real-life examples of companies that have successfully dealt with the problem, we will explore what you need to know about buddy punching to keep you and your business running smoothly. 

What Is Buddy Punching?

Buddy punching is when an employee asks a coworker to clock in or out on their behalf, usually to falsely record their attendance or working hours

It commonly occurs when employees share their access credentials, such as:

  • Swipe card
  • PIN
  • Password

Buddy punching results in inaccurate attendance and payroll records, increasing employers’ costs. It can also create an unfair work environment and lower morale among employees.

Why does Buddy Punching happen?

  • Time Theft

Employees may engage in buddy punching to steal time from their employers by falsely recording their attendance or working hours.

  • Lack of Accountability

When there is a lack of accountability at the workplace, some employees may feel less inclined to be honest about their attendance. 

They may resort to buddy punching to cover up their absences or late arrivals.

  • Peer Pressure

Employees may face peer pressure to participate in buddy punching. They might feel compelled to assist their colleagues by punching in or out on their behalf to maintain good relationships.

  • Inefficient Monitoring Systems

If the company’s attendance tracking systems are outdated or easily manipulated, it can create an opportunity for buddy punching.

  • Lack of Consequences

Some employees may view it as a low-risk activity without strict consequences or enforcement against buddy punching. The absence of repercussions can encourage them to continue the practice.

  • Overlapping Shifts

In workplaces with overlapping shifts or flexible schedules, employees may punch in to cover up for each other and avoid being questioned or penalized for arriving or leaving outside their designated shift hours.

  • Workload or Fatigue Issues

Employees who feel overwhelmed by their workload or are fatigued may resort to buddy punching to take breaks or leave early without permission.

  • Lack of Employee Engagement

Employees who feel disengaged or undervalued in their work environment may be more inclined to engage in unethical practices like buddy punching.

Scenarios in Buddy Punching

Example 1: The Latecomer

Scenario: Employee ‘A’ arrives late to work daily and is worried about facing the consequences of tardiness. 

They approach Employee ‘B’, who arrives on time, and ask them to clock in on their behalf to make it appear as if they were punctual.

Example 2: The Absentee

Scenario: Employee ‘A’ takes an unplanned day off but doesn’t want to use their leave or be marked absent. 

They ask their trusted coworker, Employee ‘B’, to clock in for them, creating the illusion that they are present and working.

Example 3: The Overtime Cheat

Scenario: Employee ‘A’ wants to earn overtime but does not want to work the extra hours. 

They approach Employee ‘B’, who regularly works overtime, and request them clock in early or stay late on their behalf to inflate their hours and receive additional compensation.

Example 4: The Buddy Pact

Scenario: Employees ‘A’ and ‘B’ are close friends and decide to help each other with buddy punching. 

They alternate clocking in and out for each other, providing false records of their working hours while giving the appearance of full attendance.

Example 5: The Extended Lunch Break: 

Scenario: Employee ‘A’, who wants to take a more extended lunch break, requests his colleague, Employee ‘B’, to punch him out for lunch and back in later. 

This allows Employee ‘A’ to exceed the authorized break duration without being noticed.

So these were some scenarios of buddy punching, and here are the

Scenarios in Buddy Punching

Now let’s take a look at  

Tackling Buddy Punching: Key Challenges & Solutions

Challenge 1: Conflict of Interest

Buddy punching can create a conflict of interest within the workplace, as employees may feel torn between loyalty to their coworkers and adherence to company policies. This can lead to:

  • Difficulty in addressing loyalty issues between employees.
  • Balancing fairness and maintaining a consistent attendance policy.
  • Navigating interpersonal dynamics and potential conflicts among employees.

Solution 1: AI-Powered Reports

Workstatus reports

Implementing various reports can effectively mitigate the challenges posed by buddy punching and conflicts of interest. These reports can help in the following ways:



Implementing electronic timesheets can help track and record employee attendance accurately. Employees can log the:

  • Hours worked
  • Breaks taken
  • Time off requests

This system reduces the reliance on manual inputs and decreases the likelihood of buddy punching.

Attendance Tracking

Attendance Tracking

Utilizing attendance tracking systems with selfie validation can enhance accuracy and accountability.

These systems require employees to physically clock in and out, minimizing the potential for buddy punching and providing reliable attendance records.

Productivity Monitoring

Productivity Monitoring

Implementing tools to track employee productivity can help identify discrepancies or inconsistencies in work output.

Employers can identify any unusual patterns or behaviors that may indicate buddy punching by monitoring productivity.

Challenge 2: Lack Of Accountability In Attendance

Buddy punching undermines the accountability of employees regarding their attendance, making it challenging for HR managers to ensure accurate records and fair treatment.

This makes it difficult for employers to:

  • Monitor and manage employee attendance
  • Ensure the right person is clocking in and out
  • Identify discrepancies in attendance performance

Solution 2: Attendance Tracking With Selfie Validation

Attendance Tracking

HR managers should incorporate selfie validation in their attendance tracking system to ensure accountability and prevent buddy punching.

It allows employees to take selfies when clocking in and out, validating their presence at the designated work location. This feature helps employers ensure:

  • No one is clocking in or out multiple times
  • Presence or Absences are accurately logged
  • Attendance fraud is avoided

Challenge 3: Manual Timekeeping Errors

Buddy punching can lead to errors in timekeeping, as employees may not accurately record their attendance.

This can obstruct employers’ ability to accurately calculate hours worked and draw up accurate attendance records, ultimately exacerbating issues such as:

  • Overtime pay
  • Accrued leave
  • Negative performance evaluations

Solution 3: Automated Time Tracking

Time Tracking

The organization should invest in automating the time-tracking process, eliminating manual errors associated with traditional methods.

The solution captures employees’ work hours accurately by operating in real-time and deploying automated systems to track the time of employees.

This will lead companies to:

  • Create accurate time and attendance records
  • Avoid manual errors
  • Adhere to labor laws

Challenge 4: Difficulty In Tracking Remote Workers

Remote working has become increasingly common in digital transformation.

However, employers can face issues regarding tracking and validating remote workers’ attendance. This is due to a lack of physical presence, making it difficult for employers to:

  • Verify that an employee is working
  • Detect potential absences
  • Monitor their attendance & hours worked

Solution 4: GPS and Activity Tracking

GPS and Activity Tracking

For remote workers, HR professionals should opt for GPS tracking and activity monitoring platforms as these platforms allow employers to track employees’ whereabouts at all times to ensure:

Whereas employee activity monitoring allows monitoring their activities in real-time through:

  • Capturing real-time screenshots capturing of the device’s screen


  • Tracking URLs and apps used while employees work

URLs and apps

Challenge 5: Inefficient Payroll Processing

Paying employees on time is essential to maintaining a smooth workflow and preventing costly disputes.

However, with buddy punching, payroll processing can become cumbersome, as incorrect timings can lead to faulty deductions and erroneous payments. This can:

  • Disrupt employees’ paychecks
  • Create cash flow problems

Solution 5: Accurate Invoicing With Accurate Tracking


To ensure the payroll process runs smoothly, accurate time tracking is essential.

As suggested above, automated time tracking systems can help monitor employee timings and track every minute detail of their activity.

With accurate tracking in place, it becomes much easier to generate invoices that are accurate and without any mistakes leading to:

  • Accurate payments
  • Faster payments
  • Improved cash flow

These were some of the key challenges and proven solutions for addressing the issue of buddy punching.

As we head toward the end of this blog, let’s finally take a look at:

How Different Industries Are Combating Buddy Punching

1) Agencies

Agencies Buddy Punching

Agencies are facing unique challenges regarding buddy punching due to its diverse workforce and flexible schedules. Here’s how they can fight such challenges:

Automated time tracking: This ensures accurate recording of billable hours, eliminating the possibility of buddy punching

GPS tracking and geofencing: These features help verify employee locations and prevent fraudulent time entries.

Real-time reporting and project management: The features enable agencies to monitor employee productivity, allocate resources efficiently, and ensure fair billing for clients.

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2) Software Development Industry

software development punching

The software development industry relies heavily on remote work and flexible schedules, making it susceptible to buddy punching. Here’s how they can deal with it:

Robust time-tracking software: This software captures accurate work hours for both in-office and remote developers.

Activity monitoring and random screenshot: Software with these features deter fraudulent time entries and promote accountability. Here’s how they combat the issues.

Integration with project management tools: These allow for seamless tracking of tasks and progress, ensuring transparency and preventing buddy punching.

3) Accounting Industry

Accounting Buddy Punching

The accounting industry strongly emphasizes on accuracy and compliance, making buddy punching a significant concern. Here’s how they combat this issue:

Time tracking system: This ensures precise recording of billable hours for various accounting tasks.

Integration with popular accounting software: This streamlines time-to-invoice processes, reducing manual errors and eliminating buddy-punching opportunities.

Reporting and auditing capabilities: These features enable accountants to review employee time logs, ensuring accurate payroll and maintaining trust within the organization.

Next Step

Buddy punching is a deceptive practice that can have detrimental effects on both employees and employers. It can:

  • Distort attendance records
  • Increase costs
  • Create an unfair work environment

However, with effective prevention strategies, businesses can mitigate the risks associated with buddy punching and foster a culture of honesty and accountability.


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