Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, companies shifted their office work function to a work from home model. Remote work became the only option to keep the organizations at work. Thus, it was widely accepted by the managers and the employees. But, what about the HR task? How are employee monitoring and tracking possible in remote work? There is a need for the HR teams of all companies to switch to new technology, i.e., location-based attendance tracking with geofencing.

What is Geofencing & How it Works to Mark Automated Attendance?


Geofencing can be defined as virtual perimeters built with the help of latitude, longitude, and radius of the particular location. 

This method is likely helpful for the attendance tracking of the employees. The specific location will be geofenced for each employee, and the attendance will be fetched only when they clock in and clock out in that encircled area.

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Advantages of Geofencing to Mark Employee Attendance? 

Benefits of Geofencing to mark Employee Attendance

Undoubtedly, geofencing has become a great help for HR teams in the time and attendance tracking of the employees. Let’s check out the great advantages:

  • Geofencing is not only limited to submit the clock-in and clock-out
  • It monitors the real-time location of an employee with GPS integration
  • Avoid old-fashioned ways to mark attendance on paper and excel sheet
  • No burden of calculating the present and absent in month-end
  • Capable of setting up multiple fences with significant geographical boundary
  • Auto alert notification of login-in and log-out
  • Multiple campus location usability
  • Auto push notification when an employee enters campus perimeter
  • Aggregate employee attendance report

Location-based Automated Attendance Tracking with Workstatus 

Advantages of Geofencing to mark Employee Attendance

Workstatus is an attendance tracking software that has an inbuilt geofencing feature. To operate this feature, the admin needs to save the geofenced area of all employees on the software and allow permission for daily automated attendance updates. Whenever any employee steps in or steps out of the geofenced location admin or HR team will receive an instant witness notification. This prevents employees from lying that they are present and working on their ongoing projects. However, unlike other geofencing software.

Workstatus is more advanced software that includes an employee tracking feature too. The purpose of the employee tracking feature is to track the ongoing project and its productivity. Hence, we can say, this software gives no bar to escape from work.

This software is not limited to geofencing but a bucket of 14+ features that help you more than automated attendance tracking. The multiple features include GPS tracking, geofencing, project management, detailed reporting,  payroll, and many other features. 

The GPS tracking integration in Workstatus helps the administrator to track the employee’s real-time location. Thus, this software is not bound for the remote model but is also useful when the office re-opens to track the fieldwork employees. 

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Final words

It’s true that the remote work module guidelines were shocking as they completely turned the work culture. However, the pandemic has left no option to keep drive the company. Thus, employees got comfortable with the remote workforce. The lockdown gave a bonus point to the HR and the admin team with an attendance and GPS tracking software with geofence feature which cancels the burden of managing the attendance excel sheet of employees.

HR receives instant notification of the employee’s login and logout details, and the attendance data history is recorded and saved. Therefore, there is no chance of error in marking the attendance as the software only fetches the availability from the geofenced area. However, if the company chooses advanced software like Workstatus then they get a chance to track the productivity of the project. It can become a big fat thumbs up because there is news whispering of lockdown extension soon.


1. What is geofencing?

Geofencing can be defined as virtual perimeters built with the help of latitude, longitude, and radius of the particular location.

2. How does geofence work in employee attendance?

The attendance will be fetched only when they clock in and clock out in that encircled area.

3. Which is the best attendance tracking software?

Workstatus is the best attendance tracking software used by 67 countries all around the globe.

4. Does WorkStatus track location?

Yes, it tracks the accurate location.

5. How far can I trust a geofenced attendance record?

95% times, you can trust the geofenced attendance record. However, being a digital device, at times, there may arise some technical glitch.

6. Is employee tracking software only for remote work?

No, the employee tracking software can be used in the offices for employee’s log-in and log-out (attendance) records.

7. In one time and employee tracking software, how many employees can be allowed to geofence?

Multiple user accessibility is given by the time and employee tracking software.

8. Does employee tracking software require internet access?

Yes, the employee tracking software needs full internet access to fetch employee’s availability.