Productivity tracking software is one of the many solutions to boost productivity and get more done. It’s undoubtedly the only solution in the market to assist you in effectively accomplishing organizational goals. 

Productivity tracking software is beneficial, whether you are an individual or a team. It is beneficial if you want to keep track of your progress. There are ample reasons why productivity tracking software has become popular in recent years.  

In this blog, we will discuss what productivity tracking software is, why it’s beneficial, and how to use it in the best way possible so that you can immediately take advantage of all its features from the first day of usage.  

So with no further ado, let’s start with our first question. 

What is a Productivity Tracking Software?

A productivity tracking software is a program designed to help individuals and organizations track their productivity. The software can ‌track various metrics, including the number of tasks completed, the amount of time spent working on each task, and monitor the productivity of employees.

Productivity tracking software can generate reports that can help individuals and organizations identify areas where they can improve their working efficiency.

We can use productivity tracking software for various purposes, including time management, project management, and employee performance tracking. It can ‌boost productivity and optimize workflows.

What Does Productivity Tracking Record?

Reasons ‌You Need An Employee Productivity Monitoring Tool

Employee productivity is essential for any business to be successful. There are many factors that can affect employee productivity. Some of these factors are: 

Efficient Project Management

Employee productivity tracking software assists you in managing the project by scheduling, managing, and prioritizing assignments. Here, you can prepare and schedule the jobs by examining how much time an employee takes to accomplish the allotted task. 

This is how you can manage or prioritize the project according to the intended schedule. The automatic time tracking features will allow you to complete the project before the deadline.  

Improved efficiency

By monitoring employee productivity, you can identify areas where your team is spending time or not working as efficiently as possible. This information can then ‌make improvements and increase overall efficiency.

Boost morale

If employees feel like they’re being monitored constantly, it can lead to feelings of distrust and resentment. However, using employee productivity monitoring data to show employees how their hard work is paying off can boost morale and encourage them to work even harder.


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Effortless Evaluation

When employees use productivity monitoring tools, it becomes effortless for the managers to locate their errors throughout their work. They cannot just highlight the mistakes but correct the similarities on the spot. 

Besides, it helps you examine all the workers in real-time, improves work quality, and makes it effortless to achieve a thriving project deliverable. 

Greater control 

A productivity monitoring tool allows you to see what your employees are doing and where they spend their time. It helps you better manage your team and ensure everyone is on task and no one is slacking off. It also gives you insight into how much each employee contributes to your business and how productive they are. 

A Productivity Tracking Tool Answers the Following Crucial Questions: 

  • How much time do workers spend operating on projects or tasks, and the quantity of time wasted?
  • At what time does the employee log in and log out of work? 
  • Recognize the underperformers and top performers.
  • Which sites are employees viewing, when, and for how much time?
  • What apps and documents contribute to your organization’s projects, and more?
  • What actions are counterproductive?
  • Whether they are diverted from fulfilling their duties during working hours?

How to Get Started with a Productivity Tracking Tool?

Understanding your goals is important before deciding on a productivity tracking tool. Some trackers are poorly implemented and end up harming the team’s morale. That’s why you should weigh all the features of productivity tracking software if it fulfills your needs. 

Here are some possibilities for objectives your team could hold:

  • Reduce time-wasting
  • Boosting productivity
  • Costs reduction
  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Protecting against data leaks
  • Spreading out workload equally

Once you’ve decided on your goals, it’s time to choose a productivity tracking tool. There are many tools, each having its strengths and weaknesses. The choice of a tool depends on the feature that will help you accomplish your goals. 

Here are a few features you can consider while researching for idle productivity monitoring apps: 

  • Activity Reports
  • Keystroke Logging
  • Website and App Monitoring
  • Website Blocking
  • Protecting Sensitive PII
  • Flexible Settings
  • Screen monitoring software
  • Project management 
  • Geofencing employee tracking

You now have to narrow the list as soon as you find a few acceptable possibilities according to your requirements. From here, you will need to check a few other aspects to ensure you have chosen the best software 

These factors could incorporate: 

  • Learning Curve
  • Ease of Installation
  • Customization
  • Payment Plans
  • Customer Support Availability
  • Hardware Needs

Once done, you’ll need to prepare your team for any significant change. You should tell them why you will use a productivity tracking tool. They will be more likely to use it if they understand why it is essential. 

You can start with such justifications: 

  • Why it’s essential
  • What the software is
  • How you’re thinking about executing it
  • How it will profit the corporation
  • Address privacy matters

Finally, you can start using your productivity tracking tool with all these details in mind. If you will follow these steps carefully, then ‌your productivity tracking software will help you in achieving your goals.

The Bottom Line 

Productivity tracking software is here to stay. If you are confused about picking up the right tool, we have introduced a feature-rich tool, i.e., Workstatus. 

Workstatus is an all-in-one solution for managing your workforce. It comes with a comprehensive task management system to provide you with complete control over your tasks.  

It includes the features that resolve all of your issues, which set it apart from the other tracking tools on the market. Workstatus aims to help you choose the best solutions with the best pricing.  

Offering a more advanced time-tracking than its competitors, Workstatus allows you to track your workflow efficiently and achieve it seamlessly. Here are a few features it provides: 

  • Task management
  • Productivity monitoring
  • Screenshot capturing
  • Detailed timesheets & time record report to check
  • Project budgeting to tracking milestones

All in all, Workstatus offers everything you need to stay on top of your business. You can access Workstatus’s free 7 days trial by signing up now. 

That’s all for today.  

We hope you have enjoyed reading our post. If you have ‌questions or suggestions, please ‌comment below.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track the productivity of my employees?

Productivity tracking software can help you track your employees’ productivity by monitoring their system operations. The software can record the applications they use, the websites they visit, and the time they spend working on each task.  

This information can be valuable in identifying which employees are productive and who may need more training or support. In addition, productivity tracking software can help identify employee productivity trends.  

For example, if you notice ‌employees are spending more time on social media during work hours, you can take steps to address the issue. 

Productivity tracking software can help you monitor your employees’ productivity levels and enhance your business’ efficiency.

Why is Productivity Tracking important?

Productivity tracking is essential because it improves efficiency and helps one gain the insights to work smarter, not harder. Tracking your time online can also summarize what devices you spend the most time on and which apps you continuously use during each moment at home or work. 

A team productivity tracker, like the Workstatus, helps track time, analyze trends, and measure improvements of your employees.

What are Monitoring and Productivity tools?

Monitoring and productivity tools are software programs designed to help users improve their productivity and effectiveness. The productivity tracking software monitors an individual’s time management, task completion, app, web usage, and other productivity metrics. This information can then identify areas where the individual can improve their productivity.  

We can also use productivity tools to provide reminders and alerts for upcoming deadlines or tasks. Some productivity tools offer task lists, project management tools, and calendar integration. 

Ultimately, these tools can help individuals and teams increase productivity by allowing them to manage their time and tasks more efficiently. 

Does Employee Monitoring increase productivity?

Yes, employee monitoring increases productivity. There are a few reasons for this:  

First, when employees know they are being monitored, they are more likely to be careful about their work and not waste time on things that aren’t work-related. 

Second, monitoring helps identify workers who aren’t pulling their weight and may need additional training or support. 

Finally, monitoring provides managers with valuable insights into how employees are working and where they can make improvements.  

Overall, employee monitoring is a beneficial tool to increase productivity and improve the quality of work to accomplish more in less time.

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