What is a Productivity Tracking Software?

Productivity tracking software is an innovation utilized to monitor metrics that have an impact on employee productivity. It aids to analyze employees’ performance and tracking the real-time activities that employees perform throughout their working hours to know how productive employees are.

Moreover, records created via productivity tracking tools can examine potential productivity problems, boost workplace productivity, and track employee performance.

What Does It Record?

It records the below-mentioned metrics instantly:

  • Login/logout
  • Attendance
  • System name
  • Active or idle times
  • User login name
  • Websites, URLs
  • Software and documents use
  • Social networks use
  • Productive or unproductive times and more.

Reasons Why You Need an Employee Productivity Monitoring Tool?

Why You Need an Employee Productivity Monitoring software or tool

  • Efficient Project Management

Employee productivity tracking software assists you in managing the project by scheduling, managing, and prioritizing assignments. Here you can prepare and schedule the job by examining how much time an employee is taking to accomplish the allotted task. 

This is how you can manage or prioritize the project according to the intended schedule. The automatic time tracking features will allow you to complete the project before the deadline.  

  • Streamlined and Powerful Communication Channel

Effective communication is one of the vital things to fix problems and streamline things. Employee productivity software will help you schedule text messages and share files, videos, emails, conferences, and more from one platform. 

The efficient communication channels blended with the employee productivity applications aid you throughout work.

  • Effortless Evaluation

When employees get integrated into productivity monitoring tools, it becomes effortless for the managers to locate their errors throughout their work. Not just highlighting the mistakes, the similar can be corrected on the spot. 

Besides, it helps you examine all the workers in real-time, improves work quality, and makes it effortless to achieve a thriving project deliverable. 

  • Develop a Strong Relationship 

Knowing the employee’s performance and communicating with them to enhance their work skills will let the managers develop a robust relationship with the employees.

Moreover, the managers can have a direct chat to highlight and correct the mistake. This makes employees satisfied with the organization and inspires them to stay efficient in their work.

  • Boosts Employee Productivity and Efficiency 

When the workers understand that they are being tracked with the employee productivity tool, they pay more attention to work and stay efficient during working hours. 

The diversions are overcome by utilizing employee Productivity tracking tools when they begin admitting this working atmosphere.

You can track your employee’s activities during working hours. It gives essential data about your employees that you want to learn as a project manager. 

A Productivity Tracking Tool Answers the Following Crucial Questions: 

  • How much time do workers spend operating on projects or tasks, and the quantity of time wasted?
  • What time does your employee log in and log out of work? 
  • Recognize the underperformers and high performers.
  • Which sites employees are viewing, when, and for how much time?
  • Which social network workers are coming, when, and for how much time? 
  • What apps and documents contribute to your organization projects, and more?
  • How much efficient time is spent on and off the computer? 
  • What actions are counterproductive?
  • Whether they are diverted from fulfilling their duties during working hours?

How to Get Started with a Productivity Tracking Tool?

Before choosing a productivity tracking tool, you should first understand your goals. A few can execute this sort of software in harmful manners that can injure their team’s morale.

Here are some possibilities for objectives your team could hold:

  • Reduce time-wasting.
  • Boosting productivity.
  • Cutting costs.
  • Enhance employee engagement.
  • Protecting against data leaks.
  • Spreading out workload equally.

In case you determine that productivity tracking is apt for you, then it is time to see features that will attain your objectives.

Here are a few features you perhaps wish to consider when studying productivity monitoring apps:

  • Activity Reports
  • Keystroke Logging
  • Website and App Monitoring
  • Website Blocking
  • Protecting Sensitive PII
  • Flexible Settings
  • Screenshots or Videos of Activity

As soon you have found a few possibilities that match your checklist, you will wish to cut the list. From here, you will desire to check a few other aspects that go beyond those features to ensure you figure out the suitable software for you.

These factors could incorporate:

  • Learning Curve
  • Ease of Installation
  • Customization
  • Payment Plans
  • Customer Support Availability
  • Hardware Needs 

Once it is done, you need to prepare your team. Although it isn’t necessary to make your workers conscious of the tools in some regions, I usually suggest being real with your team.

You can go some things we’ve stated earlier, like: 

  • Why it’s essential
  • What the software is
  • How you’re thinking to execute it
  • How it will profit the corporation
  • Address privacy matters

After you have gone over the full details with your employees, you should be set to execute your software.

The Bottom Line 

Productivity tracking software is here to stay. If you are also confused about picking up the right tool, we have introduced a feature-rich tool, i.e., WorkStatus.  


It combines several features to resolve all your issues, which makes it distinct from the other time tracking utilities available in the market. The goal of WorkStatus is to assist you with the best solutions at a minimum cost

Being the best time and productivity tracking tool, it allows you to manage your workflow seamlessly. It goes beyond the time tracking and offers much more, including: 

  • Task management.
  • Productivity monitoring.
  • Screenshot capturing.
  • Detailed timesheets & time record report to check.
  • Project budgeting to tracking milestones.

Customized for different business domains, WorkStatus helps you boost business productivity. From developers, SMEs, freelancers, to real estate, manufacturing, and more, this tool is beneficial for all.


Do you have any questions related to employee monitoring software? Mention them in the comment section below.



Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. How can I track the productivity of my employees?

Ans. To track the productivity of your employees, we recommend managing time using productivity tracking software like WorkStatus. It’s one whole solution for time management, attendance tracking, activity recognition, and the ultimate payroll software all in one place. You can use WorkStatus to create different tasks for each day of the week that detail how long it’ll take someone to complete that task and monitor their progress through reports.

Ques. Why is productivity tracking important?

Ans. Productivity tracking is essential because it improves efficiency and helps one gain the insights to work smarter, not harder. Tracking your time online can also provide an overview of what devices you spend the most time on, as well as which apps you continuously use during each moment at home or work. A team productivity tracker, like the WorkStatus, helps track time, analyze trends, and measure improvements of your employees.

Ques. How to track employee productivity when working from home?

Ans. You can use a productivity tracking tool like WorkStatus is one possible solution that can be used to track employee productivity when working from home. It provides detailed tracking tools that allow managers to view reports of employees’ progress by day, week, or hour. It can be easily integrated with most browsers. The time it takes upfront will decrease unnecessary calls and texts so you can focus on seeing results quickly.