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Time tracking, task analysis, productivity monitoring, and more from a single dashboard.

Do More Than Just Time Tracking with WorkStatus

WorkStatus is an employee productivity tracking app with a data driven approach. It captures all user activities happening on devices and tracks common usage behaviour to generate reports on productivity. With detailed reports provided for analysis by WorkStatus, management will get insights to understand common user behaviour and productivity amount. Get an enterprise-wide productivity monitoring and controls to achieve desired engagement. Once set, policies amend the workforce's attitude towards tasks and eradicate unproductive behaviour from the company and management’s constant headache to amend its ways.

Optimize Workforce Productivity​

The current scenarios of ever revolutionizing workplace ethics and demands is requiring management to help teams improve their productivity. In the course of the same, there are few questions that you, as management, will have to answer along the journey. 

  • Are my employees productive?
  • What is the ratio of under-performing employees in my organization?
  • Is app-overload affecting my team’s productivity silently?
  • What is the productive percentage of my remote employees?
  • Are my employees on the same page of expectations?
  • How can I keep my team engaged and motivated?

WorkStatus Features

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Instant Priviledged User Activity Monitoring

WorkStatus regulates every employee’s activities by tracking their usage of sites and applications on computer devices and mobile devices. It also tracks privileged users access and monitors every URL, apps getting used or opened frequently.

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User Behavior Analytics

Intellectual behavior examination can discover wicked activity and exceptions that symbolize divergence from common behavioral baseline. Effectual threat vulnerability and scoring scanning recognize insider action before they express a genuine threat.

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Built-In Productivity Optimization

Determine which websites and applications you think fruitful and get in-depth records on how your representatives use them. Recognize the high performers or laggards with idle vs. active time study.

Set a constant response loop to improve and adapt your organizational plan via tracking of schedules, employee engagement rate, and projects for a full productivity increase. .

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Compliance Management

It is possible to use WorkStatus to build activity and plan based practices to support various compliance demands like executing audit trails (GDPR), prevent unencrypted file transfers (PCI DSS), reporting, limiting unauthorized login (ISO 27001), and more. 

Employee Productivity Tracking Overview with

Industry Statistics Supporting the for Need for Monitoring Employee Productivity

According to GetVOIP Survey 80.4% employees waste their maximum hours at the office doing nothing.Personal use of web and mobile apps cause unnecessary delay in tasks assigned.

A FinancesOnline survey reports 64% employees engage in personal use of web and 85% use
emails for personal use.

Less than one-third of employees are engaged at work in offices in the U.S.

Websense reports usage of web for personal reasons csts companies in the U.S. around $178 billion annually.

Get More Benefits with WorkStatus Employee
Productivity Tracking Software

Enhance Workforce’s Productivity

Track your employees productivity throughout the
workday and aggregate data to support their productivity
in work hours.

  • Segregate work tasks from time wasted in non-job related sites usage.
  • Minute precise productivity tracking of each task to track time spent on specific tasks.
  • Prioritize tasks so that your team knows where to focus.
  • Get insights with detailed reports to ensure you meet your productivity bars.

Safeguard Yourself from Insider Threats with Increased Security

Point out the most high risk activities and then enforce behavior-based regulations. For example: copying files to external sources is criminal, thus rules barring employees to do this is important to be written.
With WorkStatus, get notified of all the harmful user activities in real-time to avoid any losses in future.

Automate Administrative Tasks

Automate repetitive administrative tasks with WorkStatus and increase overall efficiency in the organization.

  • Set up tasks, schedules, and shifts. Automatically track attendance, abandoned or missed shifts
  • Track hours, employee performance, calculate rates, and automate invoicing
  • Reduce manual supervision and automate task management

Enhance Employee Engagement Rate

Derive your own measures to track employee productivity. Set bars of hours active, time spent on personal activities, and hours with zero productivity. Even track activities that are involving maximum hours on unnecessary jobs from your employees. Identify causes behind disengagement and then address them.

  • Choose the best methods suited for your employees and address communication issues by them.
  • Automate reports of tracking productivity and save yourself from the hassle of painful manual tracking.
  • Provide consistent feedbacks to keep your employees motivated and behavior under control..management

Save Resources and Costs

Track employees active hours with WorkStatus and send automated notifications to employees when a system remains unused for long. Build accurate estimates of tasks and breakdown them into various categories for easy identification. Use WorkStatus to set deadlines and always deliver jobs in time.

Boost Time Management

With WorkStatus track employees tasks and assign future tasks and time limits to them based on their current activities. Use an in-built scheduler to keep your employees informed of their upcoming tasks and leave no gaps for employees to stay vacant in the work hours.

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