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Get a clear picture of how time is spent across projects and tasks. Implement a proof-of-work system in your work process to enhance transparency and accountability.

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Be Transparent

Benefits Of Proof Of Work System


Fraud Prevention

Proof of work makes it difficult to create wrong timesheet entries, reducing fraudulent time reporting and helping maintain an accurate time record.


Maintain Data Integrity

Time entries can be verified and secured easily, preventing unauthorized changes. This provides a trustworthy record of work hours.


Build Client Trust

With a transparent system, employees and stakeholders have increased confidence in the accuracy and integrity of time-tracking data.

More Profit

Maximize Billing Accuracy With Automated Time Tracking

Automated time tracking captures every minute worked, ensuring billing is accurate and fair. Speed up the invoicing process and reduce errors by eliminating manual entries.

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Simplify Billing Processes

Automated time tracking makes it easy to compile accurate billable hours, reducing the complexity and time spent preparing client bills.

  • Reduce billing delays
  • Easy billing management

Eliminate Billing Errors

Recording work hours with Workstatus ensures precise billing, minimizing mistakes and disputes over billed time by accurately capturing every work minute.

  • Minimize manual mistakes
  • Improve financial clarity

Transparent Invoicing

Workstatus helps you create clear, detailed invoices based on tracked time, making billing transparent and easy for clients to review and understand.

  • Provide clear cost breakdowns
  • Enhance client trust
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Be Fair

Bring Accountability In Client Work With Detailed Records

Maintain transparency and accountability with comprehensive time logs for every project. Build client trust by providing detailed reports on task completion and progress.

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App & Website Usage

Track which apps and websites are used during work hours to ensure focus on client tasks. Provide insights into how time is spent and improve productivity.

  • Analyze work and non-work activities
  • Improve engagement

Active Screenshots

Capture screenshots at intervals to provide a visual record of work progress. It makes it easy to verify work activities and maintain transparency.

  • Capture real-time work
  • Verify project progress

Time & Activity Reports

Generate detailed reports on time spent and activities performed for client projects. Use these reports to validate work done and support accurate billing.

  • Detail work hours
  • Analyze productivity trends
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Retain Clients

Improve Client Relations With Validated Online Timesheets

Utilize online timesheets to provide verified and reliable records of work done. Enhance client satisfaction by offering clear and accurate timesheet validation and documentation.

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Accurate Time Entries

Ensure precise time tracking to provide reliable data for client billing. Build trust by delivering accurate records of hours worked.

  • Improve time management
  • Track project timelines



Verifiable Work Records

Provide clients access to validated timesheets to verify the hours billed. This will enhance transparency by allowing clients to see proof of the work completed.

  • Validate task completion
  • Ensure accountability

Maintain Consistency

Track and report work hours to avoid discrepancies and maintain client confidence. Deliver uniform, reliable timesheet data for smooth project management.

  • Ensure workflow stability
  • Foster team cohesion
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Workstatus for All Devices

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Our Users Have Great Things To Say About Us

“ We've been using Workstatus Field Service Management Software for about a year now, and it has been a great help to our business. It's really easy to use and helps us keep track of all our jobs and tasks in the field. The customer support is also great, and they are always quick to help us with any issues we have. I would definitely recommend Workstatus to any field service business. ”


Andrew James, Switzerland

“ We started using Workstatus Field Service Management Software about six months ago, and it has been a total lifesaver for our business. We struggled to keep track of all our jobs and tasks manually, but now with Workstatus, everything is much more organised and streamlined. The software is really easy to use and has allowed us to improve our customer service and efficiency. ”


Johny Adam, USA

“ I can't explain how much this software has helped me manage my fieldwork. It's made everything so much easier and more organized. The customer service is great - I had a question, and they got back to me right away with an answer. ” Thank you, Workstatus!


Sam Nicole, Australia


Frequently Asked Questions

What is proof of work in Workstatus?

Proof of work means providing verifiable evidence like screenshots, app activity, URLs visited, etc, alongside time tracking to validate that work was performed as reported.

How does proof of work build trust in teams?

By linking time to proof points, proof of work fosters transparency between managers and teams. It reassures both that logged hours match real work.

Can proof of work be turned off for certain team members or projects?

Yes, managers can configure proof of work tracking at a granular level, toggling on/off for individuals, groups, or projects based on need.

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