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A Reliable Time Tracking App for Consultants

Track projects and time with Workstatus.

Be Unstoppable at Work and Forget Your Clock with Our Fuzz-Free Time Tracker for Consultants

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Seamless Consultant Time Tracking App

No more manual time tracking and invoicing to your clients. Automate time tracking and more with Workstatus to save more time. With just one click start tracking time. Forget manually tracking time and invoicing your clients. With Workstatus, you can automate all this while you spend more time generating revenue. Simply click a button to start tracking time.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Check which tasks your team is handling right now

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Online Reporting

Faster explanations for workflow and errors.

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Manage Timesheets

Conveniently track, analyze, and approve timesheets.

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Set Reminders

Stay updated about what’s happening with notifications.

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Define Limits

Set hours and cost budgets for your projects.

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Geofence jobsites to automate attendance

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Consultant Time Tracking App for All Devices

iOS and Android apps of Workstatus consultant time tracking software will allow you to track time on any mobile device. Even track locations with our GPS trackers and keep track of your team’s client visits throughout the day.

Also, available as a desktop app for Mac and Windows

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Integrated Time Tracking & Project Management

Stay organized with our consultant time tracking software and project management app. Segregate projects, collaborate with a team, integrate the entire workflow and stay organized. Track project time to specific projects and clients for finer visibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best time tracking app for consultants?

Workstatus is the best time tracking app due to its increasing popularity among consultants. Being the best time tracker for consultants, it provides you the following benefits-

  • With just one click, you can track time across the web, desktop, and mobile app.

  • It supports offline and online tracking.

  • It provides data backup.

  • Alerts & notifications.

  • Detailed reports

How does time tracking software help consultants?

Consultant time tracking software like Workstatus helps consultants in the following ways-

  • It allows consultants to monitor their working hours.

  • It helps to calculate the cost incurred for client/project work.

  • It determines whether you are charging enough for your services or not by comparing the number of hours spent on any particular task.

  • Optimizes billing by saving time through automation.

How much does Workstatus cost consulting firms?

Workstatus is a powerful consultant time tracking app for consultants that gives away numerous collaboration features for free. To make you familiar with all its features, we will give you a 14-day free trial. You can try out one of our different subscription plans, as shown below.

  • Starter Package: $4.99/user/month

  • Scale Package: $9.99/user/month

  • Enterprise Package: $18/user/month

To know more about pricing, check the link-

How does project budgeting software help consultants?

Project budgeting software helps consultants by storing project data in a central location where multiple team members can access it to develop timelines. Tracking project costs so that one may determine the profitability of the project. Maintaining historical records of past projects to aid future ones. Apart from being the best consultant time tracking software, Workstatus is an exceptional project budgeting software to help consultants across the globe.

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