Consultants’ Time Tracking Software

A simplified app to help consultants manage their time and bill clients accurately. Get detailed insights into how much time different tasks take to
improve project management ensuring that consultants are paid fairly for the time they spend working on projects.

  • Increased accuracy and accountability
  • Easier time management
  • Manage projects and track billable hours
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Time On Your Tips

More Streamlined Workflow With Workstatus™ Consultant Time Tracking Tool

Eliminate the need to manually track the time spent on tasks and manage timesheets, which can be time-consuming and inaccurate. Plan your day more effectively by getting a view of how much time you have available to work on specific tasks.

Consultant Consultant Consultant

Easy to calculate budgets

Workstatus allows you to define hours and budget limits for projects. Get automated alerts as you reach your limits. Always stay on track with your budgets.


Accurately bill your clients

With Workstatus, track the number of hours worked by the consultant on any task and then bill clients accordingly.

  • Easy to invoice clients
  • Keep track of billable hours

Consultant’s Online Timesheets

Get daily, weekly or monthly timesheet data any time from Workstatus. Review work hours and access detailed timesheets before approving for invoicing. With all the information in one place, you can avoid the hassle of trying to piece together data from multiple sources.


With our hassle-free consultant time tracking software,
you'll never have to worry about time management

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Focus On Right Rights

Grow Your Business With The Best Time Tracker For Consultants

Spend your time where it is most needed and leave rest to Workstatus. You may be in a client meeting, at a remote location, but can always get a comprehensive view of your employees’ timesheets, productivity graphs & daily activities, all with a click.

Consultant Consultant Consultant

Productivity Tracker for Consultants

A productivity tracker can help consultants stay on top of their work and meet deadlines by seeing patterns in their work habits and identifying areas where they need to improve. Keep consultants focused by providing a visual representation of how much progress they are making towards their goals.


Manage your consulting work from anywhere

You can easily use Workstatus on iOS/Android mobile devices and Windows/Mac systems/Linux to manage your work from anywhere.

  • Always stay updated
  • Monitor consulting work on the go

Active Screenshots

Managers get screenshots at regular intervals from consultants’ active screens to have a real-time sight of what their team is upto. On the other hand, team members can consider these screenshots as proof of their work.


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Tracker Right Away! It’s Worth

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Online Invoice Management For Consultants

No More Complicated Manual Invoicing With Time Tracking App For Consultants

Workstatus provides an easy way to keep track of your expenses and makes it easy to submit invoices to your clients. Get paid faster by automating the invoicing process.

Consultant Consultant

Quick Invoice Generation

With Workstatus speed up your invoicing process to reduce the amount of time that is needed to invoice customers.

  • Track invoices in real-time
  • Track finances more easily

Consultants’ Time Saving

Workstatus saves consultants’ time by eliminating the need of manually entering data into an invoice template allowing you to keep your accounting records up-to-date automatically.

  • Analytics on spending patterns
  • Improve cash flow

Workstatus™ is the simplest way to manage
and track your Consultants

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Decide How To Utilize Your Consultant’s Time With Workstatus™ Reporting App

Workstatus provides you a factual foundation for making sound business decisions. By analyzing data, consultants can identify trends and patterns that would otherwise be hidden in plain sight.

Consultant Consultant Consultant

In-Depth Time Reports

Data-rich reports can help managers track the progress of individual employees and teams, as well as measure the overall efficacy of company operations.


Accurate Analysis For Consultants Time

With accurate data, consultants can more accurately assess their strengths and weaknesses, and make strategic plans accordingly.


Ai-Driven Dashboard

Get intelligent reports with details on productivity, bottlenecks, locations, attendance, overtime etc to know exactly how your consultants spend their time and how they can be turned more efficient.


Workstatus™ is a great way to stay organised.
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Deliver Excellence

Best Time Tracking Software For Consultants

Deliver Excellence

Employee Scheduling

Easy to create and manage consultants’ shifts with just a few clicks.

Leave Management

Time off requests raised by consultants can be instantly approved or rejected from the dashboard.

Simple Project Budgeting

Get a healthy bottom line by tracking the budget for each of your clients.

Easy Budgeting

Track project timeline, budget, and expenses in one place.

Payroll Management

Automate payroll by accurately tracking billable hours.

Online Timesheets

Make more informed staffing decisions with real-time visibility into consultants’ work patterns.

Managing Your Workforce Couldn’t Be Easier

Use Workstatus™ Consultant Time Tracking App Effortlessly

Tracking Software

Have Your Employees Install Workstatus™

All consultants can download and install the Workstatus app on their desktops/laptops (Windows, Mac, Linux) and/or mobile phones (Android/iOS).

Start Tracking

Click and start the time tracker to monitor your consultant workforce while they are working. Sit back and relax as Workstatus silently records your consultants’ clock-in and out timings, working hours, location, and a lot more.

Generate Detailed Reports

Workstatus provides you with a wealth of information that helps you assess if your consultants are using their work hours productively. You can also use this information to pinpoint factors that negatively affect workflows.


Workstatus for All Devices

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Why Do Consultants Love Workstatus™?

“ Workstatus is a great consultant time tracking software. It allows you to see how much time you've worked on a project, and it also gives you invoicing and payments features. Overall, it's a great tool for consultants!. ”


Suzan, London

“ I've been using Workstatus for a few months now, and I love it! The interface is really user-friendly, and it's easy to track the time I spend on different projects. It's also great because I can access my data from anywhere, which is really helpful while invoicing clients. Overall, I highly recommend this software! ”


Stephen Clarke, USA

“ Workstatus is great for consultants because it is easy to use and helps to keep track of your time. The invoicing feature is also really helpful, and I love the fact that I can access my account from anywhere. ”


Brad Robert, Malaysia

Get Answers For


How do consultants track their time?

There are a few ways that consultants track their time. The first way is through project management software. This software allows consultants to see how much time they have spent on a project and invoice their clients accordingly.

The second way is through timesheets. Timesheets help consultants keep track of the amount of time spent on each task so that they can bill their clients for the precise amount of time worked.

Finally, some consultants use apps to track their time. These apps allow consultants to start and stop a timer when they begin and end work on a task, making it easy to see how much time was spent on the task later.

Which is the best app to track consulting hours?

Workstatus is a great app to track your consulting hours. It's easy to use and helps you stay on top of your time-management goals. Workstatus time tracking app for consultants also includes a timer so you can keep track of the time you're spending on each project.

Does the consultant hour tracker help in calculating billable hours?

The consultant hour tracker is a great way to keep track of your billable hours, especially if you're working on multiple projects for different clients. The tracker lets you record the start and end time of each project, as well as the billing rate you've agreed to with your client. You can use this information to generate an invoice at the end of the day, week or month.

What is timesheet in consulting?

A timesheet is a method for consultants to keep track of their billable hours. This usually includes recording the date, the hours worked, and the client's name. Timesheets help consultants stay organized and ensure that they are billing their clients correctly.

Can consultants import time tracking data from an excel spreadsheet to Workstatus?

Yes, consultants can import time tracking data from a spreadsheet into Workstatus. You need to format the data correctly and then upload it into the system. This can be done easily and quickly, making it a great way to keep track of your work hours.

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