Employee Work Patterns Tracking Tool

Track employee work patterns to gain insights into productivity, remote work efficiency, compliance, and work processes.

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Monitor Everything

Advanced User Activity Monitoring Toolkit

Gain a competitive edge by accessing a large data pool to suit your business requirements.


Customizable Reports

Generate tailored reports catering to specific compliance or managerial requirements for informed decision-making.


Comparison Metrics

Evaluate individual or team performance against established benchmarks, identifying areas for improvement.


Data Access Control

Monitor and control access to sensitive data, preventing unauthorized usage or breaches.


Flexible Scheduling Analysis

Determine optimal working hours for remote employees, aligning work schedules with peak productivity periods.


Location Monitoring

Ensure compliance with remote work policies by verifying employees’ work locations and maintaining accountability.


App/URL Monitoring

Monitor and analyze applications and websites accessed during work hours, empowering assessment of their impact on productivity.

Stay Ahead

Automated Time Tracking Metrics

Monitor and record employee work hours, tasks, and project timelines in real time for better workforce analysis.

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Hours Logged

Gain insights into employee productivity by meticulously tracking their time on diverse tasks and projects.


Idle Time Analysis

Identify and optimize work schedules by recognizing periods of inactivity and boosting productivity during active hours.


Productivity Trends

Track and analyze long-term productivity trends, enabling informed decisions to enhance efficiency.

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Facing Low Productivity and High Costs?

Explore actionable insights and innovative solutions designed to turn productivity challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency gains across your operations.

Comprehensive Analysis

Work Pattern Analysis Made Easy

Identify and leverage recurring work patterns to optimize workflows and allocate resources more effectively to improve workforce productivity.

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Pattern Identification

Identify recurring work patterns for process optimization, streamlining operations for increased efficiency.


Adaptive Resource Allocation

Allocate resources based on identified work patterns, maximizing productivity and resource utilization.


Optimization Strategies

Implement strategies derived from identified work patterns to optimize workflows and achieve greater efficiency.

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Predict Everything

Improve Workforce Planning With Predictive Analytics

Analyze historical data to forecast future workloads and trends, enabling strategic decision-making for optimized operational efficiency.

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Forecasting Workloads

Predict future workloads based on historical data, enabling proactive resource planning and management.


Optimization Suggestions

Receive data-driven suggestions for workflow improvements, fostering continuous optimization.


Proactive Performance Management

Proactively adapt to predicted workload changes, ensuring sustained performance and efficiency.

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Workstatus for All Devices

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Workstatus track remote employee work patterns?

Yes, Workstatus is designed to track and analyze work patterns for both on-site and remote employees. It monitors remote work hours, task completion rates, and collaboration tools usage to provide comprehensive insights.

What kind of insights can I gain from analyzing work patterns using Workstatus?

By analyzing work patterns through Workstatus, you can uncover productivity trends, identify peak working hours, understand task completion rates, and optimize resource allocation for improved efficiency.

Is Workstatus compliant with data privacy regulations?

Absolutely, Workstatus prioritizes data security and compliance. It adheres to strict data privacy regulations and employs encryption measures to safeguard employee data, ensuring confidentiality and compliance.

How does Workstatus analyze employee work patterns?

Workstatus utilizes advanced tracking and monitoring tools that record employee activities, including time spent on tasks, application usage, and project progress. This data is then analyzed to identify work patterns and productivity trends.

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