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Workstatus is a great time tracking and invoicing software for freelancers to stay organized. Log your work hours in one place to keep track of time spent on each project. Plan & track project timelines and raise invoices to clients.

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A Complete Workflow Management Solution

Get an all-in-one platform for time tracking, reporting, invoicing, and task management. Automate and manage your workflow in one place.


Workforce Planning

Easy to create and manage your team’s shifts with just a few clicks.


No Overbudgeting

Get a healthy bottom line by tracking each project’s budget.


Accurate Billing

Create and send invoices to clients for timely payment. Also, maintain an online record of all payments.


Time Tracking For Freelancers Made Easier

Workstatus allows freelancers to track the time they spend on each project. This can help them be more efficient and ensure that they are charging their clients the correct amount for the work they are doing.

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Easier Invoicing

Easily generate invoices from tracked time data and keep track of project progress. Use screenshots as time logs as proof of your work while billing clients.

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Timely Payments

Automate your payment system and send payment reminders to get paid on time for the work done.

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Organized Reports

Having all time and expense data organized in the shareable reports can make it much easier to find information and establish facts when needed.

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Stay Updated With Smart Tracking & Reporting

Freelancers can easily keep track of the time they are spending on specific tasks. Plus, they can measure productivity to make better decisions about how to allocate tasks to maximize output.

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Accurate Time Reporting

With Workstatus, you can exactly track who is working on what, for how many hours, and for how long.

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Smart Activity Tracking

Visible work progress and activity tracking make way for the right direction and forecasting for future projects

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Time Tracking App For Mobile

Access reports of hours worked, tasks, and projects from your mobile even when you’re on the go with the Workstatus app for Android and iOS devices.

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Get The Edge Over Your Competitors

Workstatus helps you identify opportunities for process improvement so that your freelancing teams can work more efficiently and get more work done in the same amount of time.

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Maximize Transparency

With precise activity monitoring and screenshot capturing you’ll be able to track what your teams are doing during work hours. The increased transparency will help you better manage the payment cycle and rates.

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In-Built Task Sheet

Manage tasks of your freelancing teams by assigning them in the Workstatus dashboard. Your team members can track their activities, productivity percentage, and hours spent in their dashboard as well.

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Easy Project Management

Manage your projects effortlessly, collaborate, and make smart decisions backed by real-time data. Keep screenshots and time logs as proof of work for client reference.

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Workstatus for All Devices

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Know How Freelancers Appreciate Workstatus™?

“ Workstatus is a time tracking software that is designed specifically for freelancers. It's easy to use and helps you stay organized by tracking billable hours, deadlines, and project progress. ”


Laura Hayden, Australia

“ Since I started using Workstatus, my productivity has increased because I no longer have to worry about lost or forgotten work tasks. The invoicing feature is also beneficial because it creates professional invoices with just a few clicks. Overall, I'm really happy with this software and would recommend it to anyone who freelances regularly. ”


Adam Hopkins, USA

“ Workstatus is easy to use and helps you track your time spent on each task. You can also create reports to help you understand where you are spending the most time. The software also integrates with invoicing to easily invoice your clients for the work you have done.


Chris Williams, South Africa


Frequently Asked Questions

How can time tracking and invoicing benefit freelancers?

Time Tracking and Invoicing can benefit freelancers in a few ways. First, it can help you stay organized and on track with your work. It can also help you better measure how long tasks take you to complete so that you can invoice clients more accurately. Additionally, time-tracking can help you identify which tasks are taking up the most time so that you can focus on streamlining those processes. Finally, Time Tracking and invoicing can help build a better case for raises or promotions, as it provides concrete evidence of your productivity and impact.

How do freelancers use time tracking data to improve performance?

Time tracking data can help freelancers improve their performance by identifying what tasks are taking up the most time and helping to identify areas that could be streamlined or eliminated.

Similarly, time tracking data can also help freelancers identify where they might be able to speed up their work process without sacrificing quality. This can result in increased productivity and a higher hourly rate.

Which is the best time tracking and invoicing software for freelancers?

Workstatus is an excellent time tracking and invoicing software for freelancers because it’s easy to use and helps you stay on top of your work.

With Workstatus, you can easily track your time by project and see how much time you’ve spent on each project. You can also track your expenses, invoices, and payments to have a clear overview of your business finances. Plus, you can create reports to help you make better decisions about where to focus your time and energy.

How is the Workstatus freelance time tracker different from other time trackers?

The Workstatus freelance time tracker is different from other time trackers in the following ways:

  • It allows you to see how much time you’ve spent on a project at a glance, so you can easily invoice your clients.
  • You can add notes to each entry to keep track of what you did during that time and communicate it to your client later.
  • It has a built-in timer to break up your work into manageable chunks and stay productive throughout the day.
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