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Tracking Integration

Keep track of the time spent on Zoho projects with Workstatus.

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Automated Time Entry

Say goodbye to manual time tracking. Automatically populate timesheets in Zoho using Workstatus data. Allocate more time to meaningful work and less to administrative tasks.

As simple as 1-2-3

A three-step integration setup

Link your accounts for easier project tracking.

Step 1

Add the Zoho integration in Workstatus

Log into Zoho and Workstatus accounts. Select integrations from the sidebar and click Zoho from the list.

Step 2

Sync Zoho users and projects

Select the Zoho project you want to add to Workstatus. Newly created tasks and projects will be synced automatically.

Step 3

Track time

Choose a project in Workstatus and click the timer button to start tracking hours. Get accurate and valuable insights for better productivity.

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Insightful Data

Actionable Time Reports for You

Access a detailed overview of your team’s work patterns and productivity. View the total work hours tracked, productivity rate, app and URL activity, and more. Leverage numerous report formats to tailor insights to your needs.

Comprehensive Analysis

Smart Timesheets for Valuable Insights

Gain detailed breakdowns of your team’s time allocation. Eliminate manual data entry and ensure accurate time records for tasks. Assess activity rates, time estimates, and project progress with intelligent timesheet analysis.

All in one

More Advanced Time Tracker App


Data Synchronization

Instantly transfer time-tracking data to Zoho for accurate reporting.


Centralized Project Management

Manage all project aspects in one comprehensive platform.



Bill your clients directly from the timesheets based on billable hours tracked.


Productivity Insights

Get an easy way to measure and evaluate the productivity levels of the workforce.


Website And App Monitoring

Track & analyze websites visited and apps used by your employees during work hours.


Attendance Alerts

Receive instant alerts for late arrivals or absenteeism, ensuring timely interventions.

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Easier Project Management

Become a Pro at Managing Projects

Workstatus offers a comprehensive set of workforce management features, eliminating the need for guesswork. Manage everything from employee time & attendance and scheduling to productivity measurement, managing projects & tasks, and invoicing & budgeting. Always stay a step ahead with AI-powered reports & analytics


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Workstatus help improve productivity?

Workstatus provides real-time insights into apps, URLs, and activity rates, allowing you to monitor your team’s progress and identify bottlenecks for improved productivity.

Can team members access their own data?

Yes, team members have access to their personal data, fostering transparency and allowing them to track their own progress.

Does Workstatus offer integration with other tools?

Absolutely, Workstatus seamlessly integrates with various tools like Trello, Zoho, and more, enhancing your workflow and simplifying task management.

How does Workstatus handle data privacy?

Workstatus values data privacy and ensures that sensitive information is handled securely and compliant with industry standards.

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