Sync, Track, Triumph: Elevate Trello Projects With Workstatus Integration

Want insights into where the time goes in Trello? Workstatus connects the dots with automated time tracking.

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Workflow Management

Streamlined Workflow Optimization

Sync tasks, track hours, and visualize progress effortlessly. Elevate teamwork and workflow efficiency through Workstatus’s seamless Trello integration.


Effortless Three-Step Integration Setup

Link Your Way to Success with Trello

Step 1

Authorize The Integration

Simply log into your Trello account and permit Workstatus to sync with your boards and tasks.

Step 2

Choose Boards To Track

Next, select which of your team’s Trello boards you want to integrate with Workstatus for time tracking. You can always adjust integrated boards later.

Step 3

Start Time Tracking

Once boards are synced, open them in your Workstatus dashboard and click the timer button to log time directly on cards and tasks. No manual entry is needed!

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See, Track, Conquer with Smarter Timesheets

Workstatus seamlessly generates timesheets, providing an insightful breakdown of your team’s time allocation. Track activities precisely, assess time estimates, and effortlessly review, approve, or deny daily timesheets for streamlined management.

Comprehensive Analysis

Fetch Every Detail with Comprehensive Reports

Stay fully informed with Workstatus comprehensive reports. Access actionable insights, including total time tracked, app and URL activity, project reports, and more across different report formats. Gain valuable project information directly within Trello for efficient decision-making.


Beyond Ordinary Timer


Efficient Project Allocation

Easily assign Trello tasks to team members in Workstatus for streamlined project management.


Activity Insights

Monitor app and URL activity alongside Trello tasks to comprehensively understand how time is utilized.


Real-time Progress Tracking

Track Trello task progress within Workstatus, ensuring projects stay on schedule.


Comprehensive Reporting

Generate detailed reports integrating Trello data, offering insights into productivity, project statuses, and more.


Invoicing Integration

Efficiently invoice clients by combining Trello task data with billable hours within Workstatus.


Simplified Payroll

Easily transfer accurate time data from Trello to Workstatus for precise payroll calculations, eliminating errors and manual entry.

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Easier Project Management

Complete Transparency with Data-driven Validation

Workstatus offers comprehensive employee monitoring capabilities to eliminate uncertainty.

Keep track of app and website usage, keyboard and mouse activity, and real-time screenshots, providing visibility into your team’s productivity. Team members have full access to their data, ensuring transparency and accountability.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Workstatus and Trello Integration work together?

The Workstatus and Trello Integration seamlessly connect your project management and time-tracking tasks. It lets you track time spent on Trello projects directly within Workstatus, enabling accurate time management and streamlined project workflows.

Is my data secure when using the integration?

Yes, data security is a priority for us. Workstatus follows stringent security protocols to ensure your data is protected. We utilize encryption and industry best practices to safeguard your information throughout the integration process.

Can I get support if I encounter any issues with the integration?

Absolutely. Our customer support team can assist you with questions, concerns, or technical issues using the Workstatus and Trello Integration. Feel free to reach out to us for prompt assistance.

Can I integrate multiple Trello projects with Workstatus?

Yes, you can integrate multiple Trello projects with Workstatus, allowing you to effectively track time and manage tasks across various projects within your Trello account.

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