Streamline Email Delivery With Workstatus SMTP Integration

Want to optimize email delivery and automation? Workstatus provides seamless SMTP integration for expanded analytics.

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Enhanced Communication

Enhanced Email Productivity Through SMTP Integration

Sync contacts, monitor email activity, and gain insights instantly. Elevate email marketing and workflow efficiency through Workstatus’s seamless SMTP integration.

Simple as 1, 2, 3

Effortless Three-Step Integration Setup

Acing Success Through SMTP Integration

Step 1

Authorize The Integration

Log into your Workstatus account and enable the SMTP integration. Provide necessary permissions to allow Workstatus to integrate seamlessly with your email communication.

Step 2

Select Email Accounts

Choose the specific email accounts and threads you wish to track using Workstatus. This customization ensures you focus on the most relevant communication data.

Step 3

Initiate Data Sync

Once configured, Workstatus will automatically capture and sync email communication data, providing real-time insights without manual input.

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Never Miss A Beat

Effortless Task Management With Automated Notifications

Worktatus SMTP integration keeps your team in the loop. Receive automated emails for task assignments, updates, and completions. Streamline your task management process, ensuring everyone is well-informed about responsibilities and deadlines.

Simplify Your Workday

Accurate Time Tracking Made Easy

Never miss a time entry again. Worktatus, coupled with SMTP, sends automatic email reminders to track time. This ensures precise time logs for client billing, project profitability assessment, and operational efficiency.

Bridging The Gap

Seamless Email Management Integration


Automated Task Alerts

Integrate SMTP with Worktatus for automatic task notifications, enhancing task management and deadline awareness.


Time Tracking Reminders

Leverage SMTP to send timely reminders for time tracking in Worktatus, ensuring accurate records for client billing and efficiency evaluation.


Real-time Updates

Receive instant SMTP notifications within Worktatus, updating you on task progress and changes.


Detailed Time Reports

Generate comprehensive reports merging SMTP data, offering insights into project hours, team performance, and more.


Effortless Invoicing

Combine SMTP task details with billable hours in Worktatus for efficient client invoicing.


Precise Payroll

Transfer Trello time data to Worktatus via SMTP, simplifying payroll calculations and reducing errors

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Transparent Operations, Visible Success

Experience complete transparency with Worktatus

Monitor email communications, task updates, and real-time activity summaries, gaining valuable insights into your team’s effectiveness. Team members can access their data anytime, promoting transparency and responsibility.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the SMTP integration secure and compliant with privacy regulations?

Yes, Worktatus takes data security and privacy seriously. The SMTP integration is designed to be secure and compliant with privacy regulations, ensuring that sensitive information is protected

Can team members view their email-related data?

Yes, team members have access to their email-related data within Worktatus. This transparency fosters accountability and helps individuals manage their email communication more effectively.

Does the SMTP integration offer any reporting features?

Yes, Worktatus provides reporting features that allow you to generate insights and reports based on email activity. These reports can be valuable for analyzing email trends and optimizing productivity.

Is there a trial period available for the Worktatus SMTP integration?

es, Worktatus typically offers 7-day free trial periods for its integrations, allowing you to explore the benefits of the SMTP integration before committing.

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