Workstatus For Chromebook Devices

Streamline your workflow, track time effortlessly, and collaborate seamlessly with our powerful Chromebook app, compatible with Android 8.1 and above. Experience the next level of workload management and take control of your tasks like never before.

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Workforce Management Made Easy with Chromebook App


View and Edit timesheet from anywhere

Edit timesheets manually in case of wrong entries or when someone forgets to log their hours. Also, you can view, accept or reject timesheets submitted by your employees.

Stay updated while on the move

With real-time screenshot capture, view what your employees are doing. Analyze the data collected with the help of AI-powered reports. View the location, movement, and task progress of your employees.

Track time & productivity

Get all the data & reports to know the time your team is spending on projects and how productive they are overall. Track your time and productivity on each daily task via your mobile phone.

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How Workstatus Chromebook App Works

You need just one app to keep everything under control. Let’s get started quickly with Workstatus.


Create an account

Sign up for Workstatus free & get started.


Download our Chromebook app

Download the latest version of the Workstatus app on your Chromebook devices.


Start the timer

When you start working, start the timer with one click. It is that simple.


Add required details

You can add details and notes of your tasks, projects, productivity, and billable hours


Extract Reports for Analysis

Log in to your online dashboard to extract data saved in reports. Get daily reports based on attendance, projects & tasks, job site visits, weekly activity reports, and customized reports.


An All-In-One Chromebook App

Start your workforce management journey today!

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Automate Your Business Operations With Workstatus

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AI Intuitive Dashboard

Get accurate analysis with the AI-powered dashboard. Identify improvement areas and make necessary changes to enhance performance.

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Keep Your Work Hours Organized

Accurately track the time spent on each task, identify which projects take longer than anticipated, and make adjustments as needed.

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Set Up Multiple Geofences Locations

Use geofencing technology to monitor your employees' locations, and ensure they are on time and working on assigned jobs.

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Selfie Validation: Transforming Attendance

The Selfie Validation feature brings transparency to attendance management. Prevent buddy punching and time theft. Also, ensure your employees report for work from the assigned site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Workstatus on my Chromebook device?

Yes, Workstatus is compatible with Chromebook devices. Also, it works best on Android 8.1 and above.

Can I access Workstatus on multiple Chromebook devices simultaneously?

Yes, you can access Workstatus on multiple Chromebook devices using the same account, allowing you to seamlessly switch between devices and stay connected to your work management tasks.

Does Workstatus require an internet connection to function on Chromebook devices?

Yes, Workstatus requires an active internet connection to synchronize data, track time, and enable real-time collaboration features on Chromebook devices

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