From improving last-mile delivery to enhancing customer engagement, geofencing can help businesses succeed in today’s competitive market. Businesses, especially those in field services, can achieve much with Geofencing.

Geofencing technology creates virtual boundaries around physical locations. By using the technology, industries that are constantly looking to improve their field management services can:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Generate more revenue
  • Improve supply chain
  • Streamline logistics processes
  • Optimize operations

So, if you want to transform your field services business, keep reading to learn how geofencing can help you overcome common challenges and achieve your goals.

The Future of Geofencing- Market Growth & Size

A recent report by Future Market Insights showed that the geofencing market is expected to reach US$ 9,596.6 Million in 2032 from US$ 1,8672.2 Million in 2022 at a CAGR of 17.8%.

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You must be wondering, what could be the possible reasons for such positive growth?

The below key factors drive geofencing market growth:

  • The proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices creates more opportunities for businesses to engage with customers through geofencing technology.
  • Increasing demand for real-time tracking and monitoring of field technicians and assets.
  • Growing need for more efficient and optimized field service operations, including scheduling and dispatching.
  • Greater focus is on improving customer satisfaction through faster response times and better communication.

Everything About Geofencing Technology

What is Geofencing Technology?

Geofencing is a location-based service that allows businesses to create virtual boundaries around specific geographic areas using GPS or RFID technology.

How does it work?

  • Define the location: Businesses can define the boundaries of a location on a digital map.
  • Set the trigger: Businesses can set triggers, such as entering or exiting the location or staying there for a certain amount of time
  • User’s device: When a user enters or exits the geofenced area, it triggers an action, such as sending a notification, text message, or email.

Benefits of Geofencing Technology:

  • Location-based tracking: Geofencing technology enables companies to track the location of their assets or vehicles in real-time.
  • Targeted marketing: Businesses can target users with relevant ads or offers within a specific geographic area.
  • Increased engagement: Users are more likely to engage with businesses when they receive relevant and timely notifications.

Examples of Geofencing Technology:

  • Retail: Retailers can use geofencing to send notifications and promotions to users when they enter or exit the store.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare providers can use geofencing to track patient activity and send alerts if they leave a designated area.
  • Transportation: Transportation companies can use geofencing to track their vehicles and ensure they stay within designated routes.

Workstatus is a powerful geofencing tool for companies looking to monitor their on-field workers in real-time.

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How is Geofencing Addressing Common Business Problems?

1. No way to track the work order status

Businesses like eCommerce companies, logistics service providers, etc., often find tracking the work order status difficult. Geofencing provides real-time tracking and monitoring of field technicians and assets.

With geofencing, they can track when technicians enter and exit job sites, providing visibility into their progress and status updates of work orders.

2. No territory mapping

When territories are not mapped, managing resources efficiently and optimizing operations becomes challenging.

Geofencing addresses this problem by creating virtual boundaries around specific locations, ensuring employees work only in designated areas. This helps businesses optimize their resources and streamline their operations.

  3. Poor dispatching system

A poor dispatching system is another common problem that geofencing can resolve.

Using real-time location tracking, geofencing allows dispatchers to determine the nearest employee to a job site and assign the task. This helps reduce response times and as a result, improves customer satisfaction.

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4. Inaccurate Invoices

Manual timesheets are prone to errors and can lead to overpayment or underpayment of employees, resulting in dissatisfied employees and increased expenses for the company.

Employees can easily record their working hours at the client’s location with a geofencing time tracking app. Thus, it ensures accurate pay for their work hours.

5. No way to calculate billable vs. non-billable hours

Billable hours are a critical factor in the profitability of a business.

Geofencing can assist in tracking employee location and time spent at client locations. It enables accurate calculation of billable vs. non-billable hours, leading to better pricing decisions and increased profitability.

6. Time theft and Buddy Punching

Manual attendance tracking systems are error-prone and can lead to inaccurate payments.

To solve this problem, geofencing technology can be used to track employee hours accurately. With geofencing, your employees can automatically clock in and out from the job sites. This will record their arrival and departure times, eliminating buddy punching and time theft.

7. Getting the real-time location of on-field employees

Knowing the real-time location of on-field workers is essential for businesses to optimize their operations.

Geofencing can provide real-time location updates of on-field employees, allowing businesses to manage their resources better, dispatch employees to job sites more efficiently, and improve customer satisfaction.

8. Poor customer service

Customer satisfaction is critical to the success of any business. Geofencing can improve customer service by reducing response time.

Dispatchers can quickly determine which employee is closest to the customer’s location and assign the task accordingly. This results in faster response times and, ultimately, improved customer satisfaction.

9. No safety

Safety is a top priority for any organization with on-field workers.

Geofencing technology can help ensure employee safety by setting virtual boundaries around hazardous areas. By this, businesses can easily limit access to authorized staff only.

10. Inability to maintain inventory

Inventory management is integral to any e-commerce or logistics & supply chain business. Thus, it becomes essential to monitor your inventory in real time.

Businesses can monitor the inventory by using geofencing technology.

It can assist by tracking the movement of assets in real time, providing accurate information on stock levels, and reducing the risk of theft.

Unlocking the Power of Geofencing: Solving Your Business Problems with Workstatus!

Geofencing is a powerful tool for organizations looking to monitor their on-field workers in real-time.

Workstatus is one such AI-powered software that offers advanced geofencing solutions to help companies by:

Workstatus lets you set up geofencing zones around job sites to monitor employee movements and activities. And here are its features to help you control your field teams from anywhere.

Attendance Tracking

Track the attendance of your workers even when they are working remotely. Get instant alerts on absenteeisms, clock-ins & clock-outs, or latecomers with the help of an automated attendance system.

Attendance Management

What to look for:

  • Simplify payroll management
  • Selfie verification technology
  • Trace absenteeism patterns

Online Timesheets

No more manual timesheets. Track hours of employees using online timesheets to get an accurate picture of the time spent on multiple jobs.

Online timesheets

What to look for:

  • Timesheet based invoicing
  • Automated timekeeping
  • Easy to manage tasks

Automated reporting system

Generate customized reports quickly and easily. It can help managers save valuable time by automating the process of preparing reports on timesheets, employee activity, and project progress.

With Workstatus, managers can access real-time data and insights to make informed decisions and optimize their business processes.


time&activity report

  • Time & Activity reports
  • Weekly reports
  • Project & Todo
  • Timesheet approval reports
  • Attendance reports

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking helps companies monitor the location of their workers in real-time.

You will get a reliable and secure way to track employees’ movements and activities, ensuring they are working where they should be.

 best geofence time clock app

What to look for:

  • Route optimization
  • Trace the delays
  • Current location tracking


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More from Workstatus:

By unlocking the power of geofencing, you can gain valuable insights into operations for higher profit.

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Ques. What type of businesses can benefit from geofencing technology?

Ans. Geofencing technology has become an essential tool for a variety of organizations like

  • E-commerce
  • Logistics & Supply chain
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Transportation companies
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Event venues

Geofencing provides numerous benefits to these enterprises.

Ques. Is geofencing technology expensive to implement?

Ans. The cost of integrating geofencing technology varies based on the company’s size and the project’s complexity.

Thankfully, cost-effective options like Workstatus can provide businesses with robust geofencing solutions at affordable prices.

Here are the pricing plans for everyone:

  • Free Forever Package: ₹0 (for a single user) forever
  • Premium: ₹199/user/month
  • Enterprise Package: Contact for pricing

Choose the plan that completely fits your size and other requirements.

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