According to Techopedia, Geo-fencing is determined as:

“a technology that defines a virtual boundary around a real-world geographical reason.”

The term geo-fencing refers to software tools that use global positioning systems (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to establish a virtual perimeter or barrier around a physical geographical area.

Geo-fence software and tools keep track of when mobile devices or other physical objects enter or leave a geofenced area and send warnings to officials when a device’s status changes. Text messages, email updates, and phone calls are all examples of signs.

Integrating geo fences technology into your company is critical in today’s world. It assists you in attracting more loyal customers as well as growing revenue.

Be an innovative business and deliver promotions and product offers to your customers’ smartphones as soon as they reach your geographic area.

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Use of geo-fencing technology in 2020-2021

What is Geofencing?

Geofences is a technology in which software uses cellular data, wifi, RFID, or GPS to actuate a remote-control action when a mobile device or RFID tag enters or exits a virtual boundary set up around a geographical location, known as a geofence.

It is a mobile marketing optimization strategy, serving smartphone users with relevant ads by creating virtual boundaries of the business location, which notify users when they come in contact with the virtual parameter.

A geofencing allows an administrator to set up triggers that send a warning when a system enters (or exits) the administrator’s specified boundaries. Many geo-fencing apps include Google Earth, which allows administrators to draw borders on top of a particular location’s satellite image.

Depending on how the geofence is configured, it can send target messages on social media, show ads and trigger a mobile notification, and warning messages or text messages to the user.

The technology is used to track organization assets, control field workers, and automate time cards. Some businesses use geofencing to track specific areas and notify management if someone enters or exits.

How Does it Work?

How Does geofencing Work

When creating a mobile app, a developer or administrator first creates a virtual parameter around a specific RFID or GPS location to allow geofencing, then uses APIs to draw a 100-foot circle around the google map location and obtain authorization entry and exit in that area.

The geofence is usually defined within a mobile application code since users must opt-in to location services for it to work. You will download an app that offers information about the case if you go to a concert. Companies do the same thing, drawing a geofence around their employees to control and track them and send out a smartphone or email alert—the companies’ geofences to track their employee position and time spent on work sites.

End-users may use app capabilities, and companies’ software reminds them to select the address and location from which they want the push notification or warn.

Geofencing is more than just an app; it regulates and monitors all activities in every sector, whether it’s transportation, agriculture, or information technology.

A geofence defined by latitude and longitude and the radius creates a circular area, or fence, around the site. Geofencing combines a user’s knowledge of their current location with their proximity to potentially exciting places. To mark an area of interest, you state its latitude and longitude. To adjust the proximity of a spot, you use a radius.

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Why is Geofences So Essential Today?

Why is Geofences So Essential Today

Let’s read out the importance of this technology so that you can also take leverage of it.

  • Track Movability

With geofences, it is easy to deploy GPS location and track all your assets simultaneously. The technology provides the feature of tracking moving objects by mobile devices.

  • Automate tracking at location

With this technology, you can easily track the route and moving team members; it follows the employees’ work hours and work location and records it to an excel table. Also, provide push notifications or alert text messages for the successful flow of work.

  • Track a time limit to job sites

Geofences let you track your employee job sites; geo time clock feature run clock when the employee enters a specific zone and pause or stop when they leave the location.

The software also records the time spent by the employee on the particular task.

  • Human resource management

Geo fence helps companies with trouble monitoring employees, especially the employee working out in the field or spending time off-site.

it is also an easy way to

  • Precise reporting

Geofences help to know about the precise location for a rich report. The employer can easily filter reports according to a specific client, time spent on job sites by an employee, and get complex project reports.

Here is a list of other common geofence application:

  • Smart application
  • security
  • audience engagement
  • social networking

The Future of Geofencing

The Future of Geofencing

There have been some cautious comments about geofencing, especially when it comes to privacy issues in marketing. Just last year, Massachusetts was one of the first states to enact a consumer protection law against the use of location-based advertising.

The attorney general blocked an advertising campaign by Copley Advertising, a Christian organization hired to put up fences around women’s clinics and target women in or near waiting rooms with anti-abortion ads.

Despite questions about safety, however, geofencing does not appear to be losing demand any time soon. According to reports from MarketsandMarkets, the geofencing industry is supposed to gain by more than 27 percent through 2022, quoting “technological advancements in the use of spatial data and increasing adoption across numerous industry verticals.”

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Geofence Time Tracking Software

Today geo fences were not only a part of GPS tracking it applied in many time tracking softwares. It works as an invisible boundary on Google Maps, which sets the parameter for your mobile teams so that you can manage all project tasks.

Geo fence provides an automated tracking feature to the employer to monitor their team’s activity when they are on the field.

The geofence time clock software is smart enough to track the employee’s location, record the time as the employer enters an identified geofence zone, and send the alert notification or text message whenever they leave the area.

The technology is extremely helpful and easy to use, does not require any complicated setup or training.

It works wonders for many businesses when it comes to tracking employees’ location. When integrated with your current time tracking software and apps your team uses daily, the Geofence time clock app can be a powerful tool. It boosts productivity, automates work, and helps reduce expenses.

If you wonder which software to choose to track your mobile team, then here is the Best geo time clock software that can work perfectly for your Mobile Team.

WorkStatus, A Geofence Tracker helps you keep track of the members’ activities on the field just like you track the productivity of members in the office. It calculates punches, hours spent, maps routes, and creates reports for your review.

Geofencing and Automated GPS Time Tracking

Time tracking with mobile devices for your mobile teams allows them to enable their work hours tracking from wherever they’re. With WorkStatus, you can automate time tracking through a time clock with geofences as soon as your employees reach the job site.

Auto-Create Geofences to Manage Mobile Teams

  • Automatic tracking at location
  • Time-tracking is limited to job sites.
  • Tack movability
  • Precise reporting

Why Choose WorkStatus?

Work Status always believes in providing the best services per our customers’ business needs. According to enterprises, our software is customizable and continually works to boost employee productivity by tracking activities and progress without having to poke employees about their daily task reports.

WE aim to offer a platform/medium for organizations and individuals to be more productive. We encourage teams to focus on essential job tasks rather than wasting their crucial hours on other distractions.

The software came with many features like:


Summing it Up

Nowadays, humans are getting so busy with their life, they are always on the go’- but they have their mobile phones with them, which help them find any product and service they need and get easy research about that product or service before buying it.

Geofencing has become a common practice for many companies as mobile devices have grown in popularity. When it came to a geographic area that has been easy to establish, the possibilities for what businesses can do seem infinite. It has become increasingly common in marketing and social media.

In several retail and hospitality companies, Geofencing should be used with caution, particularly when it comes to marketing privacy.