In this era of digitalization, remote working has become an everyday phenomenon for many businesses around the globe. Although this transition offers extraordinary adaptability and comfort, it also poses problems with efficiency and privacy.

With employees spread across multiple locations, it is not always easy to keep tabs on their activities and ensure that information remains secure.

To meet the needs of its users, Workstatus, a leading provider of productivity and time tracking tools, has unveiled “Stealth Mode.”

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This breakthrough feature permits users to track their work activities without interruption, safeguarding their privacy and allowing them to remain focused and productive.

In this blog post, we will examine how Stealth Mode, the latest feature by Workstatus, can bolster business productivity and privacy in the virtual work sphere.

Not only does this tool benefit company owners and team managers, but individual workers as well.

Let us uncover the potential of this groundbreaking feature and the advantage it has to offer!

What is Stealth Mode?

Employee monitoring software with a stealth mode feature allows users to monitor activities and track their time without interrupting. Workstatus will start when your employees start their systems and stop when they shut down their systems. Saving them time & hassle of switching it on and off.

Read the infographics to know more about Stealth Mode:

Stealth Mode infographics

Why Does Your Organization Need Stealth Monitoring?

1. Keep your Hybrid/WFH team Productive

“Stealth Mode” can enable companies to boost the productivity of their hybrid/WFH teams transparently. It gives managers a visible understanding of the time taken and tasks accomplished by remote employees, aiding them to be more responsible for their work.

This feature can upgrade workflow and efficiency as supervisors can flexibly manage the degree of supervision in line with an employee’s progress.

stealth mode 2

With the help of  Workstatus- Stealth Mode Monitoring, employers can make the most of their resources for planning, project monitoring, and resource optimization.

2. Low Data thefts

A data breach can seriously damage your business’s credibility, ruin its reputation, and destroy customers’ trust in your company.

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By employing Stealth monitoring software like Workstatus, you can reduce the risk of data theft caused by malicious or unintentional insiders. It comes with:

  • Application usage tracking
  • URL tracking
  • Active screenshots

So, you can restrict any malicious site and report it to the concerned person for further action.

With such insights, you can detect such a situation in the early stages and promptly take action to put an end to it.

3. Reduces Cyberloafing

While pretending to work, employees often utilize their employers’ internet connection for non-business purposes, which is referred to as cyberloafing.

A recent study has revealed that 64% of employees visit non-work related websites, and 69% of employees don’t use their everyday productively.

Making a simple calculation reveals the massive number of work hours, and subsequent profits, your business loses daily.

Stealth monitoring can serve as a savior in providing a guard against non-work-related websites while simultaneously giving a real-time picture of what employees are working on.

Now, it’s easier to monitor your team’s progress and provide guidance when needed to ensure efficiency.

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4. Improves Accountability

Stealth mode gives companies an opportunity to discover bottlenecks, improve accountability, and strengthen performance. This feature permits them to determine areas of the workflow that may need extra attention and resources.

In addition, it enables businesses to detect any misuse of company time.

By leveraging the capabilities of stealth mode, organizations can monitor staff performance and locate any shortcomings.

App & URL tracking

If you need a powerful, all-in-one solution for tracking your employees’ activities, Workstatus’ Employee Monitoring Software is a perfect choice. With its Stealth mode feature, it offers a wide variety of options to optimize and streamline your employee monitoring efforts.

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Ques. Why do employers ask for Stealth mode?

Ans. The “Stealth mode” feature lets monitoring software run in the background of a computer without interrupting users.

Employers or managers can keep tabs on employee computer use and productivity.

When stealth mode is enabled, the employee monitoring software will run in the background, unobtrusively monitoring the user’s activity without disrupting their workflow.

Ques. What are some benefits of stealth mode monitoring?

Ans. Here are some benefits of stealth mode:

  • With stealth mode monitoring, organizations can effectively gain insight into suspicious occurrences within a system without giving any notice.
  • It can assist in preventing security breaches and help mitigate related financial losses.
  • The monitoring technique also provides a reliable method for obtaining data to make informed decisions.
  • It is a valuable tool for quickly identifying emerging threats and mitigating the damage they can cause.

Ques. Which is the best stealth monitoring software?

Ans. Workstatus is the best stealth monitoring software because of the following reasons:

  • Get complete visibility into the activities of your teams.
  • Accurately track and monitor activities from remote locations with ease.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting that can be easily customized to your specific needs.
  • Easy to detect any suspicious or malicious activity in the workflow.
  • A user-friendly interface lets you set up and manage your monitoring preferences.
  • A cost-effective and secure solution.

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