Are you struggling to discover effective task management strategies? Do you think finding them is a hard nut to crack? The answer is No!

Managing your tasks is not rocket science. 

Following a few simple tips can bring you the desired outcomes. But what are they? This blog is going to focus on the same.

So, without wasting any time further, let’s jump to some of the core task management strategies you may follow for better results.

Most Effective Task Management Hacks

1. Prepare a To-Do List 

To-do lists have become more robust and powerful than ever before. Gone are the days when people used to have handwritten notes for thoughts and stuff to get done.

Now, they hold smart to-do list applications that provide reminders and alerts before the job is due. It is effortless to jot down concepts in texts, voice notes, images, and much more. 

Make it a practice to prepare a list of your tasks. Moreover, you can use several free and premium to-do list tools.

2. Prioritize your Tasks

Reasonably, not everything available on your to-do list requires it to be done immediately. Yes, a few great concepts can assist you in taking your game to another level. Nevertheless, it is necessary to authenticate what is relevant in a particular situation.

Know the strengths & flaws of your projects with the possibilities and warnings it is encountering. As soon as you are clear with what intended, you can determine the tasks’ significance properly. 

3. Make a Schedule

Scheduling jobs is a comprehensive task management ability and retains the team concentrated devoid of going off-track about other jobs. But, staying on track is a significant conflict in itself.

 Do you know that individuals waste around 21.8 hours per week? Experts are more or less influenced by diversions that result in main difficulties later. These disturbances involve small talk and phone usage. 

First, you need to avoid these distractions. Next, create a schedule and assign start and due dates. By allocating a due date, you are prone to be more conscious about the value it acquires, both financially and time-wise.

4. Manage Change

Being open to innovation is essential but understanding the how-to is equally crucial. Several times, you are incapable of driving the change for a particular project or approach.

With the scrum approach, you can open and maintain the transformation effortlessly via regular scrum meetings. The standard scrum provides you with a chance not just to summarise the things being completed but even the hurdles they may encounter.

5. Focus on Transparent Communications  

As per Gallup-disengaged employees cost American Businesses around $450B to $550B yearly. This number shows the significance of interaction for teams and businesses, and even explains why it is the most critical task management tactic.

As an administrator, you need to smoothen your team’s communication attempts to such a degree that it becomes easy. 

One of the most reliable means to accomplish this is by building communication ways that guarantee a free movement of data so that anyone can ask questions, simplify doubts, and so on without any hesitation.

6. Collaborate Regularly

Being a project manager, it is imperative to have an apparent task management strength in front of your colleagues.

Communicate with your team regularly, question them regarding the project or task update, ask what irritates them the most in their ongoing task management approach, and utilize their review to properly organize your tasks. 

Productive collaboration is more crucial when you are running a digital project workforce. It can be somewhat tricky at first; however, there are lots of remote team collaboration apps and tools that make communication effortless than ever before. 

WorkStatus is one of the popular tools that you can use for effective team collaboration.

7. Develop an Effective Filing System

Handling tasks and projects involve much paperwork. Tons of records are built and altered when you are operating on a particular job in a project.

This can be changed effortlessly into a task management blunder if you do not have a decent filing system. If you desire to plan your tasks, assure that every document and essential data related to a project are stored in a single place. 

Performing this will protect you and your team several times, as you don’t have to bother about exploring scattered data files for the recent edition of a document.

8. Use a Task Management Tool  

Having talented resources can win you battlegrounds. The same goes for struggling for efficient time tracking and task management. Innovation has paved the path for multiple startups to turn into market giants and has developed billionaires.

When used rightly, the appropriate software can do phenomena for your professional and personal life. Project and task management skills perhaps have a lot to perform on your unique qualities and traits, but deploying the appropriate task management software can exponentially boost your success possibilities.

Make sure you research and pick a trusted task management app for your team. Among all, WorkStatus is one of the well-known task management apps.

9. Perform the Difficult Task First 

As we all are individuals, it’s perfectly normal to feel worried while handling complex and challenging jobs. In most scenarios, we make all efforts to dodge tricky tasks or in different words – we favour keeping the most challenging task for the end.

This method might store some sweat, but we will need to tackle the challenging tasks someday, correct? 

So, cannot we complete them in the beginning? Just consider all the concepts that come to your brain when you possess a difficult job and study how credible or motivated you will feel after accomplishing them.


Practising all the time management strategies, as mentioned above, will aid you in suitably organizing your workday. After only some days you will discern that:

  • Your productivity has increased.
  • It’s simpler for you to do jobs you’ve been assigned with.
  • You will feel like you have more time.
  • The work-associated pressure has dropped significantly

Moreover, you can use an expert tool, like WorkStatus, to attain higher and effective results. 

Effective Task Management Tool

Being introduced by a team of experienced developers, this task management tool is packed with multiple features. Here are a few of its advanced features: 

  • Time tracking
  • Screenshot capturing
  • Managing tasks
  • Project budgeting for tracking milestones
  • Productivity monitoring
  • Detailed timesheets & timecard reports for analysis
  • Daily activity track with GPS and Geofence tracking

What makes it the first of startups, SMEs, and Enterprises is that it is designed for businesses of different niches. Not only this, you can even track the location of your employees via an integrated GPS tracking facility

Do you know any other task management trick or a tool like this? If yes, then mention it in the comment section. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. What is task management software, and why do we need it?

Ans. A Task management tool or software is a computer program that allows managers to assign tasks to their employees, track the status of those tasks, and provide progress updates on what has been accomplished. It helps with organizing a project by breaking it down into smaller portions. It also aims at reducing administrative burdens from the manager while improving productivity from the employee.

Ques. How do you manage project tasks?

Ans. WorkStatus is online employee scheduling software that helps you track and manage your project tasks. It enables you and your team to visualize the progress of a project by giving timely updates. This way, you can manage any tasks time-sensitive tasks with a glance. 

Ques. What are some typical features of a task management program?

Ans. Some typical features of the best employee scheduling software are-

  • Time tracking
  • Project scheduling
  • Project planning
  • Billing quotes
  • Reporting
  • Team collaboration
  • Project budgeting
  • Employee scheduling app