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Do you love timesheets? How about memes?

Then, you’ll love these funny timesheet memes we’ve put together! Timesheets can be tricky to keep up with and often create stress and headaches at work.

But today, we bring you some hilarious memes about timesheets to break up the monotony of writing them — and maybe even put a smile on your face.

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Check out these timesheet memes, and then share those that make you laugh in the comments below!

25 Witty Timesheet Memes That Will Crack You Up 

To claim that timesheets cause staff worry is an understatement. That may be why most people wait till the last minute to submit them.

All you know for sure is that it means more Teams notifications, reminder emails, and hilarious memes.

Every week, your staff is entertained with fresh memes freshly produced!

How do you find the time to create new ones?

You’re clearly taking a little assistance from blogs like ours!

You’ve come up with a great plan. Don’t worry. We won’t tell them; it’ll be our secret.

Let’s have a  look at 25 hilarious timesheet memes that you may use for your next reminder email-

Let The Meme Fun Begin-

1. Do It Today Only


With Clark Gable’s iconic statement, you can get right to the point. This meme will ensure that your workers submit their timesheets on time!

2. “Hello, Yes, Submit Your Timesheet, Like, Yesterday”


It may seem like all you do is send reminder after reminder to your employees about time reporting.

3. No One is Excused From Filling Timesheets


Darth Vader clearly understands the importance of a timesheet, and you don’t want to activate his evil side!

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4. Out of nowhere, you get a mind-blowing idea.

work productivity meme

While you may expect your employees to follow the rules, what if they purposefully delay handing in their timesheets because they genuinely enjoy your funny timesheet reminder memes?

 5. You Don’t Want to Wait Indefinitely, After all.

payroll funny memesWe don’t want you to devote all of your time waiting for that delayed timesheet so you can begin processing payroll.

6. If Your Staff Finds It Difficult To Recall, Gently Send A Reminder.

timesheet memes 2023

 It’s time to flex your creative muscles and think outside the box.

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7. Look, What We Have Got For Our Music Lovers

time card memes

Send this timesheet reminder meme to your staff to encourage them to submit their timesheets on time.

It’s guaranteed to have them singing this catchy tune all day!

8. It’s Time For Some Oprah

payroll meme

Every team member is required to submit their timesheet. You suppose they’d be aware of this by now.

But hey, maybe Oprah will persuade them.

9. Waiting Can Bring Back Memories of the Good Old Days

time sheets meme

You could easily fall in love with the old days when punchcards were standard and you didn’t have to worry about tracking down each inconvenient timesheet.

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10. Hold On, Is It Really Your Mistake?

timecard meme funny

Maybe you, as a supervisor, are equally to blame.

Isn’t it true that you frequently urge your staff to fulfil deadlines, put their job first and improve workflows?

It’s no surprise that without meaning to, you may have convinced them their timesheets were less important.

11. Then You Will Never Forget Your Pending Tasks

funny payroll memes

12. You could even start Contemplating If You Don’t Pay Much Attention To It.

timesheet due meme

You may begin to examine yourself in order to figure out what you could have done differently.

Maybe you should’ve sent more reminders?

After all, your full-time workers and freelancers are busy individuals, and they may forget things.

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13. When No Other Method Works, What You Can Do Is Just- Scream !!

funny timesheet reminder

Avoid creating toxic work culture by screaming instead share toxic coworkers’ memes.

If they only submitted their timesheets on time, all of this may have been avoided.

14. Do You Have Any Reason For Not Filling Timesheets?

timecard reminder meme

It might be the perfect excuse for not completing the timesheets.

 15. What Late Timesheets Can Do To Your Career

timesheet reminder meme funny

 16. When Employees Don’t Fill their Timesheets. Managers Be Like

timesheet meme 2023

If your co-workers are called out for late timesheets, you may devote hours to daydreaming about the many methods to reprimand them. Maybe you can try such memes for co-workers.

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 17. When You Got Something You Have Been Looking For Ages

timesheet reminder meme 2022

Wait, maybe it is? It is!

It’s a finished timesheet that only took three reminders to complete!

18. It Seems Like A Great Deal To Seal

timesheet meme reminderIt’s all because employees took your kind reminder about the timesheet seriously.

Now, you and your employee are on the road to success.

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19. When You Know Who The Real Heroes Are 

timesheets due meme

We know your employees are your heroes when they complete their timesheets.

 20. Whenever Employees Forget To Sign The Timesheets

funny timesheet memes

21. May Be Sometimes You Wish If You Can Give Such T-shirts To Everyone

timesheet memes funny

You may just pull off a casual Friday by wearing this particular Friday meme t-shirt.

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22. Employees Filling Timesheets At The Eleventh Hour

reminder meme

23. Situation Of Every Employee After Completing Their Timesheets

timesheet reminder

 Timesheets done. Call for Celebration.

24. When You Don’t Want Any Pain and Suddenly Remember “Timesheets”  timesheet meme funny               

Send such tired memes to remind your employees to accurately fill timesheets.

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25. Is There Any Better Way Of Remembering Timesheets?

timesheet reminder meme

But what if we told you there is another way to do things?

What if you can set automated reminders and not have to worry about incomplete timesheets anymore?

How Can You Easily Manage Timesheets?

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WS activity

It will automate your payroll process so you can manage your in-house, remote, and freelancer workers. 

After Using Workstatus’ Online Timesheet Feature, Employees Be Like- 

timesheet reminder meme

Closing Thoughts 

There is no need to chase down every employee and attempt to check their schedule to see if they’ve fudged some data, as timesheets no longer have to be a complicated process.

Instead, use a time tracking software like Workstatus to generate timesheets automatically and even simplify payroll processing so you can concentrate on fewer niche memes (or more! We don’t think it’s fair to judge). 

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Ques. What is a timesheet?

Ans. A timesheet records the amount of time an employee spends on various tasks or projects during a specific period, such as a week or a month. 

It typically includes details such as the date, start and end times, task or project name, and any notes or comments related to the work.

Ques. Why are timesheets important?

Ans. Timesheets are essential for several reasons. They help companies track employee productivity and billable hours, ensure accurate payroll processing, and provide insights into time spent across different projects or departments. 

They also record employee attendance and work performance, which can be useful in performance evaluations and other HR processes.

Ques. Which is the best online timesheet app?

Ans. Workstatus is an online timesheet app with time tracking, project management, and team collaboration features. 

It allows users to track time on projects and tasks, view reports and analytics, and communicate with team members in real time. 

Workstatus integrates with popular productivity tools like Trello, Asana, and Slack.

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