Considering hiring a virtual assistant? Let’s delve into the compelling benefits they can offer your business.

Recent surveys indicate that organizations employing virtual assistants save an impressive 8 to 10 hours weekly. This substantial time-saving allows businesses to channel their focus on pivotal strategies and crucial decision-making processes.

The foremost advantage of having a virtual assistant is the invaluable time you reclaim. Virtual assistants are versatile, capable of managing a diverse array of services, such as:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media optimization
  • Administrative tasks
  • Customer service
  • Research and more

This will help you maximize the overall profit of your business.

In this blog post, we have assessed 17 leading virtual assistant websites that provide highly skilled VAs for organizations.

With hundreds of platforms offering virtual assistant services, these sites stand out as the top choices for finding the right support for your company’s needs.

Let’s dive in:

Top 17 Platforms for Hiring High-Quality Virtual Assistants

Here are the 17 best platforms for hiring high-quality virtual assistants for your organization:

My VA360

My VA360 is a trusted platform that connects businesses with highly skilled virtual assistants.

They provide a wide range of services, from administrative tasks to marketing support, and ensure personalized matches to suit each client’s needs.


  • Starter- $419/Month for 15 Hours
  • Pro – $780/Month for 30 Hours
  • Master – $1080/Month for 45 Hours
  • Virtual Jedi – $1380/Month for 60 Hours


PeoplePerHour is a popular freelancing platform with a vast virtual assistant talent pool.

Clients can post their projects and receive competitive bids from experienced VAs, making it easy to find the right fit for any task.


  • There are no charges for posting a job offer on the website. Instead, once a virtual assistant or freelancer receives payment from the client, they will pay a small fee to the platform.
Take control of your virtual assistants

Elevate your productivity to new heights


Zirtual specializes in providing dedicated virtual assistants to entrepreneurs and businesses.

Their VAs are carefully vetted and trained to handle various tasks, making them a reliable choice for long-term collaborations.


  • Entrepreneur Plan – $499 per month for 12 hours of task
  • Startup Plan – $749 per month for 24 hours of task
  • Small Business Plan – $1099 per month for 36 hours of task
  • Team Plan – $1499 per month for 50 hours of task

VA Staffer

VA Staffer is known for its flexible VA solutions, offering part-time and full-time assistance to businesses.

They have a team of skilled VAs proficient in customer support, data entry, and more.


  • Based on the hourly rate
  • Dedicated Virtual Assistant – Starts at $800/month
  • Hourly Plan – Starts at $298/month

Remote CoWorker

Remote CoWorker offers virtual assistants from a diverse talent pool, ensuring clients can find VAs with expertise in their specific industry.

Their VAs are equipped to handle various tasks, contributing to business growth.


  • Full-Time Starter – $7.99/hour
  • Part-Time Starter – $8.99/hour
  • Full-Time Bilingual – $9.99/hour

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands provides on-demand virtual assistant services, allowing clients to quickly delegate small tasks and errands.

Their efficient VAs offer prompt support for businesses seeking immediate assistance.


  • Small – $17.99/month for three service requests
  • Medium – $29.99/month for five service requests
  • Large – $74.99/month for fifteen service requests
  • XL – $149.99/month for thirty service requests

Time Etc

Time Etc is a reputable platform offering handpicked virtual assistants with expertise in various fields.

Clients can collaborate with their dedicated VAs flexibly to manage tasks effectively.


  • Ten Hours – $290/month
  • Twenty Hours – $560/month
  • Forty Hours – $1080/month
  • Sixty Hours – $1560/month


Belay focuses on providing executive-level virtual assistants, making them a top choice for businesses seeking high-level support.

Their VAs offer professional assistance across administrative and operational tasks.


  • Contact for pricing.

24/7 Virtual Assistant

24/7 Virtual Assistant provides round-the-clock support to businesses globally.

Their VAs cover a broad spectrum of services, ensuring continuous efficiency and productivity.


  • Entrepreneur – $299 /monthly membership (Assistance 30 hours/month)
  • Professional – $499/monthly membership ( Assistance 60 hours/month)
  • Office – $699/monthly membership ( Assistance 90 hours/month)
  • Executive – $899/monthly membership ( Assistance 120 hours/month)
  • VIP – $1099/monthly membership ( Assistance 160 hours/month)
  • By the Hour – $15/hour

Outsourcing Angel

Outsourcing Angel connects businesses with virtual assistants primarily based in the Philippines.

Their VAs are known for their exceptional communication skills and dedication to supporting clients’ success.


  • Freedom Package – 20hrs/week
  • Paradise Package – 40hrs/week
  • Payment depends on working hours and scope of work

Hello Rache

Hello Rache offers reliable virtual assistants who handle administrative tasks, project management, and social media support.

They pride themselves on providing VAs who can adapt to diverse business needs.


  • They provide flat-rate hourly pricing at $9 per hour, with no contracts or concealed charges.


Ossisto provides virtual assistants trained to handle administrative, technical, and creative tasks.

Their VAs are capable of streamlining workflows and supporting businesses with top-notch solutions.


  • The prices start from $7.99/hr.

VaVa Virtual

VaVa Virtual offers high-quality virtual assistants skilled in social media management, content creation, and customer service.

They cater to businesses of all sizes and help enhance client’s online presence.


  • Contact for pricing.


WoodBows focuses on providing virtual assistants who are well-versed in marketing, e-commerce, and administrative tasks.

Their VAs assist clients in growing their online businesses effectively.


  • 4 Hours Weekly – $49/week
  • 10 Hours Weekly – $99/week
  • Full-Time – $359.2/week
  • 20 Hours Weekly – $189/week

Elite Virtual Assistant

Elite Virtual Assistant connects businesses with experienced VAs capable of handling complex tasks precisely.

They offer personalized solutions to cater to specific business requirements.


  • Starter Plan – $420/month for 10 hours
  • Basic Plan – $800/month for 20 hours
  • Small Biz plan – $1520/month for 40 hours
  • Pro Plan – $2880/month for 80 hours


Wishup provides virtual assistants skilled in multiple areas, including digital marketing, research, and project management.

They offer custom plans to match clients’ unique demands.


  • Their pricing starts from $8/Hour.

Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee is a renowned outsourcing company that connects businesses with dedicated virtual assistants from India.

Their VAs are proficient in various domains, providing comprehensive support to clients worldwide.


  • The pricing plan starts from $4.5/hour.

Are you Looking to Monitor your VAs?

Certainly, monitoring virtual assistants (VAs) holds significant importance in ensuring optimal performance and seamless collaboration within businesses.

Many organizations encounter challenges in effectively overseeing VAs due to geographical distances, communication barriers, and varying work hours.

This can lead to miscommunication, missed deadlines, and subpar results.

Monitor Your VAs with Workstatus

Dashboard 5Workstatus is an AI-powered tool that lets you monitor your virtual assistants and enhance team productivity.

It offers a range of valuable features designed to streamline performance evaluation, provide complete transparency during monitoring, and optimize time management.

Here’s how Workstatus can prove to be a valuable asset for managing VAs:

Performance Evaluation of Employees

WS dashboardPerformance evaluation is crucial for managing a team of virtual assistants effectively.

Workstatus facilitates performance evaluation through comprehensive data analysis and reporting tools.

What to look for:

  • Access detailed insights into virtual assistants’ activities and productivity
  • Track work hours, task completion rates, response times, and overall performance
  • Set KPIs aligned with business objectives for objective evaluation
  • Provide constructive feedback and recognition to top performers
  • Identify areas for targeted training and improvement

The performance evaluation process becomes data-driven and objective, providing a solid foundation for constructive feedback, recognition of top performers, and targeted training to improve weaker areas.

Gain Complete Transparency While Monitoring

App & URL tracking appsGain unparalleled transparency and oversight over your virtual assistants with Workstatus.

This comprehensive monitoring solution lets you align with business objectives and make strategic decisions for growth and success.

What to look for:

  • Real-time monitoring through screenshot capture of virtual assistants’ desktops
  • A comprehensive view of activity levels and time spent on tasks
  • Promptly address productivity issues and ensure adherence to guidelines
  • Make informed decisions about task assignments and resource allocation
  • Ensure virtual assistants efficiently contribute to organizational success

Workstatus lets you address any productivity issues promptly and ensures that your VAs are contributing to the organization’s success.

Calculate Idle Time Spent on Tasks

Activity1Automated tracking of idle time during periods of inactivity allows businesses to optimize time management and productivity.

What to look for:

  • Identify unproductive periods and potential bottlenecks in workflows
  • Optimize task distribution and resource allocation
  • Enhance time management within the team
  • Build a more streamlined and productive work environment

Addressing idle time leads to a more streamlined and productive work environment, maximizing the virtual assistants’ working hours.

Automated Attendance Tracking

attendance punch in outAutomated attendance tracking removes the need for manual timekeeping and reduces the risk of errors.

What to look for:

  • Virtual assistants can log working hours, breaks, and time off through the platform
  • Eliminate the need for manual timekeeping and reduce errors
  • Ensure accurate and transparent attendance records
  • Save time on admin tasks to focus more on core business functions

Accurate and transparent attendance records are crucial for seamless payroll processing.

Closing Thoughts

Are you facing challenges in finding a virtual assistant for your business?

Hiring a virtual assistant doesn’t have to be overly complex.

These top 17 virtual assistant websites connect you with highly skilled VAs.

With the websites listed here, you have a good chance of finding talented virtual assistants to meet your needs.

Once you’ve hired a virtual assistant, you will need software to monitor or manage your work, we recommend exploring Workstatus as the best software solution tailored for virtual assistants.


Ques: Can I monitor my virtual assistants in real time with Workstatus?

Ans: Yes, Workstatus provides real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing you to view your virtual assistants’ activities and progress as they work.

Ques: Is Workstatus suitable for managing a team of virtual assistants across different projects?

Ans: Yes, Workstatus is designed to streamline team management, making it ideal for coordinating and monitoring multiple virtual assistants working on diverse projects.

Ques: How does Workstatus help me optimize my virtual assistants’ productivity?

Ans: Workstatus offers insights into idle time spent on tasks, enabling you to identify unproductive periods and make workflow adjustments for better efficiency.

Ready to streamline your virtual assistants’ workflow?

Experience real-time monitoring and performance evaluation

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