What if I say you can boost your productivity by 90%? Most of you will think that I am talking in the air!

Well, you are wrong!

Everyone wants to be the most productive version of themselves. However, have you ever felt like something is blocking you from attaining your maximum efficiency?

I can completely relate. Productivity tracking software can help you a lot; however, the struggle with distractions, lack of focus, and procrastination is real. It can be exceedingly overwhelming. Everyone goes through that.

However, there is always a person in your acquaintance who is productive and completes all tasks within the deadlines. Hence, I have decided to perform some research and discovered several great productivity secrets to enhance productivity.


Your Work Surroundings Can Make or Break Productivity

In a survey, by Rober Half, 71% of users said listening to songs at work makes them highly productive. 

A CareerBuilder study found that 53% of surveyed people are less efficient when their work surroundings are too cold.

85% of the workforce is not engaged or is disengaged at work, rising in $7 trillion in lost productivity, as per Gallup’s State of the Local Workplace. 

An Exeter University study mentions that the open office layout builds a 32% drop in complete well-being, as well as a 15% reduction in productivity.


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Top 9 Hacks You Cannot Afford to Ignore to Be More Productive!

1.  Effective Breaking

You can’t be 100% efficient throughout the day. Concentration is like your muscle- it requires rest to operate, and it should not be overworked. Else, it will take longer and burnout to get back to the flow.

Regardless of what you think to view as productive, researchers have been capable of pinpointing the workflow that renders the most productive work-efficient breaking.

This is what I found in my research: The maximum productive employees function for 52 minutes, then break for 17 minutes.

People with the highest efficiency ratings do not even work 8 hours/day. Their mystery to maintaining productivity isn’t working longer; however, working smarter with various breaks.

These shorts breaks produce great outcomes since they are important sprints – absolute, persistent work sessions that occur after an appropriate rest.

The rest of the 17 minutes allows your mind, your focus, and your body to relax so that while the 52 minutes of work start, you are completely set to knock off the jobs to be done.

How to Use Your Break?

  • Go for a Stroll
  • Do Some Exercise
  • Eat Something
  • Indulge in Some Conversion
  • Watch Funny Videos

2.  Do Not Involve in Multi-Tasking

Do Not Involve in Multi-Tasking
“I can do multitasking.”

This may sound great while you are in an interview; however, it is the opposite of how our minds function.

Multitasking offers switching costs. If you shift from task to task, it is not possible to get “in the zone.” It doesn’t allow you to obtain a flow situation. This requires a huge toll on your efficiency.

Numerous researchers display that shifting back and forth between unconcluded tasks hinders our performance contrasted to concentrating on – and finishing – them one by one.

So, the next time you are fascinated to multitask, don’t. Single-tasking is what you need to focus on.

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3.  Learn To Say “No”

If you are overcommitted, you will have a tough time fulfilling all of your duties- at your job and home. You will begin to miss the perspective concerning which duties should get a higher preference than others.

This is the continuous dilemma of people who cannot say “no” to others. Eventually, they recruited for more projects and jobs than they could manage. Hence, things begin to fall via the cracks, and their efficiency plummets.

In case you discover it challenging to inform others “no” practice. Build a habit.

4.  Manage Your Energy and Attention

Gone are the days when we used to manage our time. Previously, it was effortless to tell how efficient we were since it was calculated in widgets per hour. In the present arena, this method no longer makes sense for several jobs.

Confusions inundate our offices and homes, on standard 20 times/hour. Expert employees are required to handle opposing preferences, a demanding social environment, and a complete home life.

According to Chris Bailey, the creator of the productivity project, states, “The state of our attention determines the state of our life.”

It is not about how many tasks you cross off in your list within an hour; it is about maintaining our focus, as well as energy so that we do not burn out.


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5.  Prioritize Ruthlessly

Productivity pros are not related to receiving everything on your plate done. Rather, they are related to what you are saying “yes” to and what you are saying “no” to. Your to-do list should be clear of any inconsequential, insignificant, or unnecessary jobs in service of your true preferences.

Despite allowing the tides of life to carry you where they will go, seize the reins and determine your #1 preference for the week, month & year. It is effortless to blame the scenarios or resources for your absence of forwarding action towards our purposes, but this is not the nature of a genuine productivity master.

6.  Track Your Time to Recognize Patterns

“If you commit to giving more time than you have to spend, you will constantly be running from time debt collectors.” – Elizabeth Grace Saunders

By tracking the time, you can comprehend your work practices, as well as the time of the day when you complete a task most successfully. This may contain the core on how to be highly efficient since learning from your patterns is going to let you focus on where you are most productive.

With a time tracking habit, recognizing your tech habits, how often you review your favorite sites or social media can immensely impact your workday.

Note: You can take the help of any productivity employee tracking software.

7.  Turn Off Distractions

One of the core productivity killers is the distraction of continuous distractions: phone calls, emails, people appearing at your door.

The innovation that can turn our lives simpler and better even makes it virtually impractical to manage the sort of centred attention that’s essential to work effectively and efficiently. Whenever you get a crucial task that needs concentration and focus, build the space to provide it with your best.

Whether it is a meeting with a colleague or client or a crucial letter that requires to get written or a part of the art, which you wish to develop, schedule a segment of time to pay attention to that promise. Once it is done, turn off all the disturbances.

Shut down your mobile phone. Silence your mail notifications. Disengage with the internet, or at least, Twitter and Facebook. Shut your office door and turn off every outside interaction and allow yourself the mandatory luxury of uninterrupted time to concentrate on the subject at hand. 

8.  Pursue the 2 Pizza Protocol for Meetings

“The least productive people are usually the ones who are most in favor of holding meetings.”— Thomas Sowell

Meetings can reduce momentum, particularly when there’s a tremendous crowd of 30 users to “brainstorm.” We understand how that goes.

If you have to order over 2 pizzas to serve the team you are engaging with, it is extremely big.

There will not be sufficient interaction. Instead, if you hold a team that builds only individuals who would have two pizzas, more energetic approaches will appear.

More people don’t significantly equal better beliefs or quicker action. It reduces things down considerably. Individuals are less enthusiastic and feel less accountable if the notion stalls and deteriorates.

9.  Group the Same Tasks Together

When you switch between jobs, you naturally build friction. Opening and closing. Starting and stopping. All of these small incidents add up and split your focus. Then we get deviated and overlook why we were examining something in the first place.

However, the method to cut down on shifting between different tasks is to group the same ones.

Do not reply to only one email and move one. Answer to every response and then do not come back until numerous hours later. Or bulk all your emails together.

Question 1: How to Stay Productive during Quarantine?

Here are the most effective ways to stay productive:

  • Get a morning routine
  • Eat healthily
  • Exercise
  • Make a plan 
  • Meditate
  • Take breaks
  • Lessen your news and social media consumption
  • Stay in touch with relatives
  • Dress up for yourself

Question 2: What is Productivity in a Business?

It is the ratio between the output and the input volume. Productivity can also be defined as the measure of how efficiently production inputs, including capital and labor, are being utilized in an economy to build a certain level of output.

Coming to an End!

We all have been there: several things to do; but found ourselves floundered, distracted, and procrastinated.

So, if you are also tired of wasting time? Then, the tips mentioned above will help you out.

Remember, each factor will work differently for you. You need to set clear priorities, turn off notifications, and do not forget to take regular breaks.

Do you know any other productivity secrets to increase productivity? Mention this in the comment section below.

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