Project Management plays a crucial role in defining the success of any organization.

Without proper project management, you might struggle to finish your tasks within a given deadline.

Let’s try to understand the importance of efficient project management by taking the example of John, who is working as a project manager in a start-up.

John’s team was working on an important project that must be completed within a tight deadline.

With multiple team members, complex workflows, and constantly changing requirements, he needed help to keep his team on track.

However, with the right project management software, John was able to streamline his processes, improve communication, and keep his team on track.

Did You Know?

77% of high-performing projects use project management software.

In this blog, we’ll explore the best techniques and software for project management that can help you succeed like John.

Let’s dive in-

Top 8 Project Management Techniques for  You

1. Define project scope and goals

Defining the project’s scope and goals is important to ensure that everyone involved in the project understands what needs to be accomplished.

It includes defining the:

  • Deliverables
  • Timeline
  • Budget and any constraints or limitations

It will help keep the team focused on what’s important and ensure everyone is working towards the same goals.

2. Create a project plan

The next technique is to develop a comprehensive project plan for managing projects efficiently.

A plan should cover the following aspects of your project:

  • Tasks that need to be completed
  • Timelines for each task
  • Resources required
  • Responsibilities of each team member

The project plan serves as a roadmap for the project.

It helps keep the team on track and ensures the project is completed on time and within budget.

Did you know?

Organizations waste an average of $97 million for every $1 billion invested due to poor project performance

3. Break down tasks

Breaking down the project into smaller, more manageable tasks makes it easier for you to:

  • Track progress
  • Identify issues
  • Adjust the plan as needed

It ensures that the team focuses on the most critical tasks and doesn’t get overwhelmed by the complexity of the project.

4. Prioritize tasks

Prioritizing tasks based on their importance and urgency helps to ensure that the most critical ones are completed first.

It ensures that your project stays on track and that tight deadlines are met.

It’s essential to regularly check your priorities as the project evolves to ensure that the team is always working on the most important tasks.

5. Communicate effectively

Effective communication is essential for project success.

It includes regular check-ins with team members, clear communication of project goals and expectations, and timely communication of any issues or concerns.

Good communication also helps to build trust and foster a collaborative team environment.

6. Use project management tools

Many project management tools are available, ranging from simple task managers to more comprehensive solutions.

One such project management tool is Workstatus which can help you:

It also includes time tracking, resource management, and collaboration tools.

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7. Hold regular team meetings

Regular team meetings help keep everyone on the same page, ensure the project progresses as planned, and allow team members to raise any issues or concerns.

Keeping these meetings focused and productive is important to ensure they don’t become a time sink.

8. Monitor and adjust the plan

Monitoring progress against the project plan helps to identify any issues that may arise during the project, allowing for timely corrective action.

Adjusting the project plan as needed ensures that the project stays on track and that goals and objectives are met.

It’s important to regularly reassess the project plan as it evolves to ensure it remains relevant and effective.

Understanding Project Planning

Let’s understand the project planning process with the help of the infographics below.

Best Software and Techniques

Use Automated Project Management System- Workstatus

Workstatus is an AI-powered project tracking system to help you automate the repetitive tasks involved in the project management system.

With Workstatus, you will get an accurate picture of the following key areas of your project lifecycle.

1. Productive time vs. Unproductive time on the project

Workstatus provides you with detailed productivity tracking with the help of its most advanced features like:


Workstatus time and activity

It lets you identify productive and unproductive time spent on the project, and you can use it to make better decisions about resource allocation and workflow optimization.

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2. Monitor your team activities

With Workstatus, you can monitor your team’s activities in real time.

It means you can see what they’re working on, how much time they spend on each task, and how close they are to completing their tasks.

And the following features will help you monitor your teams.

  • Active screenshots
  • App & website monitoring
  • Activity tracker


Workstatus activity

It helps you identify bottlenecks in the workflow and make adjustments to improve project efficiency.

3. Absenteeism tracking

Workstatus has a built-in absenteeism tracker to track your team’s attendance and time off. 

You can see who is absent, on leave, and how their absence affects the project’s progress. 

What to look for

Attendance tracking

It helps you plan for contingencies and ensure the project stays on track even if team members are absent.

4. Team Scheduling

With Workstatus, you can create and manage team schedules with ease. 

You can see who is available, who is busy, and who works on what tasks. 

Key Benefits

  • Automated shift planning
  • Absent alerts
  • Shift reminders


It helps you make informed decisions about task assignments and resource allocation, ensuring the project progresses smoothly.

5. Idle time spent on any task

Workstatus provides detailed time tracking information that allows you to identify any idle time spent on tasks. 

You can see how long team members spend on each task and how much time is spent on idle or unproductive activities. 

What to look for

workstatus activity

It helps you optimize workflow and eliminate wasteful activities, ensuring the project stays on schedule.

Getting Started With Workstatus

workstatus signup

Signing up for an account:

Setting up projects and tasks:

  • After signing up, you can create projects and tasks in Workstatus.
  • Click on the “Projects” tab to add a project.
  • Give your project a name and description, and you can add tasks by clicking the “Add Task” button.

Adding team members

  • To add team members, click the “Members” tab and click “Invite Members.”
  • Enter the email addresses of the team members you want to invite, and they will receive an email inviting them to join your Workstatus account.

Start time tracking

workstatus time tracking

  • Ask your teams to download the Workstatus time tracker from its website.
  • Click on the tracker to start tracking the time of your teams.

Closing Thoughts

Efficient project management is essential for any organization to achieve success.

With the right software and techniques, you can keep your team on track and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

By leveraging tools like Workstatus, you can streamline your project management processes, reduce errors, and achieve better outcomes for your team and your business.

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Ques. Which is the best app for project management?

Ans. Workstatus is the best app for project management. It provides a range of features to help teams manage projects efficiently, including productivity tracking, time tracking, employee scheduling, and attendance management.

It also offers a user-friendly interface, mobile app support and integrates with popular tools such as Trello, Jira, and Asana.

Overall, Workstatus is a great choice for companies seeking a comprehensive project management solution.

Ques. What is the importance of effective communication in project management?

Ans. Effective communication is essential for project success as it helps ensure everyone is on the same page, understands their roles and responsibilities, and can collaborate effectively. It also helps to identify and address any issues that may arise during the project.

Ques. How can project management tools help to keep a team on track?

Ans. Project management tools like Workstatus can keep a team on track by providing a central location to store project information, track progress against the project plan, and communicate with team members.

They can also automate repetitive tasks, freeing time for team members to focus on more important aspects of the project.

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