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Let’s look at the most advanced features of Workstatus, which are capable of easily automating and streamlining your daily operations.

Top 6 Features of Workstatus To Ease Your Workload

Employee Scheduling

The employee scheduling feature of Workstatus lets you create efficient schedules for your staff. It enables managers to quickly view who is scheduled and when and assign specific tasks to individual employees.

You can also set up daily, weekly, and monthly shifts and receive alerts about upcoming shifts helping ensure that everyone knows what they need to do when they’re at work. 

By automating the scheduling process with Workstatus, employers can reduce manual labor and paperwork associated with creating staff schedules.

Project Budgeting

Project budgeting is one of the powerful features of Workstatus, which helps project managers to track and monitor their projects’ budgets. It enables users to create custom budgets for each project, manage invoices and view detailed reports. It helps in forecasting the financial health of a project as well as allows for accurate tracking of expenses related to the project. 

GPS Tracking

The GPS Tracking feature of Workstatus is a great tool for employers and businesses to monitor the location of their mobile staff in real time. It lets them know exactly where their staff members are at any given moment and gives employers peace of mind that their employees are on the job and performing their duties efficiently. 

With this feature, businesses can easily keep track of attendance and progress reports while ensuring they maintain high standards of workmanship with minimal supervision.

Furthermore, GPS tracking also alerts employers immediately in emergency situations, allowing them to respond quickly and appropriately. It ensures the safety of their employees and, ultimately, the business.

workstatus- gps time tracking app

Attendance Management

Attendance Management helps businesses manage their workforce’s time and attendance. It automates both in-person and remote staff tracking, reporting, and logging. 

Managers can easily see who is clocking in or out, when they do it, where they are located, how long they worked, and how productive they were. Employees mark attendance with selfie validation, which helps in preventing time theft, buddy punching, and inaccurate reporting.

Additionally, get data analytics and insights into overall productivity trends within the organization. It can help you make informed decisions based on absenteeism tracking, attendance policies, leave management, and more.

Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring with Workstatus enables employers to get an in-depth look at how their employees are spending their time and how productive they are. 

It helps employers keep track of employees’ productivity by measuring activities such as keyboard and mouse usage, idle time, internet browsing habits, etc. 

The ability to have detailed insights into employees’ activities makes it easier for employers to manage their staff effectively while still allowing them the freedom to focus on important tasks without feeling micromanaged. Ultimately, Workstatus’ employee monitoring feature can be an effective tool in improving overall team efficiency.

Productivity Management

Productivity management in Workstatus helps teams measure the quality of their work and increase the performance of team members. For example, teams can track the amount of work completed within specific periods or identify trends across multiple projects or initiatives. This type of data helps managers understand where to make changes or adjustments to optimize productivity levels and achieve better results from their efforts. 

Workforce Management Is Not An Expensive Deal With Workstatus

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