Managing any agency, by its nature, offers unique challenges. Are you interested in beating those challenges? Well, we have an ultimate software solution to boost your agency’s processes, productivity, and ROI.

So, to become a high-performing agency, you must understand the fundamentals of effective productivity management and exercise complete control over your company’s resources to improve efficiency and growth.

That’s where tracking billing hours, productivity,  ideal time, budgets, etc., becomes essential. It lets you observe how your staff spends their time, evaluate their performance, and make informed process improvement decisions.

As these tasks require significant effort and time. 

So, if you can manage them rightly, your agency can become more competitive in the cutthroat business.

 It implies that you will attract bigger customers and improve profits as your reputation grows and creates greater trust.

Read on to learn how to boost the productivity and revenue of your agency.    

What is stopping agencies like you from becoming successful?

  • No way to track employee productivity

The biggest problem agencies face is being unable to track their employees’ productivity accurately.

 It means they have no way of knowing whether an employee is doing a good job, making it difficult to reward good performers and reprimand poor ones.

This issue stems from the fact that most agencies rely heavily on subjective metrics like qualitative data like client feedback (e.g., surveys) or quantitative data based on estimates rather than actual timesheets or other precise output measurements.

App & URL tracking

For agencies to become more successful, they need a real-time tool for employee productivity tracking so managers can see how much work each employee gets done each day and then use that information to evaluate their performance accordingly.

  • Poor absence/leave management

Poor absence/leave management means you don’t have any data on when your team members will be away from work or when they’ll be back. 

When you don’t use apps for attendance tracking like Workstatus, it’s difficult to access such information. It becomes hard to determine if something is going on with an individual employee that needs attention or if it’s just part of their regular pattern. 

Selfie-based attendance tracking-min

It makes it difficult to plan staff schedules appropriately because you never know how many employees will be out at any given time, which leads to higher costs due to overtime and other factors related to understaffing.

  • Budget tracking is still a challenge

Without a budget tracking system like Workstatus, agencies can’t estimate how long a project will take and how much it will cost. 

roi challenges

In addition, without knowing how much money is available for each project, agencies cannot accurately predict when they can take on new projects or what kinds of projects they can take on.

All of this can seriously impact an agency’s ability to meet its goals.

 For example, if an agency doesn’t know how much money is available for each project, it can’t predict whether it can afford to hire more employees or invest in new equipment. 

So, if an agency doesn’t know whether it can afford these things, it can’t grow as fast as its competitors, who use budget tracking systems like Workstatus! 

  • Unable to analyze Idle time spent on any project

A lack of tracking idle time spent on any project can negatively impact your workflow because you won’t be able to analyze how much actual time has been spent on any project. Being unable to analyze this data can cause delays, missed deadlines, and unsatisfied clients.

For example, your team has spent 10 hours on any project but still missed the deadline.

It is because they don’t know the exact number of hours given to that project.

 But, when you go for idle time tracking for agencies using software like Workstatus, you can clearly see idle time vs. actual time spent on any project for better analysis and improvements.

idle time

Give a try to the best app for employee time tracking here

  • Lack of diversity within the workplace culture

It’s important for any organization to promote inclusion and diversity among their employees because this helps create a workplace where employees from different backgrounds feel safe sharing ideas and opinions without feeling judged based on their gender identity, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. 

In other words: You want your employees to feel like this is a place where they can be themselves!

Automation is the Key Factor!

Automating numerous time-consuming and repetitive chores like invoicing, attendance tracking, employee scheduling, budgeting, etc., allows you to focus on more important profit-generating activities while still keeping up with the routine but important tasks.

You must be wondering.

Is it really possible to automate daily administrative tasks? And How?

The answer is Yes, and Workforce Management (WFM) Software answers the how part.

Workforce management (WFM) software is a category of enterprise and organizational management and optimization software that deals with allocating and utilizing human resources in organizations efficiently.

WFM solutions typically provide several features for managers, such as work rosters, job overlays, work hours for compliance purposes, personnel schedules, and a geofence time tracking app, etc. 

These features might also include leave planning (e.g., annual leave) and access to payroll information. The essential function is balancing workloads or managing assignments & workforce to ensure the timely delivery of projects.  

Now, let’s move toward reviewing the benefits of workforce management software-

What can workforce management software bring to your agency?

Workforce Management Software can give a number of benefits to your agency-

1. Manage Projects from Anywhere

Workforce management tools can help agencies manage projects from any location. 

With robust task and resource scheduling features, you’ll never have to worry about tasks slipping through the cracks. 

A dashboard with workforce information and performance metrics will help you stay on top of what’s happening without spending hours looking at reports.

2. Increase Efficiency

Another benefit of using workforce analytics software is that it helps increase efficiency. 

By having everything in one place—from vacation requests to billable hours—you don’t have to worry about missing something or someone not knowing where something is because it’s all there in one place for everyone to see!

 It also enables you to monitor how much time each person has spent on each project to billing accurately so that you’ll always know exactly how much money is coming in every month, making budgeting easier than ever!

3. Automate Timesheets 

Workforce management software allows agencies to track their employees’ hours efficiently. With traditional timesheets, it’s challenging to keep track of how much time each employee spends on a project. It leads to inaccurate reporting and costly mistakes.

With workforce software, you can see how much time each employee spends on every project. It gives you complete visibility into your labor costs to make smarter business decisions based on real data.

4. Cut Down Time on Administrative tasks

Workforce management software helps agencies save time and money. With WFM software, you can reduce administration costs because it automates many tasks like scheduling, payroll, and reporting. 

Plus, it provides real-time insight into how your team performs so you can make adjustments as needed.

It’s easy to use and is scalable, so whether your agency has one person or hundreds of employees, it will accommodate your needs perfectly.

Time to get your real weapon to fight Inefficiency- Workstatus

Workstatus is the most trusted cloud-based workforce management tool among agencies because it makes time tracking for agencies easier, eliminates the need for manual timesheets, and helps you optimize your employees’ performance by showing how much time each employee spends on each project. 

All this data is neatly organized in easy-to-read charts and reports so that agencies can analyze how well their teams are working and adjust as needed. 

Workstatus is capable of making your entire agency workflow more productive than ever-

  • Improving the Performance of your employees’

Performance management is about monitoring how well your agency is doing to ensure that everything your staff does, either alone or together, contributes to your objectives and project goals.

 It will also help you during quarterly check-in with your team to evaluate their overall productivity and job results.

 And it necessitates that you know how many items your teams may complete in a given amount of time and how many hours they devote to them.

weekly report

Here is how you can apply the productivity tracking app like Workstatus to improve the performance of your employees-    

  • You can use it to organize projects and activities that your team has been assigned to complete.
  • Set estimates and deadlines for your various tasks, then assign them to competent employees.
  • Everyone can keep track of their working hours daily; after a while, you’ll have enough data to conduct a meaningful performance evaluation.  
  • Create detailed & insightful reports to examine the gathered data, compare actual numbers against predictions, see how effective your employees are in meeting deadlines, and determine where you need to interrupt. .

It will help you discover what hinders your company’s progress and determine how to fix the identified inefficiencies while assessing your team’s work-related data. 

You can help your staff develop at work and enhance team processes for the better by using this approach.

You can request a free demo of performance management software for your agency here-

Providing accurate revenue and cost tracking

A typical agency plan contains varied activities. The difficulty is that all of these tasks are associated with various expenses, so it is challenging to keep track of them accurately — unless you use high-quality revenue tracking software.

Revenue trackers provide a more precise picture of project expenditures.

With Workstatus, it’s also possible to create a customized cost of work rate for each agency member. 

That is, you may define how much money an employee will make per hour of labor, and the time tracker will calculate all costs automatically based on the total time spent working on a project.

project management

Such monitoring can create a more accurate picture of how much money is spent on various agencies’ tasks.

If your program has billable time tracking functionality, you may compare your expenditures to the earnings gained per specific activities or projects.

You’ll immediately notice which job types use up too many resources while providing comparatively less than expected profit. 

Then it’s time to look into making them more cost-effective or replanning the underperforming projects. 

  • Streamlining Invoicing and Billing Process

Invoicing plays an important role for any successful agency. Fortunately, Workstatus can streamline your invoicing process. It aids in recording billable hours, after which it automatically converts them into billable amounts. It also creates bills in a few minutes and eliminates the need to calculate payment totals manually.


You simply need to enter a customer’s billing address into an invoice, describe all pertinent payment conditions in the document, and send it over to the correct recipient – Workstatus will help you make your billing process smooth and efficient.

  • Providing excellent control over project progress

Another important thing for any agency project manager to keep in mind is progress monitoring.

 It’s what keeps you assured that your team follows the plan, that the expectations and deadlines are met, that the quality of work is satisfactory and that your clients are pleased with the final results.


Different time-tracking programs provide varying degrees of progress monitoring. The following characteristics are available in Workstatus, for example,

  1. Automatic notifications: This option notifies you about potential budget and time overruns, allowing you to identify and address issues early on.
  2. Visual expense trackers: They’re right on users’ timesheets, and they serve as a visual indicator of how much of the full task estimates have been utilized. They also show whether your team’s time-bound goals have been achieved or not.
  3. Reporting widgets: They feature illustrative graphs to show how much time employees have spent on tasks throughout the day. You may see how many labor hours are spent on activities in real-time using them.
  4. Idle time tracker: It provides an easy way to track idle and actual time spent on any project by your teams to better analyze project progress.

At last, with Workstatus, you can finally get overall insight into how to measure employee productivity to make intelligent business decisions moving forward.

Wrapping up

The finest performance management systems are built to accommodate each agency‘s distinct workflow, ensuring that their resources are utilized effectively.                                    

When you use the appropriate technology tailored to your agency, you can boost your productivity by 85% or more. Clients will also profit since projects are completed on time.

It also saves money since your employees will be happier and less stressed, resulting in a more productive workforce!

Employee productivity tracking tools will assist you in becoming more efficient, whether you’re just getting started as a new firm or expanding your business into a larger one. It will help you become more efficient.      

Get started now with Workstatus for your agency-


Ques. What are some common challenges faced by agencies when it comes to boosting ROI?

Ans. Agencies often face challenges when it comes to boosting ROI, such as accurately measuring time, resource management, attendance tracking, and intense competition from other agencies. 

Measuring ROI can be difficult, as it requires tracking various metrics and attributing revenue to specific marketing efforts. 

Also, limited resources or budget can make it challenging to implement effective marketing strategies, while competition can make it harder to win clients and stand out in a crowded market.

Ques. What are some effective solutions for agencies to boost ROI?

Ans. Some effective solutions include focusing on data-driven marketing strategies, implementing workforce management tools like Workstatus, and improving the customer experience through personalized content and interactions.

Ques. How can agencies ensure that their ROI-boosting strategies are successful?

Ans. Agencies can ensure that their ROI-boosting strategies are successful by

  • Setting clear and measurable goals
  • Regularly monitoring and analyzing data
  • Testing and optimizing campaigns
  • Collaborating with clients to ensure alignment and satisfaction

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