Whatever the cause, there is a shift in how people work. Whether it’s the rise of mobility—or the Millennial generation—the modern workforce is undergoing its own change, and today’s leaders need to pay attention. In today’s corporate world, employees are no longer willing to work in a 9-5 office throughout the day.

Some examples are consultants, freelancers, part-time employees, remote workers, side hustlers, and business owners.

Despite saving firms a lot of money, many leaders are perplexed, wondering how to effectively handle this diverse and divergent group of workers.

The top leaders of reputed companies are facing a similar situation. Let’s have a look at their exciting conversation-

Manager A: I am finding it challenging to manage the digital workforce. Keeping track of productivity, the number of hours worked, planning budgets, etc., have become more challenging tasks with remote employees.

Manager B: Yes. I have been facing the same issues and reported them to higher management as well. Still, no solution has been found.

Manager B: Generating reports, financial forecasts, online timesheets, employee time tracking etc. All these activities consume so much time that I don’t get time to focus on the areas that can bring profits to the business.

Manager A: My business involves 7-8% of freelancers, and it’s a headache for me to track their billable hours. Most of my days got wasted in generating bills for them.

Manager B: Is there no way out? If it goes on like this for some more time, I am sure we will end up losing our business at a much greater pace.

Manager A: Yes. We need some tips on how to manage this type of growing digital workforce. But who can guide us?

Manager C: Don’t worry, guys!! I can help you by providing practical ways to handle the remote workforce. Not only tips but also make you familiar with excellent workforce management software that can save up to 80-90% of your daily time.

Manager A, B (Collectively): That’s great!! We would love to listen to you.

Manager C: Let’s dive into the article to know the secret ways to handle the remote workforce.

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7 leadership secrets for digital workforce management

1. Productivity Measurement

Productivity measurement

Time management software keeps track of how much time each employee works and produces a report. This report may show whether or not each worker is efficient with their job and accountable for the hours they claim on their timesheet.

Screenshots of all computer screens and other information such as usernames and passwords are frequently included in these reports to avoid fraudulent behavior and give accurate metrics of tasks completed and break taken.

Furthermore, “per-task” reports allow managers or clients to limit the number of hours employees can spend on a task during an hour – showing both successful completion rates and unrealized potentials.

In this manner, excellent time tracking software makes it simple to assess productivity.

2. Go for online timesheets

Go for online timesheets

Switching to online timesheets is another way to remain at the top of the business. Online timesheets allow you to track your client’s hours for accountable minutes by having the system email reports back to you on a predetermined schedule.

It also helps in monitoring and managing expenses quicker and easier than traditional methods like paper reporting. The savings can be significant — with less labor, time, and effort spent inputting data.

This saves time and allows you to focus more on growing your company.

3. Use online summary reports

Use online summary reports

Time tracking software makes it easy to generate more in-depth reports and analyses, allowing you to see how much time you’ve spent on any project as well as detailed reports on what was accomplished.

This is a convenient method for anybody to stay productive and ensure they’re always getting the most out of their work when they’re busy and don’t have time to complete everything in one session.

This gives managers greater control over their staff’s time by providing fast access to all of their data, allowing them to see where they’ve been spending their time (or not), which activities consume too much time, and how long things took.

Detailed reporting allows managers to have comprehensive knowledge of their company, allowing them to implement beneficial management modifications.

4. Use GPS tracking for field workers

Use GPS tracking for field workers

GPS monitoring is a method of tracking people or things that utilizes a worldwide satellite network to do so.

You can use time tracking software to monitor this data on an interactive map and color-code it according to time periods.

Furthermore, you’ll see your dispersion data, so you know where customers were meeting with clients outside of their usual paths.

There’s also its capacity to keep track of your spending, which may be linked to a range of cost-tracking apps on your phone. Overall, there’ll be no more guessing for administration – simply use a time tracker program.

Managers need to be aware that their on-field personnel are working enough hours at the office and are not slacking off.

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5. Generate invoices online

Generate invoices online

Generating invoices online saves time, money and creates transparency in finance and business relations.

Instead of wasting your time printing an invoice, filling in the address information for your customer, and finally sending it to your clients– you can simply send an electronic invoice through any invoicing software (such as Invoicera).

An online invoice generator takes less time than paper because there’s no need to copy the information onto the invoice, or if an error makes its way onto your invoice, it can be fixed in minutes.

6. Team scheduling

Team scheduling

Good team scheduling helps you organize work schedules so that everyone gets the same number of hours worked. It also makes it simple for managers to obtain an overall picture of their team’s workloads and make necessary adjustments whenever required.

You can use any good employee scheduling app to analyze possibilities where a manager may need to redistribute an employee’s workload to share the burden equally– allowing employees who have been working too much or less than required to change their workloads as necessary.

This is particularly significant when taking into account employees with variable levels of productivity throughout the day.

7. Attendance Management

Attendance Management

It’s challenging to do well when it comes to attendance management. It’s never enough to check off names as they come in because someone may be away for one day but present the next.

When staff forgets to clock themselves or when time cards are not working, you have a severe attendance issue on your hands.

To monitor attendance more accurately, use automated time-tracking software to monitor all staff members’ movements 24*7 automatically.

Attendance management is made more accessible with time tracking software. It’s simple to do using these systems since you can quickly check their working hours, vacation days, and remaining sick days.

Other advantages include monitoring which workers clock out on time or work extra hours without proper authorization.

How can Workstatus make leadership easier?


Workstatus is one of the business-class workforce management tools that any size company can use. Workstatus offers solutions to fit integrated teams’ fast-paced, frantic atmosphere, whether you’re a small firm or a multinational corporation. It’s the most dependable and user-friendly time tracker available. It helps my clients improve their efficiency while also providing complete transparency over projects and tasks.

The time tracker software can sync with your email program, the task management tool you already have on your computer, and any CRM system you may use online. It also offers reports that show how much time was spent by category or type of work and a timer function for quick productivity boosts.

Finally, Workstatus is compatible with timekeeping systems so that employees will always have up-to-date information about their hours worked each day, no matter where they are.

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Final Thoughts

With all of these leadership tips for digital workforce management, you will be able to utilize the power of technology to improve your company’s bottom line. Leadership is about taking risks and making huge decisions that shape the future of an organization.

But effective leadership does not have to be limited to the corner office. Every human being can positively influence their peers, so everyone must take on some leadership role in their organization.

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