As more and more companies are embracing remote working, there’s been a recent resurgence in the use of employee monitoring software. Large and small companies suddenly realize that they need to find out exactly what their employees are up to on their system during work hours and how they contribute to the betterment of the business.

To ensure that every employee is highly productive, many companies have already started using the software as part of their corporate strategy, but more and more are still on the fence about it.

However, it is evident that business owners are turning back to this technology to achieve greater levels of productivity and security within their company.

In order to better understand why employee monitoring software is making a comeback, let’s look at the ten reasons ‌companies are choosing this option.

But before that, let’s first understand what employee monitoring software is.

What is employee monitoring software?

What is employee monitoring software?


Employee monitoring software allows employers to monitor their employees’ activity. It can be used to track time and attendance, manage internet access, and record keystrokes on computers. Many features, such as time tracking, activity monitoring, and generating professional reports, are extremely helpful for businesses.

Employee productivity monitoring software makes it easier for employers to ensure that their staff is completing tasks effectively and efficiently. By implementing one of these systems, managers can ensure that their employees stay on task and are not spending company time on social media or web surfing. This leads to greater efficiency, productivity, and accountability at work.


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Now, let’s look at,

10 reasons why companies choose an employee monitoring software

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1) Empower HR Teams

Empower HR Teams


One of the significant benefits of employee monitoring software is that it helps empower HR teams. This can be especially helpful in areas where an organization needs to make sure its employees are adhering to its policies.

The HR department helps them by giving them more control over their company’s professional development. It provides employees insight directly to HRs daily, which ultimately helps improve overall performance and worker productivity.

2) Boost Employee Engagement

Boost Employee Engagement


Employee monitoring apps and software help boost employee engagement by allowing companies to keep track of workers in real-time. It gives business owners an easy way to keep tabs on their staff and ensure everyone is doing their part.

With automated reports delivered straight to their inbox, managers can easily spot if anyone is slacking off or making errors. This can help them take the required action to resolve such issues, which leads to reduced frustration and improved productivity.

3) Maintain An Optimal Talent Pool            

Maintain An Optimal Talent Pool            

Employee monitoring software can be used to maintain an optimal talent pool by keeping track of how happy your employees are with their jobs. This can help you retain workers and gain a competitive edge.

If your company isn’t concerned about retaining or gaining valuable employees, then you might not find as much value in an employee monitoring system. However, if you want to make sure you have excellent leaders at every level within your organization then it is the best option to opt for

4) Identify Red Flags

Identify Red Flags

Company owners realize that they can’t just assume their employees are operating ethically and on good behavior. To maintain a competitive edge, they must employ monitoring software to track every aspect of employee activity at all times.

By doing so, they will be able to recognize potential red flags and fix them before problems ‌occur, resulting in better business outcomes. After all, prevention is always more effective than trying to cure something after it has already happened.

5) Boost Worker Productivity

Boost Worker Productivity

This is one of the biggest reasons companies implement employee monitoring software. If an employee’s performance is suffering because he is slacking off, stealing, or taking extended breaks, that will negatively impact productivity. Monitoring tools can help companies boost worker productivity by identifying inefficient workers and helping to fix problems before they get out of hand.

When employees know they are being monitored, it can be an excellent motivation for them to improve their performance. Studies have shown that using monitoring software can boost worker productivity by as much as 30 percent. With such huge returns, what business owner wouldn’t want to try it?

6) Turn Around Underperforming Employees

Turn Around Underperforming Employees

One of the biggest reasons employee monitoring software makes a comeback is its ability to turn around underperforming employees.

For example, one restaurant chain found that their servers were not spending enough time at each table. Once they began monitoring the server’s interactions with customers, management could identify and correct behavioural issues and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

It would have been impossible for managers to track if a server’s service had slipped below satisfactory levels, without such in-depth information.

Further, such insights allow management teams to see which particular aspects of performance are most important for success so that when changes need to be made or new training plans put into place, they can be done accordingly.


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7) Boost Security Awareness

Boost Security Awareness

Monitoring software that has a GPS time tracking feature allows businesses to see what’s going on behind their office walls, regardless of whether or not they are in the office.

With increased visibility into the employee’s actions, employees feel more accountable for their behaviors, even while working remotely. This added accountability leads to better performance and security, dramatically boosting security awareness and compliance among workers.

8) Manage Remote Employees

Manage Remote Employees

Remote employees are harder to keep track of than office workers, but remote employee monitoring software allows businesses to keep tabs on their employees and quickly communicate with them.

This means that remote employees can be more productive, which makes them an attractive work option for small businesses. Additionally, tracking remote employees is a great way to keep them efficient. By using employee monitoring software for remote teams or a GPS time trackers, managers can make sure that their employees are completely focused on their projects and not slacking off.

9) Reduce Costly Absenteeism

Reduce Costly Absenteeism

According to the Society Of Human Resource Management (SHRM), employers lose an average of $28 billion per year due to absenteeism alone.

By introducing employee monitoring software into your office space, you’ll be able to identify and combat issues that cause employees to miss work and more easily manage their work schedules so that they aren’t missing work at all.

10) Cost Saving 

cost savingEmployee productivity tracking tools are much more cost-effective and efficient than hiring someone to track employees manually. With no manual labor involved, organizations can save thousands per year by installing tracking software that ensures employee productivity remains intact.

The best part is that there is no learning curve with employee monitoring software because it’s automatic. Once it’s installed into your computer system, it is super easy to use. That is why it has become a huge hit once again after years of its original introduction.

Workstatus Best Employee Monitoring Software

Workstatus gives business owners and managers access to real-time data on employee activity. It provides insight into who is working and who isn’t, which helps them identify inefficient processes and personnel in need of training.

With Workstatus’ intuitive interface, all team members can understand what is going on at any moment and decide how best to spend their time. At a glance, all your team members can view their progress toward goals and objectives and can work together more efficiently to accomplish those targets.

Workstatus is an employee GPS tracking app that allows employees to record their location so that employers can verify it. The software also offers notifications that allow employees to know when they’re being tracked and allows them to view their location history. It even lets managers create assignments for employees by pulling in work hours from calendars, making it easy to track someone’s movements throughout a shift or an entire day at work.

Ultimately, Workstatus saves time while increasing accountability, efficiency, and engagement. It reduces turnaround time for customer requests or orders by allowing employees to see what they have scheduled each day as well as their deadline dates. Workstatus is a powerful user activity monitoring software that will also allow you to keep tabs on your employees even when they’re not in the office.

It supports businesses through every stage of growth and helps them to become more agile and responsive to the changing needs of organizational units.

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Final Words

While it seems like employee monitoring software has taken quite a blow in recent years, they’re actually making a comeback. Companies are realizing that they have to monitor employee productivity technology if they want to stay on the safe side of the business.

Many businesses end up using an employee monitoring solution because they realize how easy and convenient it is to use compared to other methods of managing the workforce. What was once thought invasive is becoming a necessity for many companies who value their employees and customers alike!

With these ten reasons, it’s obvious to see why employee monitoring software is making a comeback. If you haven’t jumped on board, now might be a good time to learn more about how these solutions can help your business as well!

That’s all for today.

We hope that we have been able to provide you with some valuable information on why employee monitoring software is making a comeback!

We will catch you in another post. Till then stay safe and keep reading!

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