What You Need to Know About Remote Employee Monitoring Software

remote employee monitoring software
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Your employees are the biggest asset for your business helping you drive more revenue and acquire new clientele. But how effectively are you able to manage their work, track their productivity, and delegate tasks especially when they work from home?

One efficient way to manage your remote working team is to assess them through an employee monitoring tool that helps you track your employee’s activities and gives a fair assessment about where they are spending their time and which particular activity is utilizing their time the most.

According to reports, 94% of organizations deploy some method of monitoring users, and 93% monitor access to sensitive data. Clearly, the rise of remote employee monitoring is directly related to the need for acute productivity analysis and performance tracking. This helps you detect the plausible time-wasting activities in your employee’s schedule and assists you in delegating tasks more efficiently. Read on to know why you should consider switching to a monitoring tool for enhanced performance of your employees

Top 4 Business Benefits of Using An Employee Monitoring Software

Real-Time Task Tracking

Real Time Task Tracking with Employee Monitoring

Your clients need to know the progress of their projects. Opting for an expert employee monitoring tool can help them know the updates of their task, completion percentage, and real-time screenshots of tabs to verify your work. This improves transparency which goes a long way in fostering healthy relations.

Enhanced Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Once you start tracking your employee’s activities, you can assess the potential weak points and help them overcome their challenges. You can even create customized reports based on their activities and delegate tasks more efficiently. Even your employees will be able to better assess themselves and strategize their plan of action to provide better output. 

Remote Team Tracking

Remote Team Tracking

With the onset of remote working culture, many employers struggled with tracking their employee’s attendance. Thankfully with expert remote employee monitoring software, you can track when your employees’ have logged in and logged out. You can track their activity percentage to iron out idle time as they will keep a timer on and you can track how active they have been working while working on a project. This paves the way for an honest and more productive association between both the employer and employees.

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Improves Time Management

Improves Time Management

Time is money, and in an office, it is rightly so! What differentiates successful ventures from not-so-successful ones is how they utilize their time. With an employee remote employee monitoring tool, you can view daily, weekly, or even monthly timesheets and help you better assess the time utilization by your employees especially when an urgent project is on the stake. What more? It helps you delegate tasks more wisely thus not allowing work to pile up on your employees and helping them to improve their productivity.

Managing an entire workforce manually can be a daunting task especially when you have a huge clientele with massive investments by the clients. Therefore, optimizing even minor day-to-day tasks can help you get control of your ROI and boost your revenues. 

Presenting, Workstatus, an expert employee monitoring software helping you with precise activity tracking via activity screenshots, URL tracking, geofencing, GPS tracking, selfie verification, employee monitoring, productivity tracking, data loss prevention, along with other features. Boost your employee’s productivity today with Workstatus.


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  1. Mary Smith

    We are using similar technology in our commercial audit consultant business right now. Since our auditors have to constantly work at the client site, using such monitoring technology makes it easier for us to track their location and work time. This recorded helps us to create accurate invoices too.

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