Despite the concerns regarding productivity tracking in agencies, it is becoming increasingly popular. The number of organizations using time tracking software is rising. The appropriate technology can significantly enhance productivity, balance the budget, and automate and streamline operations.

You also have to figure out which software to use. Employees working for agencies require flexibility and freedom of employment. Making them adhere to tight time-tracking procedures may stifle their imagination. You’ll want simple, non-invasive, and aesthetically pleasing software.

Here are our top 10 productivity tracking software for agencies of all sizes. We chose systems that might help your members keep track of their time, improve production, assess the success of projects, and yet allow them to work freely and autonomously.

Let’s dive in-

Top 10 Outstanding Productivity Tracking Software For Agencies


Workstatus is a versatile productivity tracking program ideal for every agency and freelancing individual. Workstatus is available to everyone, no matter where they are or what they do. Anyone can utilize Workstatus at any time.

Its flexible capabilities allow you to customize it as per your preferences. We may use it in a variety of ways. It’s an excellent solution for teams that want freedom and flexibility while maintaining their work organized and structured.

Major Highlights

Employee Monitoring 

The Employee Monitoring feature is a powerful tool that can help agencies in the following ways-

  • Prevent data thefts
  • Block unauthorized users
  • Active Screenshots
  • Ensure 100% transparency
  • Website& App usage

It also enables employers to monitor employees’ online activities during work hours, helping employers ensure ‌employees are staying productive and not wasting time on non-work-related websites.

Such information is helpful for managers to ensure that employees are productive and that they are not working on tasks not related to their job duties. It can also assist managers in identifying employees who may slack off or working on tasks outside their job scope. Overall, the employee monitoring feature can be a helpful tool for improving the productivity of your agency.

Employee Scheduling

Agencies can use Workstatus to create schedules, assign shifts, and track employee hours. Employees can view their schedules on its app for mobile and web. The app sends push notifications to employees when they are assigned to a shift or when there are changes to their schedule.

The employee scheduling feature of Workstatus is a robust feature that can help agencies in the following ways:

  • By automating shift planning
  • Get customized reports for deep insights
  • Check real-time employee availability
  • Get shift reminders and absent alerts

Workstatus tracks time worked for each member so agencies can ensure they are complying with labor laws.

Project Budgeting

Workstatus’ project budgeting feature is an easy way to track how much money you spend on a project. You can add your budget for the project, and then Workstatus will track how much is already spent and how much is left in budget.

With Workstatus’ project budgeting feature, agencies can perform the following tasks easily:

  • Define project timelines
  • Set project costs
  • Simple cost estimation
  • Budget tracking 

This feature is beneficial if you’re working on a project that has a specific budget ‌you need to stick to. You can also compare different projects and see which one is more affordable.

Selfie Validation

The face recognition attendance feature of Workstatus is a great way to keep track of your employees’ time and attendance. This feature uses facial recognition technology to automatically register and log employees’ in and out times. With Workstatus’ selfie validation feature, agencies can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Auto attendance approval
  • No dubious clock-ins
  • Instant selfie verification
  • Automated mails for attendance approval/rejection
  • Advanced facial detection

Selfie Validation is simple to use and a great way to company resources. This feature can also help prevent buddy punching.

Some more key features- 


  • Free Forever Package: $0 forever
  • Starter Package: $4.99 /user/month
  • Scale Package: $9.99 /user/month
  • Enterprise Package: $18 /user/month

workstatus- gps time tracking app


 actiTIME is a web-based application designed to help agencies better manage employee time and resources. It is feature-rich and user-friendly, making it an ideal tool for businesses of all sizes. Agencies can use actitime to track employee time spent on specific tasks, projects, and clients, generate activity reports, and much more.

With actiTIME, agencies can improve their productivity and efficiency while gaining greater visibility into employee work patterns. 

Major Highlights 

  • Most accurate time tracking
  • Great reporting capabilities
  • Customizable time tracking 


  • 1-3 users: Free
  • 1-40 users: $6
  • 41-200 users: $5
  • 200+ users: Contact for pricing


Hubstaff is a productivity tracking software that helps agencies and businesses track the time and progress of their employees. With Hubstaff, you can see where your employees spend their time, how much progress they are making on projects, and whether they are working the hours you expect them to.

Major Highlights 

  • Track time spend on different activities
  • Accurate reporting
  • Task management 


  • Desk Free: $0 for one user only
  • Desk Starter: $7/user/month
  • Desk Pro: $10/user/month


TimeAnalytics is a powerful productivity tracking software designed specifically for agencies. It lets you monitor the time invested in projects, tasks, and clients so you can optimize your workflow and boost your bottom line.

TimeAnalytics makes it easy to see where your team spends their time, and which areas need improvement. The software also includes various features to help you streamline your workflows, such as task management, project templates, invoicing, and client reporting.  

Major Highlights 

  • Easy integration with other tools
  • Get insight for better performance
  • Desktop and mobile apps to keep tracking at the fingertips
  • Get automated reminders 


  • Free: $0/person/month
  • Starter: $4.99/person/month
  • Optimum: $6.99/person/month
  • Premium: $12.99/person/month


Timely is a great employee monitoring software for agencies. It’s very simple to use and helps you keep track of your time on each project.

Timely also offers invoicing features, so you can easily bill your clients for work hours. The invoicing feature also includes automatic payments, so you don’t have to worry about chasing down client payments.

Major Highlights 

  • It provides great flexibility
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Get real-time updates 


  • Starter: $8/user/month
  • Premium: $14/user/month
  • Unlimited: $20/user/month

Toggl Track 

Toggl also has many great features that make it an optimal choice for agencies. For example, you can create reports based on time tracked to see how much time was spent on each task, project, or client. This information can then ‌bill clients accurately for services rendered.

Toggl also integrates with various other software platforms, making it easy to track data from multiple sources in one place. Overall, Toggl is an excellent choice for agencies that need to track time and bill clients accurately.    

Major Highlights

  • Simple project management
  • Export data to CSV
  • Easy to use interface 


  • Free version
  • Starter: $9
  • Premium: $18
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing


The most popular productivity tracking software on the market is Clockify. It’s simple and may be used from any device or computer. You can keep track of individual activities, projects, or clients and produce reports to help you stay on top of your workload. 

Major Highlights 

  • Set up alerts and notifications for timely completion of tasks
  • Detailed reports on where time is being spent
  • Integrates with multiple tools and systems to track employee productivity 


  • Basic: $3.99/user/month
  • Standard: $5.49/user/month
  • Pro: $7.99/user/month
  • Enterprise: $11.99/user/month

Time Doctor 

Time doctor software is an excellent tool for keeping track of the productivity and time of your agency. It can quickly track how much time you spend on a project, avoid distractions, reward yourself for focusing, and, much more importantly, examine your data to help discover time waste activities. 

Major Highlights 

  • Good invoice management
  • Easy to track billable hours
  • Track progress on projects with automatic screenshots 


  • Basic: $7/month, 1 user
  • Standard: $10/month, 1 user
  • Premium: $20/month, 1 user


Harvest is one of the best productivity tracking software for agencies. It aids in project management by allowing teams to keep track of their time spent on a specific project, making it easier to compute how much money is spent on a project and how long it took workers to complete it.

Major Highlights 

  • Real-time tracking
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable reports


  • Free trial: 30 days
  • Free: $0 forever, 1 seat, and 2 projects
  • Pro: $12/seat/month, unlimited seats and projects


TimeCamp is a versatile productivity tracking program that may be utilized for various purposes. Its capacity to record time spent on numerous tasks makes it ideal for agencies. It also has handy features such as invoicing, screenshots, and billable hours. This makes TimeCamp an essential tool for agencies to improve productivity. 

Major Highlights 

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Integration with other software tools
  • Accurate time tracking


  • Free: $0
  • Basic: $5.25/user/month
  • Pro: $7.50/user/month
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing 

Closing Thoughts 

If you run an agency with an employee team, staying productive is essential to your success. And while there are many ways to stay on task and track your progress, not all productivity tracking software is created equal. We’ve put together this list of agencies’ top 10 productivity tracking tools. We have selected each tool based on its features, usability, and price point. So whether you are looking for a time tracker that can help you bill clients, more accurately or simply want a tool to help you keep track of where your time goes each day, there is something on this list for you. 

We have selected Workstatus and TimeAnalytics as the best productivity tracking software for agencies.

Have we missed your favorite productivity tracking tool? Let us know in the comments-

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