Welcome to the Workstatus product update for December! We’re excited to share what our team has been working on this month. This month, we’ve made some major improvements to our powerful workforce management software. We’ve also released in-demand new features for our desktop and mobile app that make it even easier to track your time, manage your workforce, organize your workflow and get more done. 

In this blog post, we’ll update you on all of the latest Workstatus updates and how they can help you work smarter and get more done. Whether you’re looking for a better way to track your time or manage your team, we’ve covered you.

So without any further ado, let’s get into it!

Let’s start with our brief introduction for new readers!


Workstatus is the leading workforce management software for businesses of all sizes. Workstatus provides a complete suite of tools to help businesses manage their employees, enhance their productivity, improve performance, and optimize their workflows. 

With features like time tracking, productivity monitoring, employee activity tracking, payroll automation, and many more; Workstatus is the all-in-one solution for businesses looking to improve their efficiency and bottom line. 

Moreover, Workstatus is customizable, so businesses can tailor the experience to their specific needs and preferences for a seamless experience that will help them get the most out of their workforce and lead their business toward new levels of success.

The History Of Workstatus

Workstatus was founded in 2018 to simplify workforce management and time tracking for businesses. Our company has grown to become a leading provider of these services, with over 5M+ monthly active users in more than 67 countries. Workstatus is used by some of the world’s largest companies to improve productivity and optimize workflows. 

We made our entry using time-tracking software with the goal of making it easy for businesses to see how much time each employee is spending on each task and project. Time tracking can be a tedious process, and we wanted to make it as simple and streamlined as possible. 

Then with time, we expanded our product offerings to become a complete

Workforce management software: We wanted to help businesses more effectively manage their workforce, so we developed our existing software as complete workforce management software, which helps businesses and management to effectively manage their workforce with features like employee activity tracking, employee scheduling, attendance management, online invoicing, and more. 

As of today, Workstatus continues to evolve and grow as our mission is to make work easier for everyone. We’re building tools to help businesses run more efficiently and optimize their workflows. 

Features of workstatus

Product Updates December 2022

We believe in granting more power to our customers. Whether it’s more customization to track your work or new integrations to help you be more productive, we want you to have the ability to get the most out of your workflow and workforce. 

That’s why this month, we’re excited to announce a number of new features and updates that we have added for our users to help them become more efficient in managing their businesses.

Here are the Workstatus Product Updates for December 2022:

1) Idle Time Reason Notes

As our time tracking software is also used to track the idle time of employees, now, with the new update, whenever an employee is tracked for being idle, he/she can add a reason as a note for the same. 

Earlier, the only option available was to check the idle time box, but after this update, employees can add a note mentioning their reason for not being active on their system. This update will help managers stay updated on why their employees are idle.

2) Define Break Type, Time Limit & Allow Breaks

Managers can now define break types like meal breaks, tea breaks, etc. They can also set daily time limits for those breaks and allow their employees to take breaks as per work requirements & schedules.

This update will help managers keep track of employees’ different types of breaks and the time limit for each break, which ensures that employees are taking adequate breaks during work and not spending too much time on them. The break timings can also be seen in timesheets and reports

3) Screenshot Frequency Change

Earlier, our software use to capture screenshots of your employees’ system every 10 minutes. But now we have given the power to you that you can change the frequency of screenshots according to your needs. You can select any frequency from 3 frequencies 

1x – 1 Screenshots 

2x – 2 Screenshots 

3x – 3 Screenshots

Once selected, the software will automatically start taking screenshots of your employees’ system at that selected frequency. 

4) Disable & Delete the Screenshots

If your employees are working on any confidential data or project and you don’t want to take screenshots of their work, then with this new update, you can now easily disable the screenshot feature for those employees who will be keeping their work confidential and safe. The owner can also delete the screenshots.

5) Work Orders & Jobs

Work orders & jobs for a customer can be scheduled or assigned to someone. Such an order can be from a customer request or created internally within the organization. Work orders can also be created as follow-ups to Inspections or Audits. You can use this feature for both products or services.

6) New Reports Added

We have added some new reports to help you better manage your business. Here are some of the reports that we have added-

  • Project & Task Report-  

This report will help you to track the progress of your projects and tasks. You can see the status, completion percentage, and more details about each project for better managing your workflow.

  • Attendance Report-  

This report will give you a detailed analysis of your employees’ attendance and help you to identify discrepancies. We have made improvements in both basic and advanced attendance reports.

  • Timesheet Approval Report –  

This report will help you to track the approval status of submitted timesheets. You can also see the total number of approved, rejected, and pending timesheets. 

  • Dynamic/Custom Reports-    

We understand that not all users will want the same reports. That’s why we have allowed our users to create their reports based on the data they want to see. From the total hours worked to the total project completed by each employee, you can create the best report that suits your needs.

  • Time Off Transaction Report-    

This report will help you to track time off granted and taken by your employees. You can also see the total number of times an employee has taken time off in a month, week or day. You can also see each time off date, time, and duration. This report will help you check your employees’ attendance and track their time of use.

Workstatus-Manage your Time

What’s coming in January 2023?

January 2023 is just around the corner, and we’ve got some exciting new updates coming your way! Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store:

1) Stealth Mode

With our new stealth mode, you can start tracking your employees by just installing the Workstatus application in their system. The app will continuously run in the background and automatically start tracking the time of your employees when the system turns on or at specific time intervals set by the organization.

2) Client Module

Better transparency in the upcoming month, as we will be introducing the Client Module feature in the next product update to keep your clients updated on the work being done for them. Clients can now log in to the app and view the real-time progress on projects, work done, and timesheets of employees they have hired, allowing the client to have complete transparency among their projects.

3) Web Push Notifications

The new way to get notified is coming next month as we will be adding a Web Push Notifications feature that will allow managers to send notifications, messages, or even reminders to their employees through the app.

4) Bulk Invite To Members

For the organizations that use Active Directory, we will introduce the Bulk Invite feature. With this feature, they can easily invite all their employees to the Workstatus app with a single click. No user has to go through the hassle of manually signing up. Managers can fetch the list of employees from Active Directory, and those employees will automatically receive an invite to join the Workstatus app.

5) New Design Implementation

In the coming month, Workstatus will release a new design that will make it easier for you to manage your work and time. The new design includes the following:

  • A more user-friendly interface.
  • Easier filtering of your work data.
  • Improved project organization. 

6) PDF/CSV Reports Modification 

 Recently, we released a new report that provides basic details about tasks (such as time, category, and subtasks). In the coming month, we will be adding the ability to add additional details in these reports, like hours worked, client names, and even notes about each project, making it easier for users to quickly add details as per different project needs and workflows.

7) Adding Weekly Timesheet Manually 

Workstatus will also release a new weekly timesheet manual feature that will allow users to input data manually rather than relying on the automatic import features, making it easier for users to track hours worked across different weeks and months.

8) New Reports Coming Your Way

  • Manual edit report
  • Apps & URL report

These are just a few of the things we’re working on. We can’t wait to show you what else we have in store. Stay tuned for more details in the coming month.


We’re constantly working on making Workstatus even better for our users. In December, we released several new features and improvements that will help make managing your workforce and workflow even easier.

We hope you will find these new features and improvements useful and that they will help you better manage your workforce. 

That’s all for today.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at hello@workstatus.io

Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends if you found it helpful!

Till then, stay productive!

Thank You!


How much does workforce management software cost?

Our workforce management software is available in different versions and prices to suit your business needs. Here is a breakdown of our most popular workforce management software packages:

1) Free Forever/ For single user only/ month

2) Premium ₹299 / user/month

3) Enterprise/ Get personalized Quote

You can find a full price list with all the features of our software here. You can try Workstatus free 7 days trial and experience the power of our software.

Why Use Workforce Management software?

Workforce management software is becoming a more popular solution for companies of all sizes. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider investing in this trend: 

  1. Reduced Costs- Workforce management software allows companies to track and manage employee time, expenses, and skills better. By automating processes and saving time, workforce management software can help businesses save money on employee costs.
  1. Better Workflow & Workforce-  Automated workforce scheduling, tracking, and notification can help you to better manage your employees’ time and maximize their productivity. This can lead to a more efficient and organized work environment, which can help your company achieve its business goals.
  1. Improved Efficiency- By tracking employee performance and scheduling resources according to need, workforce management software can help businesses achieve greater efficiency and improve output.

With these benefits of workforce management software, it is worth investigating in this option for your business. 

How do you implement workforce management in your organization?

There are different steps to implementing workforce management in an organization, but most organization follows the following steps:

Develop a plan: Before implementing any tool or system into your company, you must first develop a plan for how you will use it. This includes determining how many current workers will be impacted by the change, projected savings, and any potential risks associated with the new system.

Pilot the program- Once your plan is finalized, it is important to pilot it to ensure that it works as expected. Any unexpected issues should be identified and fixed during this process.

Inform your team about the software: Before implementing it into your business, it is essential to inform your team what the software can do for them. Workers need to know how the tool will impact their work and simplify their workflow. 

Implement the software: Once your team is comfortable with the new system, it is time to implement it into your business. This includes training employees on how to use the software, setting up the software in the employees’ system, and monitoring how the new system works.

Maintain and update the system: Ongoing maintenance and updating are essential to ensuring that the software works as expected. Any changes in your business, such as new technology or workforce, should be considered when maintaining and updating the system.

With these steps, it is easy to implement workforce management in your organization and ensure that your employees are using the system at its best to deliver quality work.

Who uses workforce management software?

Workforce management software is used by businesses of all sizes for various needs such as tracking employees’ productivity, managing workflow, assigning tasks, monitoring employee activating, tracking the time spent on each task,  and managing payments. 

Workforce management software allows businesses to complete all these tasks with ease. 

Moreover, this software can also be used to monitor employees’ performance, identify areas for improvement and allocate resources accordingly, making it one of the essential tools for businesses to manage their workforce and workflow with better efficiency and accuracy.

How do I choose workforce management software?

The best way to choose workforce management software is to first decide what you need it for. There are different types of software for different purposes, so it is important to determine what you need the software for and what your specific needs are.

Once you have determined what you need the software for, you can start narrowing down your options. There are a variety of different software solutions available on the market, so it is important to identify which ones best fit your needs. Some factors to consider when choosing workforce management software include the following: 

-What features are essential for your use case?

-How much does the solution cost?

-What development tools are available for building and customizing the solution?

-How robust is the platform? Are there any limitations or features that are not available?

-How easy is it to integrate with other systems and databases?

-Is there a support team available?

After considering all these options and comparing them with each other, you can begin to decide on the ideal solution for your needs.

Is workforce software cloud-based?

Yes, our workforce management software is cloud-based. This means that you can access it from anywhere in the world, and it will always be up-to-date with the latest changes and updates so that you can ensure that you stay organized and compliant with the latest changes that are taking place in the workforce arena.

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